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I have MAME setup and have really not had to configure any controls so far. For the most part the universal defaults work fine with my 360 controller. The only thing I’ve mapped was the d-pad because trying to play Street Fighter was a bit of a challenge on the analogue stick. The one thing that I’ve not figured out is the light gun games. I’ve watched a few tutorial on using the mouse for light gun games but I can’t for the life of me get it to work. At present I can use the keyboard and the analogue stick to control the targets on the light gun games but it’s very difficult and less accurate than using a mouse.

The tutorial below is one that I tried

The only problem is that when I go to those inputs and press enter and move up and down and left and right MAME doesn’t register anything. I’m using a laptop and both the touch pad and a usb mouse fail to register and they both work fine out of MAME. I’m no expert on MAME but as default it seems some of these things are already mapped as default but don’t work. I should also point out that while in the input menu and trying to configure the mouse there is a little brown pointer which does move but as I said before it just doesn’t register the movement and so I’ve no idea what the issue is.

I have a vague recollections that I can delete the MAME.ini if I mess up the controls to much and can use the command prompt to create another, if you guys know what I’m talking about do you know what I have to type.

So to sum up

Running Win 10

Using one Xbox 360 controller

mame  0.201 set

Hope you can see what I might be doing wrong?


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