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Emulator too fast without sound in LaunchBox


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Hi guys,

This is rather odd for me, but cartridge cores (SNES, NES, Genesis) for Retorarch are running too fast when I launch a game in LB/BB and there is no sound. It's like the games are set to fast-forward. I can startup Retroarch on its own and the games play fine at normal speed with sound. I have no idea how to troubleshoot something like this... any ideas?

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Like I said, this is weird because Launchbox only launches with the configs that RA uses unless you are telling it to use a custom config via command line. All Launchbox does is it tells Retroarch to load with the specific rom and Retroarch uses the config files it has.

Are you by chance using any custom configs that you are calling in LB for Retroarch ?

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