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  1. He's referring to the Game Startup Screen for the emulator itself.
  2. The alt tab might 'work itself out'. As in there isn't anything weird about FP that you need to change a setting or anything. Though I haven't really played it in a while. Give it some time then post back if it's still an issue. The fpl files are to be placed in the ../Future Pinball/Libraries folder. And then you still just launch the Table with the [regular] fpt file.
  3. In BigBox, go to Options, Game Details and check/un-check what you want to see/not want to see.
  4. I think you need to set up the keyboard/controllers in BigBox separately. [in BigBox] Options, Keyboard Mappings. and Keyboard Automation. Or if you have your IPac-4 set to XInput, then you probably need to look at Options, Controllers. and Options, Controller Mappings.
  5. Sounds like the table doesn't have 'focus'. For troubleshooting.. (as good as place to start as any) when the game loads and none of the buttons do anything (i.e. coin and start), try pressing Alt+tab to set the 'window' in focus..
  6. I just looked at the tutorial posted above about "Mame BGFX Shaders" and from there followed the link to MAMEDev's "BGFX Effects" and your right, both in the tutorial and in the MAMEDev link, they are pretty clear that you can't save changes on-the-fly. But the good thing is that you can 'save settings' (create files) for game specific ini files. Or if you have something specific to a bios set (say neogeo) you can create an ini file for it (neogeo.ini). Which will save a lot of time over creating ones for each game in the set.
  7. In you arcade.ini file, do you have "writeconfig" set to "1"?
  8. I can think of 2... Right click on the "Arcade" Platform (Left panel in LaunchBox) and click delete. 1st popup asks 'you sure..?'. Yes. 2nd one will ask if you want to delete all the media too. No. That way the images you've already downloaded will still be there. Then you Tools, Import, MAME Arcade Full Set... when you get to the media import part, select "None". But do leave the "Search for game information...." box checked. Also check the filter boxes (this time ) to not import ("Skip") 'casino games' and the sort, accordingly. The 2nd is similar but instead of deleting the Platform, click one of the games, then press Ctrl+A (select all) the hit delete. Then click yes. Your Media (images, videos..) will remain. Then the Tools, Import.... This one (actually) is probably the better of the 2. At some point [later] you can go to Tools, Clean up Media and that will scan and remove your old poker games images that are no longer needed.
  9. If you're downloading a FULL set (vs an "update pack") of 0.227 (A) you won't need to follow that tutorial to update (B) that tutorial wouldn't work for you anyway (For the tutorial, you'd need only the 'update packs', and then one for each version [0.221 to 0.222, 0.222 to 0.223, 0.223 to 0.224..... etc.]. Quick and dirty Where your 0.221 roms are currently stored, delete those and then put your (new) 0.227 roms in that same folder. Download MAME's 0.227 emulator from MAMEDev and place the files into where you currently have your 0.221 emulator, overwriting any existing files. Any configurations you had done to MAME will be saved. Sometimes (not super often) MAME will delete certain roms. Occasionally rename roms. And of course, always adding. So your existing LaunchBox Arcade Platform (via 0.221) should be pretty good (with the 0.227 roms). Less added games and the possible deleted games. Renamed roms (for the most part) shouldn't be an issue. As with your discovery regarding rom sets need to match the emulator version, getting MAME to work outside of LaunchBox BEFORE attempting to troubleshoot MAME from within LaunchBox is a must. (nothing personal, just something that needs to be noted)
  10. What does your Negatron.ini file look like? Is it using NegaMAME or regular MAME?
  11. Is there a 'general' option (checkbox) to do this (a sort of 'bulk' checkbox) or is it needing to be done per Playlist?Or this this even what you were referring to?
