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  1. Tutorial and FAQ for making videos to submit to EmuMovies They lean towards the free options as much as possible (like virtualdub for video editing). I've used a bunch of video editing tools over the years. The older (still available for download) version of windows movie maker is actually really good. There is also the current version that should work. If you want a full video editor on the level with Adobe Premier, I recommend Cyberlink Powerdirector. But again, for free options, check the link. There is a tutorial for how to use Virtualdub. Not sure if Virtualdub has animation capabilities, but if you are looking to have graphics that slide in from the side or zoom or whatever, many of the video editing suites like Powerdirector allow you to add motion. Quick demo and tutorial on animating a graphic in PowerDirector
  2. RE: Displaying game controls in platforms other than arcade. On my system at least, very few platforms have controls in the images folder. So you emumoves experts can see if they are out there and can be automatically craped. So both methods I mentioned should work. The first is to copy the default them files to another folder, say "showcontrols" and select that in LB/BB. Change default.xaml to include the important bits from arcade.xaml, or just delete default.xaml and copy arcade.xaml and rename it to default.xaml. Not sure at this point if you have to have all your graphics named properly and dumped into your arcade images section or their own. They either need to be in images/arcade/arcade - controls information or in images/<platform name/arcade - controls information. The other way is to put graphics in the arcade - controls information for each platform and then in your pause them folder have a <platform name>.xaml for each platform. Then just copy the arcade.xaml file for each platform and rename it to your platform name (sega - 32.xaml, atari 2600.xaml, etc.) The section in the xaml that looks for the controls images looks like this: <Image Grid.Row="0" Grid.Column="2" Source="{Binding SelectedGame.ArcadeControlsInformationImagePath}" VerticalAlignment="Center" HorizontalAlignment="Center" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" Margin="100"> <Image.Effect> <DropShadowEffect BlurRadius="10" Direction="-90" RenderingBias="Quality" ShadowDepth="1" /> </Image.Effect> </Image>
  3. Yes.2 ways to do it. Typing on my phone so can help more later. But you can cut and paste the default pause theme folder and modify it so all the platforms use the arcade.xml renamed as default.xml for your theme, or copy arcade.xml and paste it as many times as you have platforms and name them to match. Then you need the controller graphics in the right folder in each platforms image folder for every game. There may be a tweak needed in the .xml files. I have to think about what the easiest way is and if there are controller graphics for every platform. If not, then you would have to find them and manually copy them to the correctly named folders
  4. I'll agree with the other guys that RL still a good option for some and is not very difficult to use once you spend any time with it. It just has a lot of options. And its bezels and pause screens just work. I think it gets a bad rap in part because it has an ugly user interface and because there are a several menus and lots of screens. That said, I would think a majority of people could get everything they want now with LB/BB. It just depends on how much time you want to spend tweaking things to have the perfect Arcade. I made a document that is basically how to install and setup everything so that if I don't touch it in 6 months, I can figure out exactly how to add or change anything. I also log everything I do by date. So I can see when I updated, changed, edited an XML, etc. When I started the Wiki, it was how to configure HyperSpin and RL. Then I tried GameEx and LaunchBox/BigBox. I haven't looked back. I still use RL with LB/BB, but after I move all my bezels to RetroArch and MAME (I have some of them still there, just put them in RL too as I moved over to that), I'll probably delete RL That brings up another point, it was nice having bezels in one place with one simple system. RA's bezels are pretty easy, and MAME's can be, but since it allows layers, having all those files (bezel, background, etc. all separate and then a layer file to explain how to display them all) is more work. A am debating pretty much for that reason and controller config to just do everything in RA like I do on my Raspberry Pi setup. Right now I use RA for almost everything except for MAME. I like that I can easily launch games though from whatever emulator I want if I have them set up. So I can run from MAME64 or run RA with a MAME core with almost no effort.
  5. @Jason Carr Is the API here up to date? Unbroken LaunchBox/BigBox Plugin API Documentation Do you have to do the documentation yourself? I looked for Box3DorNormalImagepath (added Aug 2018) and and ArcadeControlsInformationImagePath and they aren't there. P.S. If you want help keeping those pages updated, let me know.
