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  1. With a few I only meant SIDs and Demos, and I mentioned that I'm aware of how much work that would be and that it would not make any sense. Of course you cannot add every single demo and every SID from the HVSC, that would be unnecessary. And I don't need magazines or diskmags, don't read them anyways. I imported the collection the correct way, copying everything over to my LB install and editing the xml. Like I mentioned, was done in 10 minutes without any hassle and worked fine. Plus I imported everything but deleted the magazines, demos, diskmags and SIDs folders afterwards as I don't care about them. If I want to add them again at a later point, I can do so very easily. And btw, I did not mean to upset you by using your work in a way that I want to and not necessarily the way you want it to be. I said that I admire your determination to do all this and that you are willing to share your work. I do the same with my LB setup since over 2 years now and have a strange feeling that the project will never really end, there's always gonna be something to add.
  2. Awesome work. I integrated it now for the first time, and it took about 10 minutes to do so. I just skipped the magazines, SIDs, diskmags and demos. I was quite disappointed to see how few of them were integrated, but I'm just guessing the time it would take to add a massive demo part, wow. I'm always using clear logos in Big Box, as I prefer it that way, but as you created 3.000 3D box arts I'm using those, only thing is that I don't know how to display them in Big Box? Whatever wheel or wall I chose, it doesn't show 3D boxes, would be great to have those with a wall background. Do I miss an option? I'm using the Colorful theme at the moment.
  3. I would get a NUC. I used a Hades Canyon before, and everything ran perfectly fine, that uses a Radeon RX Vega M GH GPU, no need for a RTX3060. Plus it looks great for living room purpose, small form factor and nice visual. You can get it also now for a fair price. Look at my old thread here:
  4. I have it exactly set up like kurzih mentioned, run the .bat as emulator and just use the .pak files to launch.
  5. DeadVoivod

    MAME titles

    How did you import them? It shouldn’t happen when imported the right way.
  6. Just import them into your setup.
  7. My games run well and they're in either .nsp or .xci format. You're sure you're running the yuzu.exe to launch them?
  8. My Wii games are in .ciso and .wad (WiiWare) format.
  9. I like Synology products, I had Qnap before, then I switched to Synology, price quality wise it's better in my opinion. I'm using a DS2413+
  10. For a better overview, and not having these multiple tracks in each folder, I always suggest to use CDMage to merge them into one single .cue and .bin file. Helps also with multiple disc games if you wanna create .m3u files.
  11. Does LB even care about format? I mean you can throw anything at it whatever you want, it doesn't care. If you wanna run a .txt file, you can do it, perhaps it doesn't launch the way you want, but you still can do it. But there seems to be another problem lately with LB, like I mentioned in another thread, I cannot add emulators anymore, whatever I do, I keep getting this message. Could this be a side effect?
  12. But it didn't affect everybody though.
  13. I hereby confirm that with the latest v12.5 of LB it's working faster again. More testing will prove if it stays like that.
  14. You can try this: For creating the folders for each file: for %i in (*) do mkdir "%~ni" For moving each file to its folder: for %i in (*) do move "%i" "%~ni"
  15. I'm a very long time WinUAE user, but I switched to FS-UAE for LaunchBox. It works great once set up. WHDLoad works like charm, and for .adf files you just use configuration files to add to LaunchBox. I made 2 different entries in LaunchBox, one for Amiga WHD and one for Amiga ADF, so it's easier to keep apart. It's a bit work to get it running with all the games, but it's worth it. There's a great guide on the forums, you might wanna check that one out.
  16. Happened first with 12.3, rolled back to 12.1, ditto, after update to 12.4 it's still existing. Never had it in my setup before, and like I mentioned, I didn't change anything in that setup for almost 2 years now, everything is exactly the same. Since it happened the first time, it's doing it all the time. I added Atari ST games, went to manage emulators, setup the emulator and associated platforms, and it gives me this error. Tried then with ZX Spectrum, exactly the same. Tried also with different emulators, no change. In the beginning I thought it was because RetroArch had the cores for those 2 systems set as emulators, but after removing them from RetroArch, the problem still exists. I even physically removed the 2 cores (Fuse, Hatari) from the RetroArch cores folder. The emulator.xml file also doesn't show any of those 2 entries.
  17. Just tried, and yes, still the same. Here are 2 screenshots.
  18. I'm also trying with one single ROM at the time. Nothing in my setup changed, files are not read-only. LB is not running in Admin mode. I even have 12.4 installed now. Strange that I lately have those several weird issues. Like not being able to add an emulator, which annoys my the most, or the super slow Emumovies downloads. Everything seemed to happen together.
  19. Ok, so even though the box "allow deleting ROMs when deleting games" is ticked (as it was by default), it does NOT actually delete the ROMs.
  20. I'm having the same problem, editing single games has become a chore now. EDIT: Tried now with LB 12.4 and there are no changes despite getting mentioned in the update notes.
  21. Just wondering why it is hidden now and you're getting pointed towards that option? A lot of stuff annoying me in this new version. Adding images to games, add works normal, but instead when right clicking the image and having a list of options, I now have several subcategories and have to browse to the correct one for each image. Whose idea was that? Or did that also get some hidden option in the menu? Is that customizable? Several image options I don't need, can I put just the ones I need for myself? If not, should be considered for the future.
  22. In previous LB versions when you deleted a game from within the platform category it asked you if you also want to delete the game and any additional data, it doesn't do that anymore, it just deletes the entry and you have to delete the game manually. Not very convenient.
  23. Lately, for some months now, querying Emumovies takes very long. If I edit one game and download images, even if it's only one single image, the querying takes up to 3-5 minutes, not normal and quite annoying.
  24. Ok thanks, that did the trick.
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