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I was just wondering if anyone had specific bezel collections or a way to download bezels for individual games. I saw a video on something similar for retropie but I a talking for rocketlauncher on a pc running windows 10. Any guidance would be most appreciated. I already have the generic bezels for each system but I would like them for as many of the nes snes sega etc games as possible

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I have converted the Retroarch RetroPie config files from The Bezel Project for the NES bezel collection to work with the Windows version of Retroarch.

No need for Rocket Launcher doing it this way.

I'll be doing the others.  Let me know if your interested and I'll post a zip file of the cfgs.  The artwork can be downloaded from the link.

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Very cool.  Now if I could figure out the fades I'd be set. Had emailed working but ever since I set up the joytokey for my comics it keeps being dumb. As cool as rocketlauncher is. It's a royal pain too. L o l. Thanks again I'll look those up.  If I need the configuration files I'll let you know.  Have a great day. 

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