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Easy Multiple Monitor Configuration switching [Solved]


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My arcade cab has its' 22" monitor plugged into the DVI port and a 60" TV plugged into the HDMI port.  I found myself sometimes just wanting to play on the cab and other times on the 'big screen'.  The problem I had was when playing on the cab while someone was watching [regular] TV, the cab (Windows 10 PC) would see multiple displays and "extended these displays".  Though it was merely a minor irritant, I just had to figure something out to simplify switching between settings.

The solution (I found at least) was using an Open Source program and creating a batch file. The program is:

Monitor Profile Switcher (MPF)
"Save and easily switch between Windows multi monitor configurations"

Through the programs GUI (MonitorSwitcherGUI.exe), it saves an xml of your current display settings.  So what I did was adjust my display settings for a single monitor and in MPF, saved profile as CabOnly.  Then adjusted the display settings for "Extend these displays" (set main display etc..) and in MPF, saved profile as CabAndTv.

I then created a batch file that uses the command line program (MonitorSwitcher.exe) to switch between the 2 profiles when executed. 

@echo off
if not exist "1.txt" goto :switch else goto :quit
MonitorSwitcher.exe -load:CabOnly.xml
del 1.txt /q
MonitorSwitcher.exe -load:CabAndTv.xml
echo "Monitor Settings Switched!" > 1.txt

The batch file creates/deletes a 'place holder' file (1.txt) so that it "knows" which profile it's in and thus switches to the other profile.

Caveat:  The MPF GUI saves the xml files to your 


directoy.  So for ease, you'll want to copy them to your MPF directory. (Create the batch file in there as well).  Send a shortcut of the batch file to your desktop and just double-click when you want to switch display profiles.

This can also be useful inside BigBox if you have a stubborn game that will only show on the "Main Display" and the TV is set to the 'extended display'.  Ok, I've only come across one like that: Lego Star Wars - The Complete Saga.  Created a MPF profile TvMainDisplay and in LaunchBox, Edit Game, Additional Apps. added Run before Main Application and Run After, respectively.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a solution to 'a personal problem'. :)

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