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Questions about DOSBox for WIn 3.1 or 9x games?

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Before I started using LaunchBox, I got a VirtualBox install of Windows 98 set up with about a dozen games. It worked, but I would prefer to be able to see the games separately in LaunchBox, so I am looking around and noticing people have old Windows versions running in DOSBox. I have a lot of questions for anyone who has done this.

Does that work well with LaunchBox?

Do you end up having a separate install of Windows for each game, or can you store the files somewhere central to avoid bloat?

Can you run games so that they pop up directly, or do you still have to select them from the start menu or shortcuts once the Windows inside DOSBox opens?

For anyone who has tried both, is this easier/more effective than having the games in a virtual machine in something like VirtualBox?

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