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  1. Is it not here? https://www.fbalpha.com/downloads/ Binary Here Oh wait... nevermind. I can't read. The request was for the RA core. doh... *slides back under rock*
  2. Try renaming the config folder to MAME 2003-Plus Put a space between MAME and 2003.
  3. I was having the same issue a while back, I disabled the controller in Desktop Configuration settings menu. Steam->Settings->Controller->Desktop Configuration. May work for you.
  4. You can rename the core config folder from PCSX ReARMed to Beetle PSX HW. There should be 5000+ bezel game config files in there. That will be located under your RetroArch installation folder. i.e <RetroArch>/config/ See if that will work for a simple fix.
  5. I downloaded the one from your sourceforge link, the 2019 archive. It contains the bios files as well as a compiled core. Copy the core 'freechaf_libretro.dll' located that archives windows folder to your retroarch core folder. Copy the bios files from the root of that archive (the *.bin files) to your retroarch system folder. Copy the 'freechaf_libretro.info' file from the root of that archive to your retroarch info folder. Run retroarch, navigate to Load Core. It should be there as Fairchild Channel F (FreeChaF). Try to run a game. Worked for me.
  6. NeoCD does. I made CHD's from my bin/cues. Saves a ton of space.
  7. According to the docs, it only supports single file bin/cue images. Yours may have multiple files. https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/blob/master/src/burner/libretro/README.md Neogeo CD doesn't work, why ? There are several things to know : You need a copy of neocdz.zip and neogeo.zip in your libretro system directory You need to add --subsystem neocd to the command line Supported format are ccd/sub/img iso (trurip), and single file MODE1/2352 bin/cue (use utilities like "CDmage" to convert your iso if needed) Or try switching to the NeoCD core or MAME. I use NeoCD because it can skip CD loading.
  8. That would only work if you're using the neocd core. (for clarification: the NeoCD core is different than the FBNeo core) I would double check your bios files. Mine seem to be a bit larger that what you posted, unless things have changed in the past year. If bios files look good, then I've have to point towards your cd-rom images and formats. Are they bin/cue, iso, etc? Do you receive some type of error when attempting to run?
  9. Do you have the correct bios for the core? I use the neocd (2019) core and it has support for the same bios files that MAME supports. I'm sure FBNeo does also, but might want to double check. For neocd, you need to put your bios files under the /retroarch/system/neocd folder. Check that also for FBNeo.
  10. Try looking here? https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/14-platform-clear-logos/
  11. I'm using MAME standalone, an older version (.201). I only update MAME every other year or so. Here are my settings that may help you get going with MAME. I have a channelf.zip bios file in my MAME bios folder or place it with your other MAME roms. Its been a while since I've set this one up, not sure if there were extra hiccups with this one.
  12. If using the Mupen core: "Mupen64Plus-Next OpenGL" As far as I know where are no 3DO bezels made yet, but the config folder name would be 4DO, named after the 3DO emulator core. Again go into RA and load the core you're looking into and you can see the name at the bottom left.
  13. I would call it a "work in progress". We have to remember this isn't solely for LaunchBox/BigBox. It's for windows RetroArch users. This started and continues to be driven by the RetroPie implementation. We PC users have more options for selecting different emulator cores, which may or may not be available in the current version of the installer. Sure, there are some gaps; but I bet those will be filled over time. Have fun figuring this stuff out. It's a hobby, after all!
  14. Config folder name should be "Stella" or "Stella 2014" depending on the core your are using, as mentioned before with FB Alpha 2012. As far as showing the default system bezel when a game bezel is not found, you can try this. This should be taken care for you, but if its not: Example for Atari, using Stella. Create or edit the Stella.cfg file under config/Stella add these lines or edit... input_overlay = ":/overlays/Atari-2600.cfg" input_overlay_enable = "true" input_overlay_opacity = "1.000000" Make sure Atari overlay cfg and image file are there under overlays.
  15. Did you make sure this setting was empty in retroarch.cfg? Did have anything pointing to the overlay you are seeing? input_overlay = "" If the Atari core (Stella I assume) does not find a bezel, again because of ROM naming or other issues, it will fall back to the global default setting. That will either show the last saved overlay (if you had save_config_on_exit = "true"), or if empty.... show nothing.
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