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How to configure dpad on controller

retromage krisiun

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Hi , i`m new her. 

If you could be so nice to guide me to how mapping the direcrional pads on my joystick pad (usb generic controller, manually wired) 

you see, i have no problem assigning the function buttons in launchbox/bigbox.  but the directional buttons is not possible to manually assign? . 

i have done this in the emulators, but in the front end program , the left is down and the right is up . any hints to where if possible i can change this? 

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6 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

You haven't provided any details on the controller at all but LB has auto-detected and assigned all controllers I have used with it, Xbox360, Hori Fight Commander, Logitech F710 and even my flight stick and I can control LB/BB with everyone perfectly fine.

I havent provided any detalis because this is not a regular gamepad.   it is a chip board with manual wiring to every single buttons. i use this in an arcade cabinet i have built .  the arcade stick (dpad)  is preconfigured in lb to read only fixed assigment.   the problem is that i have inserted the stick a quarter to much clockwise.  so when i move the stick to right, it registers as "up". therefore i need to know if there is any way to manually overwrite the dpad on a controller in such a way that i can reassign  the right button to be read as "up", and so forward :) , i have already done this in every emulators i use in LB/BB , but it does not seem possible in the LB/BB itself 

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