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Nate's Overlays

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A compressed package of all the 16:9 bezel overlays I've made.

I will continue to update this package and add new overlays as I finish them. ?


Currently this pack includes overlays for the following games:

Breath of Fire - SNES

Breath of Fire II - SNES

Castlevania - NES

Castlevania II Simon's Quest - NES

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - PSX

Final Fantasy VI - SNES

Nintendo GameBoy - Platform

Nintendo GameBoy Color - Platform

Nintendo GameBoy Advance - Platform

The Secret of Mana - SNES

Super Mario World - SNES (3 Color Variants

Super Metroid - SNES (2 Color Variants)

Super Street Fighter - SNES

Tetris - Nintendo GameBoy

Tetris - NES

The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past - SNES




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Hi Nate

Over the past few years of emulation I’ve come across quite a few overlay packs, but I always come back to yours. You should be proud of your work, it is really excellent. 

Is this the most up to date collection of your bezels?


Also do you take commissions? I recently discovered a fan-translated version of Tetris: Battle Gaiden (finally!) and it needs a bezel. 

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