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Rotate screen... but.....


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Long story short I'm building my pc and tv into a coffee table. Everything is setup and I'm ready to build the table. I've rotated everything into a vertical/portrait mode, but I'd love to figure out a way to run my vertical arcade games and pinball vertical, but then play NES, SNES, etc in a regular horizontal mode. This would be most convenient for me if it was a setting I could work into each platform playlist but I'm guessing it's not possible.

I'm guessing it isn't possible, just let me know. I need to figure out what side of the coffee table to put my joysticks.

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I've seen cocktail machines with controls set at both parts of the screen so you didn't need to rotate it but just sat at it depending on which orientation you wanted to play in and for the emulators that have both vertical and horizontal games they usually always have the ability to rotate in the settings.

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Going for something like this. It would be nice to have pinball and stuff run portrait and home consoles run horizonal, so have the main controls where they are in this pictures, then just a simple single stick and 2 buttons on the pinball end.



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UPDATE AND PROGRESS: Two steps forward, one step back

I figured out how to create iRotate exe files, two of them, one each for my portrait and horizontal screen layouts. Essentially "C:\blah blah.iRotate.exe" /rotate=90. I also figured out (albeit one at a time) to tell LB/BB to run one of these before a game loads and one of them when the game is exited. I did my happy dance until...

Big Box freezes up now when I leave games that flip, no matter if it's going back to portrait or landscape. HELP?

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I'm going to link a few things about MAME documentation the 1st explains having monitor orientation .ini files they will be called VERTICAL.ini and HORIZONT.ini (I believe the caps are necessary),

The 2nd talks about commandlines and rotation but you wouldn't need to use a commandline you would want to set you rotation monitor in your VERTICAL.ini image.thumb.png.4a89fd93bf06679637e5efb88b2fe633.png You would set rotate right or left (ror or rol) which everone you need to 1 instead of 0 then all of your vertical games would rotate.


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After a TON OF trial and error and hours of Internet sleuthing I came across a post on the last page of a Google search. I got Auto Hot Key and wrote out two scripts

Sleep, 100
Run, C:\Program Files (x86)\iRotate\iRotate.exe /rotate=0 /exit

and the same with rotate=90.

Works perfectly! Since it looks better horizontal and runs both orientations full screen, it wont be a vertical only cab. I'm adding a bunch of stuff from my other cab like Street Fighter 4, Plants V Zombies, etc.



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