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PSX cue instead of bin


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I'm just curious why when importing some playstation games does it import the .cue file when there's only a .bin and a .cue. But when there's multiple bins like tracks and a cue, why it then imports all the tracks and using track 1 bin instead of the cue.

hope I explained that well enough because I would just like it to move all the files but use the .cue, like it does when there's only 1 .bin and .cue.

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Not sure but what you should be doing on import is going to the folder where all your PS1 games are and putting *.cue in the search bar this will show the results of only all of your cues files then you would click one of the cues Press ctrl+a to highlight them all and then drag them right onto to Launchbox game screen this will start the import wizard at the point where it will ask if you want to import roms dos games or none of the above then from there you just finish the wizard and it will have imported your cue files.

If you do choose to move your files into the Launchbox game folder be sure to copy all of your remaining bin files into the same location if you are leaving the files where ever they were originally then this isn't a concern.

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Yea I do want them in my LB game folder and I have a very big collection of PS1 games that aren't in folders and was hoping LB would sort them into folders for me which it does but while doing so it uses .bins instead of .cues for games with multiple tracks, and just wanted to know if that could be remedied someway if not that is okay I'll try to find another method. Thank you for your help.

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