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  1. I’ve got a number of mame games Within one of my arcade categories that don’t launch in BigBox or Launchbox. When I right click the game within LB I see there are a number of versions from North America, Asia, and Japan. When I select the game in BB it appears that it is loading one of the North American games. All of the American versions in LB and BB don’t load. I wondered if there was a way to tell BB to load a certain a version of a game within a mame archive? I thought I could unrar the particular archive and remove the non working games but thought that would break things so decide
  2. Thank you for all the help!! I'm pleased to say everything is up and running and I couldn't be happier.
  3. Merry Christmas Zombeaver!! I had a few questions if you would be kind enough to answer them. So from your video you mention that you don't or didn't at the time use save states, instead just use in game saves. If I add the lines you gave me earlier relative_temp_feature = 1 unsafe_save_states = 1 This enables save states corect? Do I also get the option to use ingame saves as well? I ask because years ago with these systems you would bring up the save game menu and save your position if memory serves. Now I'm just getting to the point in your video where you ar
  4. I figured that might be the case!! Thanks for the reply
  5. Hi Zombeaver I'm just working through your tutorial and wondered if there is a way to find out which imported games don't have configs. I can only see that going one by one through my miriad of games is the only way. I wonder how the database has changed since you did your guide? Could it be that the games all have configs now?
  6. I’m trying to move two games from a platform SNK Neo Geo AES to the auto generated playlist of SNK Neo Geo MVS, which was populated during my MAME import. I right click the game, go to add to playlist and SNK Neo Geo MVS. It says the game has been added but does not show up in the list. I can move the games to Arcade platform but not to the playlist. I it possible I’m missing something?
  7. It’s strange that it’s not working and like I said before I’ve had a similar problem with Launchbox not opening and that was resolved by going back to an earlier version and then up dating. I’m not sure if there are basic requirements to run LB if so check that your system is up to scratch, Jason or the other mods can help you with that. I can only suggest what I’d do if all the other suggestions are not working and that is do a clean install of windows. You have already said you have another drive, so install windows to that drive and get all the up to date drivers for your mot
  8. Nice work! I’d forgotten how may classic games there were in this era. Better start playing, although there’s far to much editing and rearranging of my setup to do to play games 😀😀
  9. Mrx92, Did you get Launchbox up and running?
  10. Thank you sir, I’m now sorted Thank you for the help and useful tips, most appreciated
  11. Retro808 to the rescue!! Troubleshooting not my best forte 😀
  12. Ctr-Alt-Delete and check if an instance of LB is still running which maybe preventing it from loading up
  13. Download the program again from the download section here and make sure you get 9.1
  14. Do you have another PC/Laptop you can try Launchbox on?
  15. Otavio what’s your first language?
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