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  1. New Version available.
  2. After deleting a version, I can no longer use the "update" function of the forum. 12/07/2020 New version b2.0.2.0: * Support modifications for the paths concerning the "add applications" part (games modification) * Some graphics modifications * Reset of simulation (games modification) for the in case of radiobutton or checkbox modification I think i will work on a wpf version for the next version if i find some time. SappPasRoot-b2.0.2.1.zip
  3. ok i will try right now. I didn't keep in mind Launchbox was evolutive, it's true that you made it (and it's the best) . Edit: it is exactly that, i know now why all entries were not affected. It was like a water fall, each xml file interacted with the others. Really sorry to have disturbed you for nothing i prefered to alert before more people was in this case. I edited title, i don't know if it's better to delete or to let with explanations.
  4. ok, i hope to don't disturb for nothing.
  5. hi, screenshots are without any plugins, it's because i work on a plugin that will modify paths of additionnal apps that i saw that. At the beginning i thought it was a problem with my plugin but i could'nt understand because this part was not at all activate on save modifications (i have a debug mode included) . The plugin i'm currenly modify is SappPasRoot, it changes all paths for a platform with the minimum of action, and do the work on second phase for roms already recorded. As i said, each time i launch Launchbox i get new entries without do nothing in the additionnal apps part (without plugin)
  6. Perhaps it's me but i worked on an update of my plugin (on the additionnal apps paths) when i saw there was a multiplication of datas. I removed my plugin and it continues despite the fact i removed all entries except Two... now there are more than 6, each time i launch Launchbox it seems there is a multiplication Same problem with custom fields (and my plugin don't work on it)
  7. I Made a mistake and deleted previous version. Here the last. with description i will probably update my other plugins. Modifications for compatibility with LaunchBox 11.0 .Net Framework 4.7.2 I didn't test with steam, gog, origins... but in theory it modify all links, by reading all paths. I didn't test new modification of plugin.dll from launchbox getvideopath and getnextvideofilepath but still works. Beta version because i need more feedback but no deep changement. Look wiki and readme for more informations. Feedback in case of bug. Thx. I just notice additionals launch was not modified i will see what i can do. SappPasRoot-b2.0.1.6.zip
  8. hi, I would to know if there were a section for manuals, i collect step by step manuals for my own collection and i ask edto myself if it were a possibility to share to avoid lost when time will pass and perhaps some sites shutdown.
  9. Hi, sorry i was away a long time, i will see what i can do to make it able to work with the new version.
  10. Axenn

    Some requests

    Hi, - I don't know if you know screenscraper website, and want to do the request to have the possibility to scrape games from this website, there is French content here. - I would to ask if it was possible also with the launchbox database and the program, to have a sinopsys part (i add it in notes) and maybe the possibility to add several languages. - And finally if it's possible, a pattern support on the database to have an automatic 3d box generation or maybe just a pattern for each box. It's for generate 3d boxes when they are missing.
  11. i don't know, it was imported when i add the game. But thanks for the information, it's pretty sad there is no pattern to help people to add boxes and keep the same angle, sizes, etc....
  12. first time i try to import my games from steam and it seems i can't, i put my id, change games visibility to "everybody" (my profile was already public) , but nothing... for the api key i set my mail, i didn't know what to set.
  13. i think just some must be enough, i would to have something like this to make an homogenic collection with others. thanks for the informations, i didn't want to pass by blender except if a patern was existing :). I will try with your online tool.
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