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  1. Did the "show all the other installed versions from different platforms of the same game" make the cut this year? The one like one of the other front ends has where if you go to the details of the game, like space invaders in the arcade section, and it show the apple version, the atari version, etc. ect, and if you click on it, the video runs in a small window and you can run one of the other versions from there.
  2. Yes, completely unreasonable and also shows a lack of understanding of how computers and software works and what a runtime or a library or the .NET Framework is. Plus, the way you ask or discuss things, "attitude", is important. That said, I wish the world had adopted a true compiled language like those in RAD Studio (Delphi, C++) which is faster and compiles everything into an EXE instead of having a GAC and a .NET Framework, and interop files and all the other stuff that just complicates things that they were trying to make easier. But even then, sooner or later, you are going to need a tool that is a DLL or requires some kind of licensing. So like Beta vs. VHS or Blu-Ray vs. HD DVD (remember that?), you go with the system that has the most support. The best horse isn't always the winner, but he/she crossed the finish line first.
  3. Installing .NET Core 3.1.6 hangs halfway through. I haven't updated in quite a while, maybe 11.0. And just tried the automatic update. I get through I think it was 2 dialog boxes and it said I needed the latest .net 64 runtime. I put the mouse cursor on the end of the thermometer bar so I could see if it was moving, and it hasn't for the last 30 minutes. Disk activity and CPU is hard to see what is doing what, but there seems to be no disk activity and minimal CPU usage. Has anyone else seen this? UPDATE: I tried it several times and then tried by just running the installer for this version out of the updates folder and it worked
  4. Are you talking about getting rid of your background image? Tools -> Options -> Imaged -> background?
  5. There is also badge code in a new button section in MainView.xaml. Also the encoding changed. All my old themes are UTF-8. The new themes are UTF-8 BOM.
  6. What is involved in taking an LB theme and enabling the badges? Is it all in the XML files in the "views" folder or are the DLLs changed? I can see buttons added to the BoxesContentView and MainView so far. If it's just a matter of doing a compare in Git or Notepad++ if there aren't a ton of them and merging the changes, I'll do that so I don't mess up all the custom changes I made to my theme.
  7. Is that what became "badges"?
  8. First, is there an indicator yet (like the multiple sheet of paper icon or curled page corner) to indicate when games are grouped together so you know it isn't just one game? Is there any performance hit to be aware of with this version for older machines, especially the badges?
  9. When will the next poll be? And I assume it will have a live chat to join as in the past? It will be interesting to see what might be added in 2020!
  10. It took me quite a while to get 11.1 working. It kept hanging on the install screen for Framework 4.8. One time, it gave an error that it couldn't close some launchbox screens, but it took several minutes for that screen to come up. After terminating processes, rebooting, etc. It finally worked on the 4th or 5th try.
  11. Ok, thanks for the education. Guess we'll see what happens.
  12. Please help me understand anyone wanting a focus on Android. Certainly not for phones, correct? I imagine you could run games 90s and before on a phone and maybe if you are bored, that tiny screen is something you could use in a doctor's waiting room. And if you had an Android tablet, with an unusual amount of power, maybe you could emulate more games. But I too am disappointed that Windows is taking a back seat. It would be interesting to see how many people have cabinets/bartops, PCs (where even a 10 year old one is more powerful than a phone), vs. Android devices. Maybe I am wrong and need to be educated as to benefits I am missing.
  13. Unfortunately, I am removing you from my Christmas Card list
  14. @Jason Carr Good web meeting today. I think there was some confusion on a poll item. There are two separate issues: 1. A list of "like" games on the individual game screens for matching games on other platforms. So if you click on space invaders in BB or LB you could see a list of other versions you could play instead like Atari, XBox, etc. 2. An icon on each game box in LB (perhaps a multi document image) to show that you right clicked and grouped games together. So if you grouped all the arcade versions of "Metal Slug" together, you wouldn't think you had just one game, you would know you could expand that back out or right click and play Metal Slug X instead of Metal Slug 2. Or maybe a better example is if you have the Japanese version and US version of the same game, you would group them and have a visual indicator to show this is a group.
  15. Hit cntrl-alt-escape to run task manager and see if apps are remaining open. How many browser instances are there, etc. See if it CPU, memory or disk causing a spike
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