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  1. Nice. But why are they so small?
  2. Nice, don't think I've seen this set before. Which romset and region, and how many games?
  3. Cart itself looks hi res but the artwork on the art low res?
  4. Thanks a lot, these look great! Only thing I might change is the colours round the edges - weren't the original boxes black?
  5. Excellent set @ABeezy13 😎 Love the 2.5D. I really like the 3D boxes but when going through a collection of them it can look a bit cluttered; 2.5D is cleaner and a nice compromise. I'm currently trying to clean up some of my media too. Ran the LB media cleaning feature yesterday and it moved a whole bunch of files; hopefully the right ones!
  6. Tried this - the cover images it creates are tiny - the text on the front is barely legible. If I change the "image width" option in the app then the .jpg I get is just a black box. Any ideas?
  7. Keen for a "does not contain" rule also.
  8. Sorry, what do you mean by consolidate the roms? Launchbox has a feature to auto-create region playlists so that shouldn't mess anything up, no?
  9. That must be a bastard to dust!
  10. Is there any benefit doing it this way over having just the one platform, with the regions separated as playlists?
  11. Retrolust - Orionsangel has been using the HSM screen bezel with his bezels with great effect. Would definitely be worth considering the HSM with yours. Really adds to the realism. And Merry Xmas all!
  12. Great to see this work progressing. How many packs have been released so far?
  13. The reason I used BitDefender is because it came out top in a number of reviews, but happy to look at alternatives lol. Launchbox won't load despite BitDefender being disabled - can I just download the latest Beta from the site and extract to my existing directory; will that keep all my files and settings?
  14. Odd, BitDefender blocks the latest beta as ransomware. I disabled Bitdefender but Launchbox won't load - perhaps it didn't like being interrupted during the install process.
  15. Yep, admin rights for Dolphin is what it was, thanks!
  16. Dolphin games don't seem to launch through Launchbox now - though they do if launched via Dolphin itself. When attempting to launch via Launchbox, I get the following error message: "An error occurred while trying to launch the game: The requested operation requires elevation." Also, +1 for showing alternate games in the details panel.
  17. Look pretty good to me. Only advice would be to make the boxes look a bit less "busy" and also perhaps to have some consistency between systems in terms of the design.
  18. Keep 'em coming! How long does it take you to do one of these?
  19. Looks good! Would be nice if it showed the actual console rather than the NES each time.
  20. @C-Beats Yeah, I was referring to the game release date, as displayed in the game details pane and the edit game window - see attached screenshots. It's displaying as MM-DD-YYYY whereas the date for my location should be displayed as DD-MM-YYYY. As mentioned above, I'm pretty sure that the date was displayed the correct way prior to the update to the edit game window. I've also attached a screenshot showing the system date as DD-MM-YYYY.
  21. The dates may have been in US format in the database, but Launchbox had definitely shown them in DD-MM-YYYY format for me before the change to the edit window (I have been going through a big list of games to edit so I noticed the change immediately). Odd regarding your experience since you're in the UK also. I had assumed that Launchbox had previously simply taken the system settings for date display and applied it to the game edit window. This would seem to be the sensible option either way and can hopefully be taken forward. Hopefully one of the devs can comment. Edit: screenshot
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