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My aim is to have the different regions for a platform listed under the platform. I have imported all games for the platform without combining, so each ROM is listed separately. Making auto-playlists for region works. The root folder contains all the roms (including multiple versions for region) and the region folders just contain the roms for that region. See:


The problem is, I don't want the duplication in the root folder, as I want the game counts to be accurate. I therefore tried combining games, and making sure the region field contained all the relevant regions. This works, but there is one problem - the same "version" of the game appears as the default under each region. For example, the North America version will be the default for North America, Japan and Europe.

So my question is - how can I make it so that the correct version appears in each of the auto-populated playlists (whilst still being able to combine the games)?

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