  6. Just go into your ..\LaunchBox\PauseScreens folder, select the "default" folder. Hit cntrl-c then cntrl-v and rename the copy to your own theme name. Then go into that new folder and open Notepad++ and compare the 2 files. You should be able to see exactly how it works if you don't want to get into visual studio to edit or create your own themes. Maybe Jason can post the original one here too. You can just tweak the XML and get it to look more like what you want or use different images. I'm looking forward to all the themes that will be coming out for startup and pause screens!
  7. Technically, is what happened that you added an Arcade.xml to sit in the "pause themes\default" folder next to the Default.xml? So if it is the Arcade platform you substitute "Box3DOrNormalImagePath" for the default "FrontImagePath" and "ArcadeControlsInformationImagePath" for the "CartFrontImagePath". What is the difference between "FrontImage" and "Box3DOrNormal"? Guess I don't understand what "normal" stands for since that isn't an image type in the images\<platform> folders. And this is a GREAT solution for now. I can imagine some pretty cool, scrolling menu themes that give you access to all the different media types like seeing the marquee, advertisements, commercials on video, etc.
  8. So why didn't you just say so!? (said in my best Lou Costello voice) This is what has been happening in my Arcade roms with MAME too! Remember, if I click on an Arcade MAME game OR NES (only tests so far) which runs MAME/RetroArch respectively, through Rocket Launcher I don't see the "load", "save" or "reset" menu options in my pause screen If I right click on an Arcade or NES game and select "launch with" and select MAME/Retroarch - NestopiaLibretro, I see all the menus If I use the LB menu for "tools -> manage emulators -> and click on MAME or RetroArch, then go to the game pause screen tab, then look at the "reset", "save" and "load" subtabs, I see scripts in there! Viola, I learned something. But if I "manage emulators" for RocketLauncher, I don't see any scripts. So, has this been my issue the whole time. And I could put scripts in there, but they would only work for RL at its level as if it were an emulator. So if I put RA scripts in there, it will work, but only if RA is the only emulator RL uses. If I call MAME or another emulator from RL the scripts won't match. I guess that there is probably not a solution for that, eh? (other than use the emulator keys for that directly)
  9. Which is more complicated and involved, doing it with exclusive fullscreen mode or is the RocketLauncher way still more complicated? Wondering now that you are in it, if you still think this is the right way to go. No questioning you, just wondering what it looks like to you at this point.
  10. Are all "backgrounds" across all of LB the same? My startup backgrounds weren't working, so I turned them on and they work, but now when I highlight a game on my main screen, it takes that background and obliterates my plain background that I want. Can I still use ONE unchanging background for LB, but still have backgrounds that change for startup and pause screens?
  11. RE: missing pause menus Ok, I went into my NES roms which use Retroarch. So same setup. When I launch the game by double clicking, which uses RL to launch using RA, the pause screen is missing the load, save, reset! If I right click on the game, select "launch with", "Retroarch -> NestopiaLibretro", I get all the menus.
  12. I shut them off globally in the options menu
  13. I posted my exact steps in the post before this one. I am using my "Arcade" menu running Arcade roms.( 005, 10 Yard Fight, 1941 counter attack). I am seeing the menu for "manual" now. What goes a way are the menus other than "exit game", "resume game" and " view manual". The "reset game", "save state" and "load state" are missing. Maybe by design? Just reporting it to learn why.
  14. This is regarding my "macro" question. Basically, I am just trying to hit one button in order to do a LB menu sequence instead of having to do the same thing over and over manually when testing. For example, If I click on a game, the default right now is set to RL to launch. To test with MAME, I have to right click on the game, scroll to "launch with", then scroll to MAME, then press ENTER. It would be nice to highlight the game and then duplicate those keystrokes with one key or button press. Alternately, can LB be set to ask every time as an option? IOW, when I double click on it, can it give me a popup with the available emulators and I choose the one I want. That would at least eliminate having to deal with moving my hands between the keyboard and mouse or using the mouse but having to right click and use menus.
  15. Here are my steps. I get that RL is probably the issue here, but was hoping for a reason: set default to use RocketLauncher (which runs MAME and is set to have loading and unloading fade screens and bezels) Find a game, right click and select "launch with" and choose MAME press the pause screen key (J in my case) I get the expected pause screen with several menu items on it including the load and save states turn off startup screens so they don't compete with launchbox (or leave it. same result) just click on the game which will now launch through RL Press the pause button This time, I get a pause screen with only 3 items on it; resume game, manual and exit game. Also pause button no longer works, but I can scroll to resume
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