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As far as I can tell, Launchbox and most other Front Ends seem to only support CLI switches/argument variables to the emulator only (and a bit through LED Blinky).  If I use additional apps I believe I can only launch a CLI command with fixed parameters correct?

Question 1. How can I launch an independent 3rd party app via cmd line with argument variables from LaunchBox/Bigbox? 

     I know I can use RocketLauncher to get all the arguments and then launch my emulator if I set RocketLauncher up as my main emulator for everything, but that is working in series  of Launchbox>RocketLauncher>Emulator.  I want to be able to go Launchbox>3rd Party (with arguments) in PARALLEL with Launchbox>emulator (with arguments)

 Question 2.   Where would I find a list of arguments that Launchbox/Bigbox uses/supports?

A slightly different way of looking at it is I would like to be able to launch 2 emulators for one game.  One emulator is the real thing, while the second emulator is a "ghost" emulator, but it receives all the arguments.  We are creating some software that is designed to be used in parallel with any emulator/any front end to augment the user's experience, but it requires that the front end be able to broadcast out the arguments to something else OTHER than just the one emulator.

Thanks in advance



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Unfortunately I don't think this is possible at current. You can always create an additional app and set it to auto-run before launching the game, but I don't believe it supports the command line parameters that you're looking for. If you're building an app that interfaces with emulators, why not just use the app as the emulator in LaunchBox and then have your app fire off the emulator EXE?

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I thought about injecting the app into the launchbox emulator path similar to what can be done with Rocket Launcher, BUT that loses a lot of what makes your LaunchBox/BB great about preconfiguring the emulators for users.

LED Blinky is REALLY close to having what we need to get things going.  Any chance you would consider adding arguments on to the LED Blinky cmd out (since it is already configured)?  My current guess is you have LEDBlinky.exe <Event#> <RomName> <Emulator>  I will try and reach out reach out to Arzoo over at LED Blinky to make sure LED Blinky wouldn't break if it receives arguments that it isn't equipped for, plus do some testing on this end.  I'm thinking if we could do a ledblinky .exe <event> <rom> <emulator> <system> <gamename> .....etc, and if LEDBlinky will ignore the stuff it doesn't need we can make it work.

I do understand your Launchbox.next taking up, well 100% of your time right now, but if you think it is possible would let us know?

We have a working prototype, but right now we are having to do it with EDS, Rocket Launcher, some custom AHKs, and duct tape.   Impractical for most users, but if we could get LEDBlinky's CLI tweaked a little, I think we might have something that can be configured quickly and easily.



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