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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for fixing the wheel as I asked. Would it be possible to add it the same style wheel to wheelgamesview.xaml as well? 

  2. BIGFLIX: A new user experience for your HTPC

    What? I uploaded them for whoever wants them. They are in the downloads section. I saw them being used here and offered to help by providing the PSD files so someone could adjust them to whatever size fits this theme instead of being stuck with images at 1920x1080 and dealing with aspect ratios. The theme creator doesn't want them so fine. Less work for me. I don't use this theme so if they want to create their own images and what not that's up to them. Doesn't bother me one bit.
  3. BIGFLIX: A new user experience for your HTPC

    Nope...don't even use this theme. I was just trying to help since I saw my box covers being used and not fitting properly.
  4. BIGFLIX: A new user experience for your HTPC

    I have PSDs for most of those console boxes if anyone wants to modify them to fit the screen for this theme. Just don't forget to give me credit. On the downside there might be 2 or 3 where I for some reason merged all the layers and saved by mistake but that should be easy to fix.
  5. Game Station

    What happens when you get a system with a horizontal cover like the Super Nintendo or have a widescreen video like Taito Type X?
  6. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    Thanks, That's perfect. You just made my day! Anyway you can do the same for the games view (wheelgamesview.xaml) and game details view but in the games details view only add the tinted glass. The theme already has a blue bar to select the items there (manual, hide, favorites and so on). That would complete it for me.
  7. Best Theme for Bartop/Cabinet

    The themes don't come with any artwork. You have to get desperately either from synching to the Launchbox games db, or getting it from Emumovies or Hyperspin.
  8. Shouldn't be choppy. Try switching you video player in the options menu. See if VLC or WMP works better for you.
  9. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    I have a much simpler question. Would it be possible to add a wheel like in the RetroFresh Theme? Basically add the tinted glass you use for the game descriptions behind the wheel and add the selection blue box to the item in the middle. I tried doing it by adding it to my background images but the blue selection box would also show up in the Games Detail View since it uses the same background image so that was a no, no. What code would I need to change in the files? I made several poor attempts with no luck but I don't know code. I was just copying and pasting porting from one theme to another but that didn't work. Here is a mock up.
  10. Bigbox Actual Spectrum Startup

    Noooo...spent 7 years listening to those sounds back in the 80s. Not again. Nice intro though.
  11. CriticalZone / CriticalZone - BlueBox

    2 question on this theme (my fav theme) 1. Is it possible to add a different background in the game details view for each platform? I'm sure some additional code might be needed. Is it something that's hard to do? 2. Will star ratings be added (with actual stars). It just needs to round the actual ratings up or down to display the right number of stars. It would be nice to see some updates on this theme.
  12. Big Box Cinematix

    You know...it's called soccer in several countries around the world. Canada, USA, South Africa, Japan, Ireland , Australia and New Zealand all call it soccer. Itally calls it Calcio. Calcio for crying out loud and no one complains. Countries like Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia call it Nogomet. It was also called soccer in England for the longest time. It's an abbreviation of it's proper name - association football. It wasn't until the 80's that English TV stated pushing for it be called Football once again. The reason a lot of other countries call it some variation of football is because they couldn't come up with a word for it and just used some variation of english. Back in the day the sport of Football separated and became Rugby Football and Association Football. In the USA, Rugby Football evolved into American Football. Since soccer was commonly used in England to refer to Association Football, they started calling it soccer as well. Blame England for that!
  13. Flat Blue

    This is really nice but are you going to make those round icons for every game? That could become problematic unless you have a way to generate them in bulk.
  14. Styphelus Platform Boxes

    Yeah, they are nice but they all play on the right side of the screen. That's a no no for my OCD. I like things centered. Also used James Baker's and Retro humanoid's videos but I was still missing videos. I don't know how to make videos so this is easy for me to do.