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  1. Is the 2D artwork available anywhere? I like 3D boxes but I always use 2D artwork for consistency with all my other systems.
  2. Great stuff. Do you also have a 2D set?
  3. I have them separate but I don't get my artwork from the lunchbox DB for most of my systems. I already had the artwork from my Hyperspin days so I just copied it to the correct folders.
  4. The ZX Spectrum, because of its huge library, has a lot of games with the same exact name. They are separated on the Games DB, however, Launchbox does not detect them as separate games. For examples the game 180. There are 2 different games called 180 by 2 different developers. Launchbox only gives the option of picking 1 180 game but downloads the artwork for both of them. This is also an issue when downloading videos from emumovies as it will only download the video associated with 1 of those games. What is the solution in this case?
  5. Looks interesting but if I wanted to play my games on another computer, why wouldn't I just copy them there from my external backup drive? Leave them copying overnight or during work hours and you're done! This is more like Plex but the appeal of a front end is the way it looks. At the moment I'm scratching my head. It's a neat idea but do I need it?
  6. I like it, but why not use some of the blank space on the top left side for more info? Also, is there a way to display the cart/cd at the bottom right corner of the cover art? Aside from that it looks really clean. Well done. Really well designed.
  7. Here you go. The file is attached. There are 764 clear logos and they all match the box covers. Luckeyboy67 posted a bunch of them today here: I have no idea if they match the covers or not. Haven't had a chance to look at it. ZX_Spetrum_Clear_Logos.7z
  8. Ok cool. I'll upload them somewhere tonight. We should create a place like the Hyperspin vault where we can all share the work being done. The ZX Spectrum actually shares a lot of covers with other systems like the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, Apple II and even the BBC Micro. We could be filling up the wholes for the systems as well.
  9. Errr...guys, there's already an almost complete set already in the link below. WallyWonka did 1888 cd images. He's only missing 2 games. https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/file/2075-sony-playstation-disc-art/
  10. I have about 650 clear logos that match the covers. It was an old project I was working on for Hyperspin. I might have some covers I started cleaning up as well. Will have to look through my old stuff. Let me know if you are interested.
  11. Doubt it. Never seen a set myself. The Vita hasn't been emulated (vita3k doesn't count). Without a working emulator, I don't think anyone will spend their time cutting clear logos. Cutting clear logos from box covers is a lot of work so I wouldn't expect a set any time soon.
  12. I really really like this theme. I just wish there was a view with cover art and video and info only. There is one that also features a cart/cd. Some systems don't have one (satelaview, steam and so on) so it's just an empty space. It would also be nice to see some star ratings.
  13. In Launchbox you can group all the discs together and set the first disk as your primary choice. That way you only need one clear logo image per game. When you import your roms, check the box that says Combine Roms with matching titles into a single game. If you already imported them, select all the discs, right click and select combine roms. The logo you showed with all the little discs was made for Hyperspin since Hyperspin did not let you combine roms.
  14. This is the answer. However, be aware that Hyperspin lists are not "complete". They give you the complete US rom set plus European exclusives plus Japanese exclusives that have been translated or can be played without needing to know Japanese. It will only contain the same game twice if for example, there are significant differences between the US version and the European/Japanese version. This way you get a complete collection of the games that are playable with no duplicates. There are a few exceptions like the NEC PC-FX where the whole collection is Japanese or systems that did not not make it to the West. Hyperspin lists will also contain homebrews and unreleased games. I personally don't like that but they are easy to remove. I understand you not wanting to rename the files at this point. Emumovies and Hyperspin art are all named after the Hyperspin lists. It's helpful but not worth the trouble at this point. If you want a complete collection with every game ever made in every language and every version, Hyperspin lists will not give you that. Unfortunately, Hyperspin lists are the best thing we have at the moment and given the amount of work people put into them over the years, i would say they are quite reliable. It would be nice if launchbox would implement a database that could be checked against.
  15. Drop it? No way! Rocketlauncher is much more than just bezels and loading screens. As far as I know Launchbox doesn't support iso files or Deamon tools. Rocketlauncher has full support for different control configurations per game (very useful for older systems like the ZX Spectrum and othe rcomputer systems), different window coordinates per game so you can line up up your games perfectly with bezels, especially for old Atari games where games don't fill the screen. Some systems have widescreen and 4:3 games so you can configure bezels for specific games only. You can apply shaders to systems that don't support shaders. Also, I'm not aware of a way to switch discs in Launchbox. This is easily done with Rocketlauncher. I do like the new pause screens in Launchbox but I found that they don't work with most PC games, wile the Rocketlauncher pause screens do work. Also the startup screens for Rockerlauncher look a lot nicer and you can specify how long you want them up on a per system basis. Very useful for systems that take longer to load like the Commodore Amiga.
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