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  1. Comic book Marvel startup

    This one is my favorite but it would be nicer if it was full screen.
  2. What could the big news be

    Media Monkey lets you watch music videos and view art work already.
  3. What could the big news be

    Probably not but I wouldn't mind another one. I have a dedicated laptop for music hooked up to my stereo system so it's always nice to have a cool front end display my music, especially when I have people over and they want to browse and pick music. I currently use Media Monkey but this Music Box thing already looks cooler and very simple to use. I would pay for it but then again, I'm not poor.
  4. What could the big news be

    LOL! Please tell me you are joking. Music Box is already 10x better than iTunes simply because it plays your music. iTunes is just a bloated front for a store to sell you low quality compressed music for a lot of money.
  5. What could the big news be

    Anyway to use the same account for the musicbox site? Seems silly to have to create a new account.
  6. What could the big news be

    Thanks...well...it plays music but that's all it does at this point. There's a long long way to go to get to the level and usability of Media Monkey. I do like the interface so I'll be keeping on eye on it. Looks very promising. Next, Jason should think about creating a similar product to organize and play video games. Something like Hyperspin but better!
  7. What could the big news be

    How do you even import music into this thing?
  8. What could the big news be

    Where do you even go to get this music box thing? Is there a download link somewhere?
  9. Steam (Indie Games) Cinematic Video

    I really like it but can you have an alternate version that says Indie Games instead of Steam?
  10. Ghosted on Youtube?

    I haven't done anything of that sort. I'm aware of the trolling issue that happened a few weeks ago but I had nothing to do with any of that. Actually ended up moving to twitch when that was going on a few weeks ago on youtube. Everything was fine last time I was on the live stream.
  11. Ghosted on Youtube?

    Haven't been to the youtube live stream in a few weeks. Today I go on it and I'm ghosted/blocked. I can post but no one can see me. Logged in with a different account and nothing of what i said with my normal account could be seen. What the heck did I do?
  12. SNK Neo Geo Pocket Cinematic Video

    Love your videos. Any chance of doing one for the NEC PC-Engine CD and one for the NEC Supergrfx?
  13. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    The green in this theme is cool and all but will there be alternative versions in different colors? Blue or red would be nice as well.
  14. Big Box Cinematix

    Are the new themes based on box art available anywhere yet? I can't seem to find them.