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I figured we needed a thread for posting user created overlays, like the one over at Libretro Forums. I hope the LB community can use this thread to show off their new overlays!


For newcomers; Retroarch allows you to overlay the emulated video output with an image. This is useful if you want to maintain the original aspect ratio of the game's original design. The most beneficial result would be filling the fugly bars on either side of the image with something nice and visually pleasing (nostalgic).

temp.thumb.png.8d5bdbd3955b968616c83204f032ac74.png@orionsangel has an excellent tutorial for setting up custom overlays in Retroarch:


*****Notes for Posting & Usage*****


*Please try to list the rendering resolution of the core/emulator, along with the aspect ratio of your overlay.


*As a courtesy, please get permission and/or give credit to the original content creators if you re-post, or re-upload elsewhere on the www.

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Here are some of the overlays I've recently finished:


Castlevania II: Simon's Quest (NES) 

Core - FCEUM

Core Aspect Ratio - provided 


Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1)

Core - Mednafen PSX (software)

Core Aspect Ratio - provided



Breath of Fire II (SNES)

Core - BSNES Mercury Accuracy 

Core Aspect Ratio -  provided



Tetris (NES)

Core - FCEUM

Core Aspect Ratio - provided



Nintendo GameBoy (platform)



Nintendo GameBoy Color (platform)



Thanks for letting me Share!

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Here are my older overlays from this post¬†‚ě°ÔłŹ¬†


Final Fantasy VI

TLOZ Link to the Past

Breath of Fire

Secret of Mana

Super Mario World

Super Metroid

Street Fighter II




For convenience, I've bundled them all. I'll update the package as I finish new ones.


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On 11/6/2018 at 12:34 PM, Orionsangel said:

I've since updated my tutorials


Thanks for the update. Great videos, keep up the good work! 

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