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  1. The "Flip Box" in the details view does not work with this theme. Does anyone know how to fix the issue? It would be nice to be able to flip to the back side of the box.
  2. Do you have a template for these dics that you could share? I'm missing a few and would like to be able to create them to finish off my collection. Currently missing Unholy Night, Super Mario Odyssey, A Link to the Past DX and Super Genjin 2.
  3. That really sucks. I always hear these stories about hard drives dying but I never had that happen to me. I've been slowly backing up all my Launchbox artwork, games and videos not available through emumovies just in case. My question is, will the startup screens be for Lunchbox or Rocketlauncher? Having downloaded all your Rocketlauncher media packs, I always assumed you would stick to that. I'm sure they will come out great. The Retrified theme is by far my favourite and the most complete I've seen.
  4. Are you adding 2D boxes as well? Everyone seems to always focus on 3D covers. If you're not uploading 2D covers, do you think you could post them here in the forums?
  5. Thanks. These are great. A lot of these can be used for the ZX Spectrum as well.
  6. Oh ok. I always get the split set. It's half the size (60GB). What is the advantage of getting the non-merged set? Getting a bit off-topic here.
  7. Mame is only 60GB + 40GB of CHD files. Only a few games require CHD files to run so you don't need to download the full thing. The full thing is for people with actual cabinets that need a complete hard drive image (CHD). However if you want other consoles and systems, you will probably need 15TB to cover everything up to and including the PS2. The PS2 collection alone is 4TB. I have no idea what the complete WII and WIIU collections will take up and the PS3 is now being emulated as well. If you want those you'll need quite a lot more.
  8. Styphelus

    eXoDOS v4

    Is there a way to update and older set? I have version 2.0. I don't want to download 400GB all over again.
  9. Thanks. I saw your other post on how to convert an auto playlist to a manual one. I started doing that for the systems that are complete and won't have any new games added to them. Seem to be helping. Still quite a few more systems to go. This should improve things.
  10. So what's the solution? Should I create playlists manually? Would that make a difference? There must be a workaround. I can't be the only one with this issue. 1.5min is a long time to wait for any program to start up.
  11. Does anyone experience slow loading times with Launchbox or Bigbox? Mine has been taking almost a minute and a half to load. Is this normal? It used to take about 30 seconds until I started adding some playlists. Currently I only have the auto generated playlists for Arcade, Consoles and Computers but I have 76 systems setup so there are quite a few playlists. I'm also using RetroHumanoid's Retrified theme. Why would playlists slowdown the startup by a whole minute? Is there an easy way to remove the playlists temporarily (and re-add them later on) without messing my whole setup? This would be just for testing purposes only.
  12. If I follow the video tutorial, will I be able to use it with Rocketlauncher as well? To get FS-UAE, Launchbox and Rocketlauncher to work together, I had to rename all my WHDLoad amiga files to reflect the actual name of the game and them import them into Launchbox. I had not seen the video tutorial when I did that. If I follow this tutorial, will everything work with Rocketlauncher? Do any additional steps need to be taken?
  13. How do you import them?
  14. When it comes to genres, I'm assuming that you only get the genre background and video border when you set them up as a playlist in the main menu, correct? When you setup genres per system, you only get a playlist of the genres for that particular system. The background and border will be the same as the system you're under. Is that how it's supposed to work or am I doing something wrong? Additionally, are we supposed to use the old RetroHumanoid genre videos with the Retrified theme, or are there plans for something new in the future?
  15. Thanks, I know about no.1 but i was looking for the changes required in the code. I would still like to have view number 2 to show 3d art if I ever want that but for view 3, I'm sure there can be code modification without messing with the box priorities. <!-- 3D BOX --> <Image x:Name="CoverImage" Grid.Column="2" Grid.ColumnSpan="2" Grid.Row="1" Grid.RowSpan="4" Source="{Binding Path=ActiveGame.Box3DImagePath}" Opacity="100" Panel.ZIndex="6" Margin="25,-30,25,30" Stretch="Uniform" VerticalAlignment="Top" HorizontalAlignment="Right" RenderOptions.BitmapScalingMode="HighQuality" > This is the code for the 3D box. What do i replace it with for the 2D box? I'm sure there's something.
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