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  1. Completely understand that. It is an amazing theme.
  2. Has anyone seen this it is flippin awesome. I would love it if the guy who did this would copy it over to bigbox.
  3. Found a semi solution that worked for me. In the Launchbox program go into Tools/Manage Emulators. Choose RocketLauncher and click edit. Go to the Game Startup Tab. Then set Startup Load Delay to around 1 second. It has worked so far but no longer displays the game over screen for some reason. Any further hints or if this helps anyone else figure out a better solution pass it along and thanks again to all those involved in this community. Everyones advise and information has been invaluable in my build.
  4. So how do we set it up without RL and still keep the bezels?
  5. Wow do I feel dumb. Didn't realize you could change themes per system. Still wish the "discs" didn't spin but holy cow. Thanks to you Jason and Criticalcid.
  6. Love the theme, only wish there was a way to make a coverflow view included for my magazines and comics. Also is there a way to have a view where the "disc" doesn't spin. I like seeing the cartridges but they spin. Again very cool theme on my top 3. Thank you so much Jason for creating this, Been as much fun playing with this as it is to play the games
  7. Oh and I did have one other question. Is there a way to force a bezel. I thoughtit would be cool for old tv shows. But also I have a few pc games that I'd like to force inside a 4:3 size and also to run inside a bezel.
  8. Replace the word emailed with it. Don't you love spell check?
  9. Very cool. Now if I could figure out the fades I'd be set. Had emailed working but ever since I set up the joytokey for my comics it keeps being dumb. As cool as rocketlauncher is. It's a royal pain too. L o l. Thanks again I'll look those up. If I need the configuration files I'll let you know. Have a great day.
  10. I was just wondering if anyone had specific bezel collections or a way to download bezels for individual games. I saw a video on something similar for retropie but I a talking for rocketlauncher on a pc running windows 10. Any guidance would be most appreciated. I already have the generic bezels for each system but I would like them for as many of the nes snes sega etc games as possible
  11. It does but I'm not a huge fan of the keyboard in controller companion. I love the one Jason created. That's why I was asking. Thanks anyways.
  12. If the integrated browser wasn't possible would it be possible to launch the keyboard when I'm using a browser or the desktop?
  13. mrcleen74

    Web Browser

    I was wondering if there was a way to implement a web browser of our choice to be embedded in bigbox for web browsing with the on screen keyboard Jason has for game search. I currently am using the windows 10 onscreen keyboard and controller companion for mouse control and have made shortcut links to launch websites. It's a cool way to browse favorite sites but a more seamless all in one would be wonderful. Honestly I like steam but the browser has a lot to be desired. And kylo is outdated. I inserted a photo to show what I'm using now
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