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Greetings all,

I have recently stumbled across this amazing program and can't believe that it exists. It's the answer to all my desires for my digital hoard. A little back story since I'll probably be asking questions here and there and perhaps be able to contribute myself. I've been aquiring a huge collection of games my whole life. Years back took to digitizing everything with the creation of xbmc and up; modded pretty much everything, have even managed to nab a GDEMU and Rhea. 

I actually lost the will to play stuff because I have 8 modded systems comprising every console/format spread over 15tb and despite having meticulously named and sorted and organized everything over the years, it became too much of a mess to have everything on display and a million cords and adapters and controllers everywhere. So imagine my absolute glee when I found this.

I picked up premium for bigbox and have migrated my data in 2 8tb drives and impressively LB needed very little work to incorporate and scrape in games and media save for a few systems I'm having trouble with.

As noted, most of my collection was well sorted; however some of the systems required a different naming convention to be read in their respective consoles. These ones are the ones giving me trouble. 

Wii - My backups are WBFS/WBF1 extensions, launchbox fails to find any games. Do I simply need to manually rename these to GAMENAME.wbfs to scrape and parse into a platform? I have cloned the data so it won't retroactively affect my wii setup at any rate if I do need to track down the master name associations for LB.

PS3/PSN - These games are typically a BLESxxxx0000 name or a NPEB/NPUB format and as such not only do they not find roms, they won't bypass the parsing files wizard. I left it on for 20 hours yesterday assuming 5tb of games was just taking it's time.

SCUMMVM - It has imported my games and even found the emumovies but when it populated into LB it's simply a smattering of chapter based files "C016 02/C016 03/etc" and no titles. These games are in a format for instance Discworld CD 1 (Dos v2) for the parent folder and the various files inside ending in .scn, .lst, etc.. Is there something in this naming convention throwing it off? Parenthesis? 

Xbox - Parent folders with standard naming (Fight Night as parent, inside contains various .xbe .tbn, .bin files and folders) Do these need to be recompiled into a standard disc image? 

Last question, how does one use proper naming conventions for multi-disc games? Is there a comprehensive list of names needed for each system that I'm not finding for this stuff? I've been using search functions to try and suss out these details before wasting other peoples time but I don't think I'm asking the right way because I've not found it. 

Thank you for any guidance!

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Bumping my own topic for anyone that comes across these same issues that I've been working on this week.

Wii - turns out the xxxxx.wbfs file name format wasn't what LB wanted to parse and scrape for the platform. I used Wii Backup Manager and was able to sort through the options to have the games renamed to their corresponding title which allowed them to be integrated. There is an option to split games at 1/2/3/4gb or unlimited, as such I didn't have to combine titles back into one .wbfs. However, I have yet to set up dolphin emu and test if these games work as is and so another option is to take the games in abcd.wbfs and abcd.wbf1 and rename them manually. 

Abcd.wbfs >>> abcd.wbfs.001

Abcd.wbf1 >>> abcd.wbfs.002 

Then extract those from rar/7zip format into a single abcd.wbfs title of appropriate size since I'm using NTFS format and those games were used on my modded wii's original FAT32 external.

*Note: you can use GameCube Game Manager in a nearly identical way to rename GameCube games. Though I found success in having previously named the GC folders the correct name (Parent Folder > 1080 Avalanche > game.iso) and selecting the option in the parsing wizard to read the folder names. 

Ps3/PSN - still working on these since my games are not isos. Will be attempting to recompile extracted versions of these games into isos since I used a modded ps3 to launch them via multiman and they were never in an image format to begin with. Would assume the same trick to get them recognized will apply to PSN games though those tended to be extracted .pkg files.

ScummVM - haven't further tackled this yet. Will update.

Xbox - Currently letting the scraping parsing happen and it's taking hours but proceeding having selected the option to read folder names in the wizard since the parent folder naming conventions are already established. However it seems to be adding every single file in each folder and it's taking forever. Will assumedly look like a mess in the platform selection. Will update.

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@Zroe I am in the same situation and the import is working, but the naming in Launchbox is strange?

Under the cover I get the Game title [WII-ID] in brackets?

Under information the game title is fine? but in Launchbox every title have this ID added on the UI?

The wbfs files work perfectly, and the Backup manager added the ID to the name of the game on the folder, but even removing this doesn't make any difference?

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