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Demul 0.7 crash ONLY when running naomi games with ati card


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Hello all

i have an I3 cpu, with 4 gb ram and an ati radeon 7870 hd card with 4gb memory. using latest demul i can run atomiswave,gaelco and hikari games with no issues basically. but as soon as i start ANY naomi game, the emulator will crash, and the entire pc will stay frozen, I can only use the pc reset button or turn off the main plug.

with older demul versions, (pre 2015 at least) naomi games runs fine


I thought it was somethign related to the paths\settings of launchbix, though I highly doubted it because all my roms are in distinct folder, and all demul roms are in one folder. and again, by setting the path with previous versions of demul, everthing runs fine.


I then decided to run the emu by itselfm standalone on its folder, with no launchbox..same issue :\


i know this is not a demu only related boards, but i  seriously can't get to solve this, i posted this issue in other boardsm forums, chats etc and nobody can help me :\

Any help?

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8 hours ago, twobucks said:

Which version of demul are u running? 180428 is latest version.

How recent are your video card drivers?

What OS?

I am currently running all demul naomi roms using an ati card (rx 550) with no issues on windows 10.

1) yep I am using latest version. In fact only in very very old (2013 and the likes) versions naomi games works with this video card

2) tried most recent ones, same issue, some people in forums suggested to revert to old ones, 2015-ish era,did that too, same issue

3)Windows 10 x64

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Ok sounds like you have gone through a lot of troubleshooting already. If I was in the same situation I would download a clean copy of the emulator. Setup the emulator in a new folder leave all the options on default and set your Rom location (point to your Roms folder that also have needed bios). Don't copy any config files from any other versions to demul. Then just run a naomi rom from demul and see if it starts without crashing. If it does crash, what rom set are you using?

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