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  1. I went through all my MAME roms and made a list of all the ones I wanted to delete. Then I deleted them on alphabetic order. I keep finding rom names in my list that are no longer showing in LB. I looked up the rom name online for those missing and looked in my roms folder and they are indeed gone. Am I going nuts or is there some link between roms that would delete more than one? I am using a non-merged set, so I don't see how deleting one can delete another. One example is "stratavox". It is gone and I didn't delete it. Another is "indoor soccer"
  2. FlightRisk

    Unified Redux

    Enable separate view for each platform in your settings and map a key or button to the switch views function. Now just switch the view when you go into each platform for the one you want. So for SNES choose a view without the spin. It will remember your setting.
  3. I searched for this and imagine since these are fully themed it must be possible, but can the startup screens say "loading", then "loading complete" and then on shutdown, "goodbye"? How do you configure this?
  4. FlightRisk

    Multi Images Startup Theme

    Funny that I was going to copy a link to some code for this to you and then in my searching found a thread where you mentioned you are already using it! (WpfAnimatedGif on Github). Seems to be the only way to handle transparency and GIFs with funky frame durations. Have you seen he has updated the code and renamed the project? See here https://github.com/XamlAnimatedGif/XamlAnimatedGif He genericised it to work in non WPF XAML and it now uses a lot less memory due to more efficient frame loading. Are you using this newer code? Haven't tried it yet, but guessing this should work in the XAML: <Image Stretch="None" gif:ImageBehavior.AnimatedSource="/Images/animation.gif" /> or give it parameters. There are several available in the library: <Image gif:ImageBehavior.RepeatBehavior="3x"gif:ImageBehavior.AnimatedSource="Images/animated.gif" /> and I found this from Jason on how to do it in BigBox, so it may be simple to adapt this to Startup themes. Do I need to use the "UserControl" tag in the Startup theme XAML?
  5. FlightRisk

    Multi Images Startup Theme

    Do the themes support animated GIFs or a loop of images? RocketLauncher startup and shutdown screens can have per rom graphics, so pac-man may have a chomping guy in the lower left, or metal slug may have the guy running. I believe RL does it by specifying a series of however many image files you want to create the animation from, but an animated GIF would work too.
  6. FlightRisk

    SMALL Coffee table / arcade / pinball

    I think I will probably speak for more than just myself in saying please do post. Construction plans are always appreciated to get ideas or just have a template to build like a kit. Again, great job!
  7. FlightRisk

    Some nooby questions

    I'll add that RL adds things like "pause screens" and you can use it to do bezels instead of configuring them in the emulators, but LB just added what RL calls "fade screens" (startup screens in LB), so there isn't much left to use RL for. Especially with pause screens on the way. But it is nice to have the choice. BigBox is basically the Hyperspin-like front end to LB. You can use it or not. It is pretty incredible though. I use both interfaces depending on what I am doing. Housekeeping and some playing in LB, and the when I want the visuals or friends to play, it's all BB. As Monkus as said, Jason keeps up with things daily. He is a force of nature. I have never experienced a software product that in every way is as good as this one is. Not just gaming, any piece of software. The pace of development is astounding. Changes, additions and bug fixes happen on almost a daily if you want to beta test, otherwise new official releases occur often.
  8. FlightRisk

    RocketLauncher UI not possible to add ROM Paths / Weird flickering

    You might check out colpipes1978 "no-intro" on youtube. He has some videos that show exactly how to setup LB with RL. And if you DL any of his files, you can open them and see exactly how each screen is configured if you want to duplicate this for any of your platforms. Then again, you could just dump his downloads on your hard drive if you don't want to tinker. There are some benefits to the plug and play approach. 😉
  9. Oh, and I do have the Emulation Station Pi. That has what is basically the favorites on the LB setup ported over to there running with Retroarch cores. So that is the "lean and mean" setup and its portable.
  10. I never did understand the "bigger is better" mentality. So many of the collections tout how many systems or how many roms they have. I get that some people just like collecting, and I do that with different versions of a rom like having a US version and a Japanese version, but I get only the roms that I will play or have nostalgic value to me. I owned an arcade in the 80s, so I am different than many gamers, I want mostly the games I owned as full upright or sit-down games or played in other arcades back then along with some of the old consoles. I don't want to emulate anything after around 2009 because if I wanted to play thoses, I would just fire up the consoles I still have. I start with either full or curated collections and then go through one by one over time and delete any I know I wouldn't play or that don't fit my other criterion. So I try to keep it at 2000 roms. If I add something, I try to delete something else.
  11. FlightRisk

    SMALL Coffee table / arcade / pinball

    Is the fabric in the picture of the corner what holds the top glass? I also love the idea of a cocktail cab used for pinball! Great work.
  12. FlightRisk

    Brand Newbie

    Very cool. Let me know when you post it and I will take a look. The too most amazing things that I have seen so far for playing around with the Pi from my laptop are WebtroPie and RetroPie Manager. I really like ES. Nothing Like LB/BB, but at least the closest thing on a Pi
  13. FlightRisk

    9.6-beta-1 Released

    And yes, the Damien reference was a joke. Not sure how many of you saw the original movie, but the "The Omen" (and "The Exorcist") changed movie horror forever. They were the first really disturbing movies I remember seeing. There was terror, horror, jump scares, etc., but those two were disturbing. The preceded the slasher film craze. I was in high school. 1976. Something about an evil child is just wrong. SPOILER: The scene at his birthday party where the nanny kills herself in front of everyone saying "It's all for you, Damien!" still gives me nightmares. So if Mr. Omen wants a new feature, I suggest we give it to him 😉
  14. I tried to see if there was a FAQ I missed. Perhaps you can point me to it if the explanation is there, but what number of posts determine user levels? (1-bit wonder, 32-bit processor, 128-bit Self-Aware, etc.)
  15. FlightRisk

    9.6-beta-1 Released

    Whatever you say Damien. I wouldn't want to cross you But if I had pause screens, I would drop RocketLauncher and then go back to using the emulators overlays/bezels or use RetroArch like I do on my Pi setup.