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Error window for bad scrape not on top


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This is important because if you don't catch it, you think LB.Next is locked up. I am not sure if it matters if you are in windowed or full-screen mode (windows form icon in top left). In either case, I had LB.Next taking up the full screen. I right clicked on several games and went to the menu to import the metadata and artwork. I noticed it was stuck on 99 percent complete with the thermometer bar at the bottom. I tried clicking "cancel" and everything else I could and it just gave the error beep that it was not accepting input. I noticed "1 error" or whatever it says in the bottom right of the screen and thought to use Alt-Tab to see what was open on the desktop since I couldn't see if anything was behind my LB.Next window. Sure enough, there was a message box there listing the file it couldn't download and asking me if I still wanted to save everything else I downloaded. I could continue once I clicked yes on that popup. If that box gets the focus, taking away control from the main window, it needs to always be on top. Not sure if it affects anything, but my screensaver was on when the error occurred and when I moved the mouse to get the screen back, that is when I saw LB was "stuck".

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