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  1. I resolved my SMB/NETBIOS issue. Everything is working great using the last 1.5.6 on my SMB share. For anyone else having issues, the solution was not only making sure SMB 1 support was enabled on the share, but enabling SMB 1 support in windows 10. I'm using Kodi 18 BTW. Thanks for all your help @CoinTos !!
  2. It does not.... Kodi only supports SMB v.1, and my share is SMB 3, which means Kodi will never see the NetBios name of my server, So I have to manually create a path using the local server IP within Kodi. My source location looks like this: This has worked fine to access my media. Do you think this might have something to do with the addon issue? The issue may be with Kodi and its SMB support, and not your addon. I have been reluctant to enable SMB 1 support on my share because its deprecated, but if you think it may help, I am willing to give it a shot and report back...?
  3. Ok, the results of this- and this- ...were successful. Launched from Y, and Kodi successfully.
  4. So, in this mapping: C:\<drive>:\<launchbox folder>\BigBox.exe "C:\" is actually the drive letter I've mapped my drive to, correct? So the path in the addon would be; <mapped drive letter>:\<launchbox folder>\ Also, I've never had to point to the Bigbox executable, in fact it's never appeared when I put in the path within the addon. Is this something I should be seeing?
  5. Here is the log: LaunchBoxLauncher Log --------------------- 20190613185215 - INFO: Starting LaunchBox Launcher Autohotkey script revision 034. 20190613185215 - INFO: Detecting Kodi information. 20190613185215 - INFO: Detected Kodi running at "C:\Program Files\Kodi\kodi.exe". 20190613185215 - INFO: File License.xml found in LaunchBox "Z:\LAUNCHBOX". 20190613185215 - INFO: Starting all BigBox procedures. 20190613185215 - INFO: BigBox.exe is running. 20190613185223 - ERROR: BigBox.exe is gone. Aborting. 20190613185223 - INFO: All BigBox procedures completed. 20190613185224 - INFO: Kodi is now active. 20190613185224 - INFO: Making sure BigBox is now closed...Done. 20190613185229 - INFO: Removing Mapped Drive Z:. 20190613185229 - INFO: Exiting LaunchBox Launcher Autohotkey script. It looks like its closing cleanly. The issue persists though. Why is BigBox closing on its own? I thought it might be a UAC thing, so I ran both BigBox and Kodi as admin, made no difference. When I have the the launchbox path mapped to a drive it will launch successfully with the older addon....hmm 🤔 I'll keep troubleshooting it, if you have any more suggestions let me know...
  6. I was able to give this a shot. It appears BigBox opens momentarily than closes, no sign of 7zip..
  7. OK, will do. I'm out of town tonight for work, but I'll definately check on this tomorrow. Thanks for your help!
  8. Hmm... no good still. Looks like Kodi closes, the AHK script and black screen launch, than nothing. It doesn't time out, it just doesn't launch BigBox... Log: LaunchBoxLauncher Log --------------------- 20190611064631 - INFO: Starting LaunchBox Launcher Autohotkey script revision 033. 20190611064631 - INFO: Detecting Kodi information. 20190611064631 - INFO: Detected Kodi running at "C:\Program Files\Kodi\kodi.exe". 20190611064631 - INFO: File License.xml found in LaunchBox "X:\LAUNCHBOX". 20190611064631 - INFO: Starting all BigBox procedures. 20190611064632 - INFO: Minimizing or exiting Kodi...Done.
  9. I'm really liking the new views and how quick it is! So good, thanks!
  10. Here is the output of the log file: LaunchBoxLauncher Log --------------------- 20190610070438 - INFO: Starting LaunchBox Launcher Autohotkey script revision 032. 20190610070438 - INFO: Detecting Kodi information. 20190610070438 - INFO: Detected Kodi running at "C:\Program Files\Kodi\kodi.exe". 20190610070438 - INFO: File License.xml found in LaunchBox "Y:". 20190610070438 - INFO: Starting all BigBox procedures. 20190610070538 - ERROR: Failed to detect BigBox in 60 seconds. Aborting. 20190610070538 - INFO: All BigBox procedures completed. 20190610070539 - INFO: Kodi is now active. 20190610070539 - INFO: Making sure BigBox is now closed...Done. 20190610070544 - INFO: Removing Mapped Drive Y:. 20190610070544 - INFO: Exiting LaunchBox Launcher Autohotkey script. Here is a picture of my mapping in kodi: The connection type is hardline
  11. Just tested this, it no-longer throws an error with the SMB path. But it doesn't launch bigbox either, I get a black screen until it times out and returns to Kodi. Should I be entering my share credentials somewhere in the script, or is that not necessary if my windows user already has access?
  12. Don't lose any sleep over it. All of us kodi users super appreciate the pro Bono work you have put in here! Mapping the share to a drive works fine(ish)... Windows is unreliable at reconnecting to the network share after a reboot or resuming from a sleep state. Out of curiosity, has anyone here found a way to automate re-mapping of a network drive, or an app that will check and maintain it? 🤔
  13. I'm on windows 10, kodi 18. The addon throws an error; it can't find my Bigbox.exe on my smb share (network directory). If I put launchbox in a local directory, I have no problems. Any idea why it can't find the executable on a network path?
  14. Very cool! You even have a Division 2 cover in there! 🧙‍♂️
  15. Just wanted to say thanks @CoinTos for your work on this!
  16. Those video files were beastly! Thanks for slimming them down. Is VLC the preferred big ox media player now?
  17. I don't see the Plugin version listed in the downloads, was that removed? Is there any way to get the background videos to rotate randomly?
  18. Yes, I'll PM you tomorrow
  19. Cool, it looks great. Looks like I have a new project 🙄
  20. How do you get the nice 1:1 title image tiles you use in the image previews? Did you crop these yourself?
  21. Not necessarily. The pause functionality could be added, than the actual keys required by the emulator could be a separate input section of that platforms details in Launchbox. That way the responsibility to enter the correct state and save keys is on the user, if they want that functionality.
  22. Ah, this makes sense. Thanks for the explanation! So the pause menu would not be part of an overlay, but a separate UI element that could be "switched" (alt-tabbed) to on a button press?
  23. I've used RocketLauncher for a long time and can attest any performance degradation brought by the overly is negligible and not noticeable (IMO). Between NVIDIAs' shadowplay, steams' BPM, & Origins' In-game overlay, chances are you have been playing pc games in non-exclusive full screen mode. As @Lordmonkus stated on the first page: Here is my custom fade screen with loading animation and RocketLauncher pause screen features as they are:
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