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  1. Does anyone have a Pinball Category logo for this theme that matches the other Category logos?
  2. Mockup 1 is exactly what I'm looking for. If you find out how to do it, please post it.
  3. I used this one @for /r /d %%x in (*) do @for %%y in (iso) do @ren "%%x\*.%%y" "%%~nxx.%%y" 2> NUL
  4. I started converting but all my PS2 games are in 7z. The 7z files is are named properly, but inside them, the iso files are named something like Slus-8113.iso. Is there a way to batch extract the iso files and have them be renamed to the same name as the 7z file? Otherwise I have to extract each game one by one, rename the iso file and then convert to chd.
  5. Will there be an alternate lighter version of this theme? I really like it but it's too dark.
  6. Is this no longer available? Would you be able to re-upload it?
  7. Finally got back to launchbox and updated Retroarch . My question is which N64 Core should I be using now. I can't find any up to date information. Even on youtube, info is over 6 months old. Mupen64Plus used to be the most compatible but it seems Parallei RDP has made some advances and is being recommended by some. Any recommendations?
  8. This is true to an extent. I went back to using rocketlauncher because the rocketlaunch pause menu does work on 95% of PC games in full screen. If the guys from rocketlauncher were able to make it work, then there is a way. With Launchbox the games need to be set to borderless window mode and very few games support that.
  9. Thanks a lot. Everything is working again.
  10. So after doing some testing seems like it's games newly imported. The ones I had imported previously seem to be working. When i install a new game, I create a shortcut in H:\Roms\Microsoft Windows\Game Name (Release Year).ink So in H:\Roms\Microsoft Windows\ my shortcuts will be named: Ace Combat 7 (2019).ink, Beyond Blue (2020).ink, Assassin's Creed (2008).ink and so on. In Lunchbox I import a Rom file > Add files > select shortcut and then enable emulator RocketLauncher. Doing this helps keep all my rocketlauncher folders organized since they will all be named the
  11. Until now, the way I added PC games was via shortcuts in my Roms folder, adding the shortcut as my Launching application and enabling Emulation to use Rocketlauncher. This kept everything organized in Rocketlauncher (Fades, Backgrounds, Guides and so on) and was easy to change game path just by changing the shortcut if I moved the game to another drive. For example for the game Beyond Blue my path would be ..Roms\Microsoft Windows\Beyond Blue (2020).ink Now, after this latest update I can't do that anymore. Once I add the shortcut it takes me to the exe file E:\Games\Beyond Blue (
  12. There won't be any 4k assets any time soon. it would be a lot of work to re-so all assets in 4K. And that is provided we can even find nice scanned artwork in 4K. We have trouble just finding any assets at any resolution for certain games. Someone with a large complete collection of games would need to re-scan all covers and cartriges/cds at 4K, Then we would need to crop and clean 60,000 plus covers, cut out the clear logos and re-do all cartriges/cds/disks in 4K with a clear background. Just the work require to recut all those clear logos would take years, Even for new system it is diff
  13. I'm also having issues with this latest version. Some random crashes when creating a theme and systems where I can't select a game. It always defaults to the first game on the list no matter what I do. Had to go back to the previous version where everything works fine.
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