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  1. That, or edit the individual games and just type in the 'short name' [only]. Regardless, glad it's working now!!
  2. @WraithTDK Since you can get it to run from the command prompt, that's good! Getting it to run in LaunchBox depends on how you point the ROM File to in the Launching 'tab'. If your pointing directly to the chd file, you need the full path: (LB is using a Relative path [ ..\ ] in the image) And then you need to have your MAME emulator use quotes and the full path: (no boxes checked) If you prefer to use MAME's 'short name', in LB you need only to put that in: (Alternatively you can create a .txt or .zip file (doesn't matter the file e
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I've uploaded v1.0.1 that should resolve that issue. [I think] you should be able to just Unblock the zip and then copy/overwrite the 2 existing files in ../Plugins/RetroAchBadge/ Please let me know if it's still causing problems.
  4. Here I am 2 years later... went to pause a game and this doesn't seem to be working anymore. The Pause Theme works fine. It's just the 'Device' image isn't showing anymore. I double checked that the image is still there, and it is. With LB running, I also checked in the ../Core/Images/Platforms/ [platform] /Device/ (linked/shortcut) folder, and it's 'there' too. I then made a copy of the ../PauseThemes/Default/ folder, edited Default.xaml and changed the Source on one of the <Image> lines as noted above. Still no joy. Did by chance something change with: ? Source="
  5. @mgtroyas I've posted an update on the plugins main download page to (hopefully) fix the list sorting and (for sure) the popup message(s). Please let me if the "Select a Computer/Console to Import" list still isn't sorting correctly for you. As always, to you and everyone else, thank you for your feedback and suggestions!
  6. Thanks!! Ya, this has definitely been looked into. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to exist any filters nor categories for softlists like there are for Arcade Machines. But if you do happen to come across something like this for softlsits, please let me know. And you right, it would round out the plugin quite nicely.
  7. That message box was put there for testing purposes and never got removed. Click OK (Aceptar) and the process will finish. (I'll fix that too.😊) For what it's worth, that message is saying you're updating that particular softlist (FM-7) and MAME has renamed an existing games' Title. Same rom file_name.zip, revised Title.
  8. Thank you so much for the kind words!! The odd thing about this request is that I've never seen the list NOT be sorted. Guess I just got lucky. I will get that resolved for the next update. Ya, definitely out of my hands. If you haven't already, try using the 2nd option when Downloading. Selecting this won't replace the games Title. Then as far as which game ID it associates to, I've no idea how close the Title has to match to the database to get selected.
  9. If those are the commands you want to send when MAME starts (4:3) and when MAME exits (16:9), In the Running AutoHotkey tab of your MAME emulator, put: Run, SerialSend.exe /baudrate 9600 /devnum 5 \"M3x1\" $esc:: { Run, SerialSend.exe /baudrate 9600 /devnum 5 \"E\" WinClose, ahk_exe mame.exe } The \ (slash) in front of the quotes are needed to make them literal. If SerialSend.exe is not in your PATH and you need to point directly to the file location, put that full path in quotes. i.e. Run, "F:\My\Extra Programs\SerialSend.exe" /baudrate 9600 /devnum 5 \"M3x1\" Do tha
  10. The only way to do that (both Free and Premium versions) is to start LaunchBox/BigBox using a batch file (or other similar script type language). Something like: start "" "F:\MyProgram Folder\MyProgram.exe" start /w "" "D:\LaunchBox\LaunchBox.exe" taskkill /F /IM MyProgram.exe The line beginning with "start /w" will start LaunchBox (or you can change it to BigBox.exe) and WAIT ("/w") for it to exit before executing the next command. In this case, exit the program you started on the 1st line.
  11. You can try getting medieval on joytokey and instead of WinClose, use: Process, Close, joytotkey.exe It's not a desirable way to do it as it uses a 'brute force' approach to KILL the application. Kind of like pressing and holding the power button on your PC to shut down Windows.
  12. Add an Escape hotkey to the Running AutoHotkey Script and have it close the emulator and joytokey. ;================================== ; Running AutoHotkey Script ;================================== run, joytokey.exe $esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe joytokey.exe WinClose, ahk_exe myEmulator.exe }
  13. You might be able to start that 'pre app' in the Running AutoHotkey Script tab for the emulator. I mean, you can. But I'm not sure if it'll kick off "before" the emulator starts. Or if they'll launch simultaneously. So if the pre app has to be fully running before the emulator starts, I guess you have a 50/50 chance with this. But again, I'm not sure exactly the order they load. If the pre app loads fast, you should be good.
