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SappPasRoot - Change all the folders by one shot.

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SappPasRoot - Change all the folders by one shot.

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!!! Caution !!!:

Even if i tested and i made as much attention as possible to make a perfect release, it's a beta version. So make a backup of xml files "./data"  before to use  it. Currently it can't be launched with LaunchBox.next, it's not visible in tools menu but it works perfectly with classic LaunchBox.

For the while tested only with roms

!!! Attention !!!:
Même si j'ai testé et prêté la plus grande attention possible pour faire une release parfaite, c'est une version bêta. Aussi faites avant une backup des fichiers xml "./data" avant d'utiliser le plugin. Actuellement ça ne peut pas être lancé avec LaunchBox.net car ce n'est pas visible dans le menu "tools", mais ça fonctionne parfaitement avec LaunchBox classique.

Pour le moment testé uniquement sur des roms


Tired to change manually the 10+ folders of a platform, or perhaps you fear to make a mistake by editing the xml file ? SappPasRoot permits to change all folders by choose a root folder. If you need to change the name of the mediatype, you can too. You want to reset to default factory... it's also possible.

I made this plugin with a real wish to make the using very simple, buttons appear or disappear according to the step. The list of folder adapts to the content the most possible to give you the most informations possible without bother you. I hope you will like it.

Fatigué de changer manuellement les 10+ dossiers d'une plateforme, ou peut être craignez vous une erreur en éditant le fichier xml ? SappPasRoot permet de changer tous les dossiers en choisissant un dossier racine. Si vous voulez changer le nom des médiatypes vous le pouveez aussi. Vous voulez faire un reset factory... C'est aussi possible.

J'ai réalisé ce plugin avec un réel souhait de rendre son utilisation très simple, les boutons apparaissent et disparaissent en fonction des étapes. La liste des dossiers s'adapte au contenu le plus possible pour vous donner le plus d'information possibles sans vous ennuyer. J'espère que vous apprécierez.

Languages currently supported:

  • English
  • Français.


  • Reset last action
  • Reset Fields of MoreMen
  • backup data files previous to make change ? See with backups.


  • Bugs fixed: Errors on links about image files
  • Added version number in title
  • Options to change paths for existing games (manual, application, etc...)
  • Filter hidden games (or not)
  • Two way to change game paths forced, or respect subdfolders.
  • 'More' fields are now saved (Change platform paths)


  • Change game paths follow the structure of the platform.$
  • If you think about a new way to change games paths, say it, i i will add it as new option
  • In some case the link is not modified, it changes only what he find in database, Launchbox can find musics, vidéos, images by look in the folders and he will found by the folders of the platform... so don't be affraid if you don't see it in the gui for the games folders, it means there is nothing in the xml file.


What you need to make manually :

  • Make a backup of your data files before use it (i will make an automatic backup system)
  • Transfert your data manually (games, videos, pics) after modification plugin modify ONLY xml files to avoid a problem corrupting your datas.








SappPasRoot-b2.0.1.5.zip SappPasRoot-b2.0.1.6.zip

Screenshots in French, but you have also English translation... if people want to add more languages it's possible. (see github)

SappPasRoot 2.PNG

SappPasRoot 3.PNG

SappPasRoot 5.PNG

SappPasRoot 6.PNG

SappPasRoot 7.PNG

SappPasRoot 1.PNG

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  • 1 year later...

I Made a mistake and deleted previous version.
Here the last. with description i will probably update my other plugins.

  • Modifications for compatibility with LaunchBox 11.0
  • .Net Framework 4.7.2

I didn't test with steam, gog, origins... but in theory it modify all links, by reading all paths.
I didn't test new modification of plugin.dll from launchbox getvideopath and getnextvideofilepath but still works.

Beta version because i need more feedback but no deep changement.
Look wiki and readme for more informations.
Feedback in case of bug.


I just notice additionals launch was not modified i will see what i can do.


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After deleting a version, I can no longer use the "update" function of the forum.

12/07/2020 New version b2.0.2.0:

* Support modifications for the paths concerning the "add applications" part (games modification)
* Some graphics modifications
* Reset of simulation (games modification) for the in case of radiobutton or checkbox modification

I think i will work on a wpf version for the next version if i find some time.




Edited by Axenn
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  • 7 months later...

This version is stopped, you could recompile (available on my github) it with lastest plugindll given by Launchbox if you want, until this day it must works.
I work on a wpf version with a "move files" algorithm splitted from the others functionnalities, i have some delay because of a hack on my FB account that compromised my secondary mail (same password) .. even if my password was strong, i prefered stop everything to resolve it and made an application to backup and secure passswords with encryption, based on sqlite, a timer to suicide (lock and mask again), double key, with profiles, can have categories etc etc... ok nothing common here,.. But it took a bit of time :D .
I finished this new version of SappPasRoot yesterday, it's not dead. I had a bug to run it with Launchbox but it's ok since today... I just want to test some days before to post here even if it's alpha version, i test always before to post (i have 2 Launchbox, i try on the test version a lot, then i try on my own definitive installation too after).
- this new version can work as an application with a sample of fake informations if you want to have an idea of what is the plugin before to install it. For the move files, there is a simulation mode like for all, but it's based on your real files.

Well, i think it's all. Rendez vous in few days for the new version.

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