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  1. What is the advantage of converting DC files from GDI to CHD?
  2. That version is terrible. We need a new one.
  3. Do these match the game covers?
  4. Styphelus


    You can move them to the manuals folder and Launchbox will display them in the game details view and pause screen automatically. Alternatively you can edit the patch for each platform to point at the folder where you have them saved. If you use Rocketlauncher with Launchbox, it will also display the manuals in it's pause screen if they are stored in the manuals folder within launchbox. It's really up to you.
  5. I didn't even know there were individual game settings for the Pause screens. Anyway, I tried a few different settings but still no go. In most cases it fails to even come up. It's ok. I'll just keep using the Rocketlauncher Pause menu for the time being since that one works fairly well for 80% of PC games. Thanks for the reply.
  6. The Pause menu doesn't seem to work when playing PC games. Sometimes is starts, sometimes it doesn't and it only seems to work in a very small amount of games. When it does work, it usually freezes and when it doesn't freeze, it returns to Launchbox or the desktop instead of the game. The game will be minimized in the taskbar. I know some PC games like taking over and even the Rocketlauncher Pause menu has some trouble with certain games but I only tested it in games where the Rocketlauncher Pause menu works. The results are the same if I start games directly from Launchbox without using Rocketlauncher so this is not related to using Rocketlauncher. If the Rocketlauncher Pause menu works in all the games I tested, I would assume the Launchbox Pause Menu should work as well but it doesn't. As anyone experienced similar issues?
  7. In addition to manuals in the pause screen, can you also add additional documents (Guides, Maps, Cheat codes and so on)? I'm still using Rocketlauncher for my Pause menus. Aside from a quick demo I saw on youtube, I have no idea what the Launchbox Pause menu can and cannot do. Can it be customized? Does it work for every system including PC games? Maybe a better, more in depth tutorial should be next.
  8. A little back history here - A lot of the clear logos were taken from Hyperspin and Emumovies and were done years ago. Since Hyperspin did not resize artwork like Launchbox does, clear logos had to be made standard at 400x175. Launchbox can take any size file and resize it on the go so no one bothers resizing artwork anymore. The good thing is now you can have clear logos and game covers at much larger resolutions and are future proof. The bad thing is there are no standards anymore so you end up with different sizes in your artwork folders. It only bothers people with OCD like you and me. The size will have no effect on how launchbox displays the artwork. It will not bleed into other parts of the screen.
  9. This is for PC games only from what i can tell. No support for emulation and even if it did I wouldn't go for it. These services come and go anyway. I don't see how this replaces launchbox at all.
  10. Having the same issue. Were you able to find a way around it?
  11. You can. I don't have any music on my setup. I don't even know how the music folders work. Does launchbox play music for each specific game?
  12. Dude...you have no idea what you just did. You will be going down a rabbit hole with no end in sight. This is how it starts. For the next few years your life will revolve around this thing. You will want more games and more systems and better artwork. If you run into problems, don' get frustrated. Just ask and people here will be glad to help.
  13. The front end is what you see and how you pick your games. Think Netflix. Netflix is the front end, The software they use in the background to play movies is the emulator and the movies are your roms. The emulator is the software that actually plays your games and emulates the old arcades. Roms which are the games themselves. So in Lunchbox you organize your whole game collection with artwork and set each system to run a specific emulator. You pick your game and launchbox with start the emulator for the system you picked with the game you picked. Hope that makes it clear. Launchbox is just an organizer for all your games and systems. Now, Retroarch is an emulator and it can emulate several diferent systems (Nintendo, Sega, Atari and so on). Retroarch also has it's own front end but their front end only supports systems Retroarch supports. We use Launchbox instead. Lots of tutorials here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSIht6UXIEXIgz4eXAEShxA/videos
  14. Is there a way to prevent Launchbox from renaming media files? I have my media files all nicely named and organized but every time I edit the name of a game, Launchbox renames all media related to that game and adds a -01. Making my files read only doesn't work either. It's super annoying. I'm hoping there's a setting I haven't seen of if someone here has found a way around it.
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