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  1. FlightRisk

    Sega Saturn Rom Versions

    I searched everywhere and I can't find an explanation. Maybe someone who has ripped these would know. And if a version is 4 or 5, what is the "S"?.
  2. A door and all that storage! I have been really considering a version of that for myself
  3. FlightRisk

    Sega Saturn Rom Versions

    What other letters are you seeing? They are listed by country like all other roms (though these are technically ISOs) 4S and 5S are iPhones. They have emulators too. Not sure what RE is. Was there more than one game listed as RE?
  4. FlightRisk

    Let's see your game rooms

    True UV leds are coming down in price now and I have seen some in more applications. So you might also look at those. Here is one manufacturer: RealUV LED Strip Lights by waveform lighting Top 4 things to consider before buying UV Blacklights (look most of the way down. There are your new striplights Very interesting reading. I have loved blacklights since I was a kid and have a pretty big collection of flourescent tubes, some LEDs and specialty bulbs at different frequencies. For example rock hounding you need 365nm and even all the way down to 254nm! Most "UV" LEDs now are a little over 400nm and give off a lot of visible purple light.
  5. You are welcome. Be sure to check back in and let us know how it goes. Pics would be great if you have the time. Check this out. At about 2:24 he shows his router and does exactly what we've been talking about. He also has tips about things he would do differently like a cabinet with no sharp angles and doing it before he put 3/4s of it together https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4OjP_5HEzs
  6. FlightRisk

    Indicator for games that are combined?

    @Jason Carr, I have mentioned this before, but she we post this to the wishlist or is it already noted?
  7. FlightRisk

    Let's see your game rooms

    Lol. Yes. I understand completely. You might try these. They use a much wider pattern. I have the 20W version. One 10W pointed in each direction may work better for you. I have a large bonus room in my house 24' x 15' (8x6m) and when I hold the 20W in that room it lights it up! You cant look at it though, it will blind you https://www.amazon.com/YQL-Blacklights-Blacklight-Lighting-Supplies/dp/B076P8SMF1/ref=gp_aw_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=0F9A2V9AWWG8393FSKCQ&th=1
  8. FlightRisk

    Let's see your game rooms

    Great! Yes I use the smaller rectangular 20W units for my huge Halloween yard display. I know what you mean. They are near UV so throw out a lot of visible light in a violet color lighter than purple. Despite that, it doesn't wash out the effects very much. Oh, and we say "flood" lights for the ones that are broader than spot lights. Your room looks great!
  9. Is this feature available yet? How can you know if you have more than one version of a game without right clicking on it? There should be a visual indicator like the multiple page Icon that shows in a corner of the image box in the games grid display.
  10. FlightRisk

    MAME not working with LaunchBox

    Could it be a conflict with MAME running in full screen mode? Did you try turning loading screens off in LB?
  11. FlightRisk

    Let's see your game rooms

    Interested in the UV setup. Are you using the true BLB fluorescent "black light bulbs" or the blue near UV LEDs? And what are all the day-glo items? T-Shirts stretched on a form? The photos showed of the fluorescence really well!
  12. Yes, so if you sat your cabinet on one side with the graphics facing up, the router has a flat, circular plate with the bit pointing down on the center. You can search for videos with "router t-molding" and see exactly how it's done. So you put the router down on your graphics (with thin tape on the bottom plate just to make sure there is nothing to scratch your nice paint job and graphics). You place the router onto your panel with half of it falling off the edge and the bit just missing the wood edge where the cut will go. You turn it on and pull the router inward so it starts to cut. When the ball bearing race hits the wood, it stops the cut from going deeper. This bearing just sits against the wood with the bit spinning inside it and the outer edge cutting the groove. Then you just push the router around the edge of your wood panel tracing it's outline and keeping the bit set against the edge. The bearing rolls across the edge like a guide (sort of like a roller skate wheel), so it too doesn't scratch or burn the edge by friction since it doesn't spin, it just rolls as you push the router along. Here is a very short video that shows the bottom view of the router doing its job. Look at a few more, test on a piece of scrap, and you will be an expert Cutting the slot for the t-molding (video)
  13. You could rent a router from a home big box store if you don't want to buy one. Get a slot bit. Then just put tape on the router plate so it won't scratch your painted surfaces. As long as you have access around the outside of the cabinet so the router won't butt against something to stop the cut, it will work great. So if you put the cabinet on its side, you can go all the way around each side. The router slides along the broad surface of the side like hand sander and the depth adjustment is handled by the bit itself. You buy them by the thickness and depth of the cut. There is a polished bearing that rides along the surface you are cutting into to that holds the depth (it spins free from the cutting bit so that friction isn't a problem as it rides along). So you don't need a guide rail. If you have any molding that needs to go perpendicular to the sides, you would have to take things apart. You could also use this, which I use for shelves, boxes, and some other projects I built: Plastic Edge Banding You can google "iron-on edging" or "iron-on veneer" and see a lot of options to see if that works better for you than routing out a t-molding slot (Or "T-Moulding" for our Brit cousins ).
  14. FlightRisk

    Let's see your game rooms

    I love those rocking game chairs (Mine is "Rocker" brand). One of my pair just fell apart and left me with one. It helps to make a cover for them so the vinyl seat doesn't crack. A car seat cover works. I like that the chairs have an umbilical to join them so the sound connects and you don't have to run separate cables. Are you going to put the games and memorabilia back on the walls?
  15. FlightRisk

    Bad Old Monkey

    @DOS76, yes that is how I ultimately found the changes. Thanks for the help. As an aside, the 3 best programs I have used and ever seen from a user experience standpoint are Corel Draw (at least from 1989-1999 when I used it the most), Notepad++ and LaunchBox. Some things are just near perfection in terms of features, usability and support. What a contrast with a Photography editing software I am using in hopes of replacing Adobe Lightroom (still hopeful they get their act together). But as far as LB concerned, I am convinced it is the work of the devil or at least some form of sorcery. @Jason Carr adds features faster than I can post a request and puts in things I didn't even know I couldn't live without until I download the pretty much weekly beta updates and try them out. LB and BB is almost as much fun playing with as the games!