  12. I don't know what a x360 gamepad is. I assume it's an Xbox 360 Controller clone. Regardless, your Xbox One controller uses Xinput which (I'm fairly certain) is what AHK is looking for. If whatever controller you're trying to test with is Dinput, that's probably why no message box pops up. I have seen it where Windows will rearrange the order your controllers are in when there's more than one hooked up. Or for some arbitrary reason make your controller NOT 1Joy. Try a 'catch-all' script and see if anything happens. (May want to press ALL the buttons [on just one controller], just in case. ) 1Joy1:: MsgBox Controller 1 - Button "A" 2Joy1:: MsgBox Controller 2 - Button "A" 3Joy1:: MsgBox Controller 3 - Button "A" 4Joy1:: MsgBox Controller 4 - Button "A" You can also press {Win}+R and then type in "joy.cpl" and press Enter. Then you can see what Windows thinks is connected. I don't think you can have AHK "press" a controller button. (i.e. Send, 2Joy6)
  13. Woot! Woot!. Very Nice. Glad it worked. All the 'other buttons' are numbered. A 1 B 2 X 3 Y 4 LB (shoulder) 5 RB (shoulder) 6 Start 7 Back 8 Ljoy Click 9 Rjoy Click 10 (This is general. They may vary between emulators/applications.) So "A" is Joy1. "B" is Joy2".... Player 1 "A" is 1Joy1. Player 2 "A" is 2Joy1. There is someway to catch the (2) Z-Triggers and the (2) Joy-Sticks [movement], but I've no idea where I placed those notes. And they weren't vk #'s. Also, it might have been in C# I was messing with those. Anyway, 10 'buttons' (11 including "Guide") plus an infinite amount of 2 (or even 3 or more) button combinations should get you what you need.
  14. How about mapping your Guide Button? #IfWinActive ahk_exe GTA5.exe $vk07:: Send, {F5} Return This'll work for the XBox 360 controller. Not sure if it's the same for the XBox One. I've also seen "vk07sc000". That may be for the 'One' (or it's old information). If you have other "#IfWinActive" statements, you can 'daisy-chain' them. ...at the end of your script 1Joy1:: MsgBox, You pressed "A" Return #IfWinActive ahk_exe GTA5.exe $vk07:: Send, {F5} Return #IfWinActive ahk_exe notepad.exe $vk07:: Send, This is a test. Return Also, since these hotkeys are only doing 1 thing, "Return" is not required, as it is implied. (Placed in the example by habit [and probably 'safe practice'] If you use the same 'button' for different things, in different [WinActive] programs (like in the example) you could write it like so 1Joy1:: MsgBox, You pressed "A" Return $vk07:: #IfWinActive ahk_exe GTA5.exe Send, {F5} #IfWinActive ahk_exe notepad.exe Send, This is a test. ...at the END of your script.
  15. Sorry to be difficult...
  16. #IfWinActive ahk_exe GTA5.exe 1Joy1:: if GetKeyState("1Joy6") { Send, {F5} Return } ;Send, {1Joy1} ;Return This assumes RB = Joy6 (opposite of how you wrote it ) . You will need to press (hold) Joy6 first, then Joy1 for it to work. Notes and Caveats: If the controller works like keyboard (letter) presses, you'll need to uncomment the last 2 lines**. Otherwise 1Joy1 (A-button) won't do anything. (let me know what you find please ) Hopefully you won't have to, because **I don't think you can actually "Send" a Joy_button-press. 🤔 The #IfWinActive I'm pretty sure will effect EVERY hotkey assigned after it. So put it at the end of your 'Always-On' script.
  17. Ya, I kinda did a copy/paste of the Table name from this thread and the 1st-ish hit was the DOFLinx version. I wasn't sure what it was (actually I assumed it had something to do with DMD's or the sort 😊) but the description said it could run in desktop mode. So I went with it. Anyway... it was Terry's version of SlamT1lt's table (v1.03) [VPUniverse]. I did end up today going to his site and got v1.05. I then did a complete reinstall (again, lol) following Terry's Mega Guide. I think the last time I installed and messed w/FP was at least a year ago. lol BAM's 2-in-1 installer Installed "latest BAM version" (seems redundant. dunno. Just read it in his thread and assumed it would work and didn't think twice about it.) Installed (copied in) "his" default config files for desktop (vs pincab config files) Installed his pre-config'd table config files Renamed the ST config file to match the fpt file Then played me some Star Trek Ultimate.
