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  1. Perfect, i would a theme that let me change fiew things, and show different views like details for the game AND see 3D boxes.
  2. Mhhh ok i didn't see that, thanks a lot i will write this somewhere to never forget it.
  3. Hi, after have some problems to run Snes games with retroarch i tried something i didn't expect i just renamed the machine. I had enter the "snes" name instead of "super ni... entertainment system" and games was not launched. From the point i renamed my platform it was ok. I think LaunchBox must use the platform name instead of something like the "scraped as" or a id by machine and this is why it couldn't run with retroarch. If it could useful.
  4. Hi, i'm develloping Depack-Game the next step after "pack my game" to reinject game packed in db (it's useful if you want to keep a localized version with all your modifications, and you don't need to download images, videos etc... ). And i seen a game (bubsy) that was not recognized because id is different than when i made my pack, i asked to myself if there was a way to get id game for a third party application. I looked at html page i don't see the id game. It's not a big problem because with import roms LaunchBox find the good game and doesn't overwrite Notes etc... Edit: bef
  5. This version is stopped, you could recompile (available on my github) it with lastest plugindll given by Launchbox if you want, until this day it must works. I work on a wpf version with a "move files" algorithm splitted from the others functionnalities, i have some delay because of a hack on my FB account that compromised my secondary mail (same password) .. even if my password was strong, i prefered stop everything to resolve it and made an application to backup and secure passswords with encryption, based on sqlite, a timer to suicide (lock and mask again), double key, with profiles, can
  6. Hi everybody, Yesterday same problem and i was unable to remind me the exact method i used last time, but i made a lot of try and understood where was my problems. I make a feedback for the future, perhaps even for me if i forgot again. I describe it again.... you can't see your plugin in tools, and when you read the debug log file you read that some external dll are impossible to find. If you add this dll into your package you will have an error from windows that denied access for compatibility reason (don't modify uac or anything) . - Launchbox uses 4.7.2version System.Drawing
  7. It seems to work, A big big Thank ! 🧉 Problem of security is when you pack the dll system drawning common, but here with 4.7 version in my project it don't ask me, then i don't have to pack it.
  8. Hi, i made a big update on one of my plugin but i was too hurry and forget to verify if Launchbox was in .net framework or core. - First i would to know if Launchbox will stay in .net framework (that will stay in .net framework 4.8 according to MS) - Second: Currently i have an error because i installed the system drawning common by nugget package and this is a 5.0 version, and it raise an exception if i join it asking to modify security right... i prefer to ask if somebody ever tried to develop a .net core 3X plugin before. In the worst case i will remake it in .net framework i d
  9. New Version available.
  10. After deleting a version, I can no longer use the "update" function of the forum. 12/07/2020 New version b2.0.2.0: * Support modifications for the paths concerning the "add applications" part (games modification) * Some graphics modifications * Reset of simulation (games modification) for the in case of radiobutton or checkbox modification I think i will work on a wpf version for the next version if i find some time. SappPasRoot-b2.0.2.1.zip
  11. ok i will try right now. I didn't keep in mind Launchbox was evolutive, it's true that you made it (and it's the best) . Edit: it is exactly that, i know now why all entries were not affected. It was like a water fall, each xml file interacted with the others. Really sorry to have disturbed you for nothing i prefered to alert before more people was in this case. I edited title, i don't know if it's better to delete or to let with explanations.
  12. hi, screenshots are without any plugins, it's because i work on a plugin that will modify paths of additionnal apps that i saw that. At the beginning i thought it was a problem with my plugin but i could'nt understand because this part was not at all activate on save modifications (i have a debug mode included) . The plugin i'm currenly modify is SappPasRoot, it changes all paths for a platform with the minimum of action, and do the work on second phase for roms already recorded. As i said, each time i launch Launchbox i get new entries without do nothing in the additionnal apps part (wit
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