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Emumovies snaps with Nec PCEngine VS Turbographx

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Hi guys,

I checked the Emumovies FTP and the Japan roms are in NEC PC Engine (Video Snaps)(HQ)(EM 1.5) but the US roms are in NEC TurboGrafx 16 (Video Snaps)(HQ)(EM 1.6). It explains why I can't find any snaps for some japan games (like Dragon saber) using the LB importer, while the snap is in the Emumovies FTP. 

Could you check that please?

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That is correct. Emumovies caters to a lot of different front ends and they all have PC-Engine separate from Turbografx, especially because the PC-Engine was released a lot earlier in Japan and has a lot of Japanese exclusives. For some reason, it was decided here a long time ago that they should all be grouped under Turbograpx. 

You can use the Emumovies sync downloader to get the movies that match your roms instead of using launchbox. It reads your roms folder and downloads only the videos you need or use their FTP service.

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