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Xbox 360 Controller Automation not working in Launchbox and Bigbox


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Hello. Just a heads up, I know this topic is similar to others that have been discussed, but it is actually a distinct problem I'm having.

In both Launchbox and BigBox under controller automation, I'm not able to use the Xbox 360's guide button for "hold this button." When I try to bind it, any other button press will register but the guide button won't. I've already deactivated Steam's "launch big picture" along with Windows' "game bar" feature.

I saw another post saying that the guide button registers as button 11. So just for yucks I tried manually editing the config XMLs to put in button 11 and tried it in Dolphin, to no avail. (Dolphin is working fine and doesn't have the guide button mapped to anything, although I can technically map it to a hotkey in Dolphin itself.)

Also just for yucks, I combined some autohotkey scripts I've seen floating around, but it has no effect:


    Send {Esc}
    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}


Another something weird I discovered, when I hold the guide button and move the right stick, it moves the mouse in Windows. I can also click, etc. with other buttons.

Any advice / information that could be useful? Thank you.

Relevant info:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (Up-to-date drivers, etc.)
Launchbox 8.4
Xbox 360 wireless controllers with Microsoft wireless receivers

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Unfortunately the guide button is not available to be mapped for automation in Launchbox/Bigbox, same with the triggers. As for the right stick moving the mouse, thats likely Steam as it has a desktop mode with several controls mapped to the controller, so turning that option off in steam will solve that issue.


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For posterity, if anyone cares I created a livable solution for myself.

In Steam I set a button chord configuration where holding down the guide button and holding up/down on the left joystick adjusts the system volume.

I also set an autohotkey script in Launchbox on all my emulators. It listens for a guide button press of less than a second. If it detects one, it'll close the emulator.

This way I can use the guide button for many different functions through Steam and also allow users a method of closing an emulator with just the controller.

Here's the autohotkey script I used.

vk07sc000 down::
joy11 := A_TickCount

vk07sc000 up::
if A_TickCount - joy11 < 1000
;If guide button was pressed for less than a second, close the emulator/
Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}
joy11 := 0


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