  18. I suppose you could place that under the Associated Platforms tab/section. My thought was that since (at least for me) FPLoader.exe is only used for Future Pinball [Platform], it's just as well placed on the Details tab for the emulator. (same effect) Excellent point! Which makes having the compiled AHK script a good idea.
  19. Ya, didn't think it would. Sorry about that. This one (for me) does. [recently tested and JoeViking approved ] Setup your emulator like so... Pointing the the ../BAM/FPLoader.exe and then the Default Command-Line Parameters: /open %romfile% /play /exit Then of course, for the "rom" file, point to the tables' .ftp file. And NO Custom Command Line Parameter for the game(s) itself. Just the one for the emulator (shown above). So for your Edit Game, uncheck the Use Custom Command Line Parameters in Emulation. Regarding DOFLinx, maybe I found a different version of ST Ultimate. 😊 The one I found uses it, but also says it'll work on desktops. That's when I needed to add the .vbs file.
  20. For Start Trek Ultimate, what I just did (literally JUST did as I haven't played FP in quite a while)... Downloaded ST Ultimate and placed the ftp and xml files in the "Tables" folder [D:\Pinball\Future Pinball\Tables\...] Downloaded the latest FP [from their site] and installed it over my existing copy. v1.9.1.20101231 Downloaded the most recent version of BAM and installed on top of my existing install. (It asks for the "Future Pinball" folder during install.) version: v.1.5-322 Downloaded DOFLinx V7.24. I DID NOT install it. (my setup ain't that special. lol) Extracted "DOFLinx.vbs" from the .zip file and placed into D:\Pinball\Future Pinball\Script\ folder. I use a compiled AutoHotkey script to open/run my tables, but I don't remember what's in it. @Headrush69 can hopefully remind me. I think it run BAM's "FPLoader.exe" and puts in some command lines as well. Maybe something like /play /exit /open I had problems opening the table until I put the vbs file in as noted in step #4. After that, it ran perfect.
  21. Have your C# program start BigBox after it's done parsing/updating the xml.
  22. No. There are no command line options available. This is a stretch, I only tested it only once, you won't be able to save any [subsequent] changes to BigBox (theme, view, button assignments...) but.... it appeared to work. ...after adjusting any applicable settings you need, being in the Platform you want to start in and exiting BigBox..... Go to your ../LaunchBox/Data/ folder and set "BigBoxSettings.xml" to Read Only. There shouldn't be any ill side affects, but I have been wrong before. But I usually do pretty good.
  23. No. But where you have a shortcut to BigBox.exe in your startup folder, you could replace that with a shortcut to a batch file. [I'm pretty sure. Not tested.] Something along the lines of start /w "" "D:\LaunchBox\Core\BigBox.exe" C:\Windows\explorer.exe Of course adjusting your LaunchBox drive and location accordingly. This will launch BigBox and then wait until it closes (exits) before running explerer.exe. But you will need to make sure to point to the 'BigBox.exe' located in the ../Core subfolder. Otherwise it'll run exploere.exe without waiting.
  24. I've had this happen when I'm doing miscellaneous testing with plugins and am doing a lot of starting and exiting of LB/BB (exiting only via the respective UI). I presume this has to do with impatient wait-times on my part. I assimilate this to my refrigerator condenser it constantly running. And though I open the fridge door every 3 to 5 minutes to make sure everything's still cold, the motor is still always running. I have never had this happen on my cab nor with an occasional [single] start/exit. So from what I've seen of it, I don't feel it's an issue that needs to be addressed. As [for me] it operates under 'normal conditions', as it should. I do know sometimes it does take a little longer for the LB 'process' to completely clear out from Task Manager as it's cleaning up after itself before vacating. And I'd rather it do that than leave a mess behind. Again, this is just my experience/observations. Your mileage may vary. Taskkill is a Windows command whereas Process, Close is inherent to AutoHotkey. They both act with the same 'brute force'. You could always do a 'Run, taskkill....' from within an AHK script if you wanted. But the end results should have exactly the same outcome.
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