  14. Not sure the key press is possible in a batch file, but since you're asking in the AutoHotkey thread, how about an AHK script instead? SetTimer, Quit, % 14520000 ; (4hr * 60min * 60sec * 1000) + 2min = 14,520,000 = 4 hours + the 2 minute wait Sleep, 120000 ; 2min * 60sec * 1000 Loop { Send, {Down} Sleep, 17000 ; 17sec * 1000 } Quit: ExitApp Though I suppose you could create a batch file that launches the AHK script.
  15. Yup. More than likely. LaunchBox starts the 'game' (in your case the batch file) and executes the Running AutoHotkey Script. Once the 'game' exits, LB closes/exits the script. In this case, the batch file starts the game and then Exits itself. LB see the 'game' [batch file] exit, and bam! No more running script. One option (and probably the easiest to implement): To keep your batch file "alive", add in a /w on the start line. start /w "" myGame.exe This will wait for "myGame" to exit before 'exiting' (or continuing any subsequent commands in) the batch file.
  16. I doubt it. An executable file (.exe), by any other name is still an executable file. Unless the exe spawns another program. You stated that your script worked outside of LaunchBox, so we know "WinClose, \serve.exe" is a good command (provided you use "SetTtitleMatchMode, 2"). So it could spawn another exe, but \serve.exe happens to be in the windows title. No. I think the issue is that your original script waits for RetroArch to close, then tries to close serve.exe. (hear me out....) If the script is in the Running AutoHotkey Script section for the emulator (which is where
  17. "Automatically Run After Main Application" A.K.A. 'run after the game exits.' The "Wait for Exit" (only available with "...Run Before...") waits for your Additional App to exit Before starting the Main Application. This is useful if say you have a batch file that moves/renames configuration files for the specific game. You want that to completely finish before launching the game. The issue that can arise with "Run After" is if your Main Application 'spawns' another program that is the actual game. A simple example would be: your main app is a batch file ["runMyGame.bat"]. And i
  18. I don't know how to use dat files in conjunction with the Full Set Importer. You could create one though at Arcade Database and filter only for Arcade. You can also filter for Emulations Status: All, Working Only, Working and Imperfect... and all sorts of other good stuff. The DAT file output is formatted for CrlMAMEPro (if that matters) and you can specify which MAME release/version you need it for.
  19. Since LaunchBox gets the 'list' of roms from your copy/version of MAME (mame.exe -listfull), you could try using an Arcade Only version of MAME. I don't know if you can find one that's already compiled for the release you're currently using. But you could always compile your own. make SUBTARGET=arcade
  20. Since you have a curated set of roms, you should be able to do the Full Set import (for a proper Import) and then Scan for Removes ROMs. And that'll take out the 'blanks slots' (the entries that got imported, but are not in your particular romset). But if the unplayable games you're wanting are in not your romset, then.... never mind.
  21. From the other post I linked... - In the ‘../MAME/cfg’ folder, copy “default.cfg” and paste it into the ‘../MAME/ctrlr/’ folder. From here you can rename it to something like “MyControls.cfg”. It probably have said "... you should rename it..". Which I assume is what you did. Renamed it to "zerodelay_x2" because that's what your mame.ini is looking for. (I'm guessing you mistyped when you just now wrote "zerodelay_cfg" [vs "zerodelay_x2"?]). Whichever it is, make sure it's name is the same as what's in your mame.ini. So it's now copied into the ctrlr folder, is properly r
  22. Just fix those 2 lines in whatever file you're loading your controllers with. According to the verbose out you showed in 'dmList.txt', you're using "zerodelay_x2.cfg" to load your controllers. So change them in there. I'm guessing in your mame.ini file, you have listed under # CORE INPUT OPTIONS... "ctrlr zerodelay_x2". If you have that in there AND you're trying to make changes to default.cfg, you're you're going to have a real tough time troubleshooting.
  23. @darrenmarchand It looks like it loaded your 2 Generic USB Joystick's like it was supposed to. (note: "joycode #0" shown here is your "JOYCODE_1". "joycode #1" is your "JOYCODE_2") Looking again at your zerodelay_x2.cfg file, I think you need to revise the lines for Kinmotek and XInput. For those 2, remove the stuff before (and including) "Device id: " after: Moral of the story, put in the devices ID info, but not "Device id: ".
  24. @darrenmarchand May I see what your verbose output looks like (with at least your 4 main controllers plugged in and on.. if not everything, including wheel etc.)? Open Windows Command Prompt and navigate to your MAME main folder. At the prompt, type mame.exe -v >dmList.txt (change mame.exe to mame64.exe if needed) After the MAME main window gets fully loaded, Exit MAME. (don't be tempted to play games. ) Drag and drop the new "dmList.txt" file that it created into your reply here.
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