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  1. Styphelus

    Good alternate name without scrap success

    Scrap it with the name you down want and after it downloads all the media you want, change the title of the game in the title box. It will still be linked to the correct game in the DB. I do this all the time. Lunchbox sometimes gives me a name I don't like with like Pokemon or Asterix with a little accent over the e and I always change the title after.
  2. Styphelus

    Emumovies snaps with Nec PCEngine VS Turbographx

    That is correct. Emumovies caters to a lot of different front ends and they all have PC-Engine separate from Turbografx, especially because the PC-Engine was released a lot earlier in Japan and has a lot of Japanese exclusives. For some reason, it was decided here a long time ago that they should all be grouped under Turbograpx. You can use the Emumovies sync downloader to get the movies that match your roms instead of using launchbox. It reads your roms folder and downloads only the videos you need or use their FTP service.
  3. Styphelus

    Mame CHD's

    You get some additional games with the CHDs, Including Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. They don't make games better. They are additional games, but they come in CHD format instead of the normal zip files you get with your normal mame set. But why are you downloading 0.185 when 0.210 is out? It would be nice if they could release only working CHD games in a smaller download instead of a 400GB download. If you have already downloaded everything, then just throw it in your mame folder. If you want a list of only the CHD files you need, I can give you one later on tonight so you can save 350GB of hard drive space.
  4. Styphelus

    Mame CHD's

    You only need about 40Gb of CHDs. Only a few CHD games actually work in Mame. If you use Mame Arcade64, you can click on the CHD section and then right click each game for information. It will tell you if the game has a working CHD or not. I recently went through all of them and only downloaded the ones I needed. Saved a ton of bandwidth and hard drive space. A CHD is not "better and stronger" as you put it. It's a hard drive image used in newer arcade machines. If a game has a zip file and a CHD, the zip file is very small and basically just directs Mame to use the CHD. CHD folders go into the same folder as your mame zip files. Everything should work. If you're still having trouble getting things working, let me know.
  5. How do you go about updating these? Do I have to re-download the whole thing again?
  6. Styphelus

    Alternative Game Gear emulators?

    Came here to say the same. You probably have bad roms. It's happened to me before. The games you mentioned work fine on my setup.
  7. Styphelus

    Adding MAME CHD's to Launchbox

    Guess you haven't tried setting up Taito Type X games yet.
  8. Styphelus

    Adding MAME CHD's to Launchbox

    Cool, I set them up and got some of them working, however a lot don't seem to work at this stage. Is there a list of working CHD games? I downloaded part of the CHD set and found that a lot of them don't actually work. 400GB is a lot to download, especially for non working games.
  9. Styphelus

    8.6-beta-1 Released

    I Updated to mame 0.2 a few week ago and re-imported everything before this latest update. I spent a lot of time going through some of the games and re-importing some manually and deleting some that didn't work and comparing them to the latest Mame Hyperspin database . Now that mame has been updated in Launchox do I have to re-import everything again? How do i do that? Do i delete my Arcade platform and all my playlists and re-do everything from scratch again?
  10. Styphelus

    Pc Games Video Snaps

    Unfortunately not. Most PC video snaps on emumovies are for games that can be played on arcade cabinets. I think Circo relies on people's submissions to create the video snaps, so unless people submit them, we're not going to get them. Same goes for DOS. What I did was get an unlicensed copy of Fraps. The unlicensed copy records for 30 secs at a time. Very convenient to record videos snaps. Not the same quality as emumovies with the title screen at the end but good enough for my setup. I then run them through handbrake to reduce file size.
  11. Styphelus

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    You setup the resolution manually as well? In some of those games you can bump it up quite a bit. The BlazBlue games look great in high res. Changing res doesn't work for all games however.
  12. Styphelus

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    Are you using Taito Type X Loader? I usually move my games to the Taito Type X Loader, set everything up there (resolution and controls if the game allows it), run the game just to make sure everything is working and once that's done I move them back to my roms folder. Taito Type X Loader creates a config file inside each game. It's the easiest way to set them up. Some will still require xpadder and some only work on NVidea video cards.
  13. Styphelus

    Taito type x gamepad setup....

    Some games work fine with the gamepad but some don't. I use XPadder to configure key strokes to gamepad controls. I use Rocketlaucher in addition to Launchbox, so in Rocketlauncher I'm able to assign specific Xpadder profiles to each game. Also, turn off your anti-virus or it will start deleting files inside your Taito game folders. Taito games are generally a pain to setup.
  14. Styphelus

    Launchbox does not import all MAME ROMs

    Just updated my rom set to ver 0.200 (from 0.185) and there are a ton of games Launchbox doesn't import. I was comparing it with the latest Hyperspin database and so far I have around 26 games and I only got up to letter "C". That's exluding all the weird casino, fruit games and so on. Been trying to add them manually but takes forever to import each single game.
  15. Styphelus

    Pause Menu

    Is this a replacement for the pause menu in rocketlauncher?