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  1. Thanks. But I don't think this is going to happen. Not by me at least. Too many little nuances to do it properly, but I have found some checks and balances I can add in that will [hopefully] help. - If they're simply adding new roms, the plugin already covers that. - If they change the Game.Title, you'll end up with 2 Titles pointing to one rom. (Blockbuster, Block Buster) Delete the old one. - If they delete a rom altogether, manually delete it from your Platform (and roms folder). Or not. - If they rename a rom, my proposed checks and balances may cover that. May need to delete something as noted above. - If they rename a rom AND rename the title AND re-associate a rom AND add a rom (see "Connect 4" example in previous post), my proposed checks and balances may cover some of that. May need to delete something(s) as noted above. but I make no promises. After adding in the 'checks and balances' (and assuming they work), I may add in an audit feature that will display differences between the hash.xml and LB's Platform.xml mainly covering discrepancies between Titles and rom names. Again, no promises. Worse case scenario, delete the Platform and import anew. You'll need to re-import the metadata, but not the media (assuming no changes in the Game.Title).
  2. OK. That one is all messed up. lol But I think I see how you ended up with 21. The Game.Title (description) was the biggest killer (as you mentioned). And the Connect 4 series didn't help matters either... old new <software name="connect4"> <software name="connect4o" cloneof="connect4"> <description>Connect Four (8021)</description> <description>Connect Four (8021 version)</description> sha1="971f9117dc809f7b9796134208b47ea34990ae71"/> sha1="971f9117dc809f7b9796134208b47ea34990ae71"/> <software name="connect4t" cloneof="connect4"> <software name="connect4"> <description>Connect Four (TMS1100)</description> <description>Connect Four (TMS1100 version)</description> sha1="e93d848784205ab49234ad26718e04d267b776ed"/> sha1="e93d848784205ab49234ad26718e04d267b776ed"/> As you can see by the hash #'s, the Parent became the Clone, and the Clone became the Parent. So if someone merely copied the update pack into their fullset without running crlmamepro 1st, they wouldn't have connect4o and their connect4 wouldn't be the actual parent. connect4t wouldn't be seen and I guessing none of it would work in MAME. So I am actually looking into the logistics of fitting in Update scenarios. Not sure how pretty or not it's going to be (the code OR the outcome). We'll see.
  3. Ya, 'updating' is beyond the original intent of the plugin. But is the next logical progression for a version 4.0. I'll add to my "I'll think about it" list. I'm curious to look into your 3 - 15 -18 - 21 - 17 files/games example. I guess it's more of a morbid curiosity. Which sofltlist set was that in?
  4. Your Playlists are saved under ../LaunchBox/Data/Playlists So I'm pretty confident that you can simply copy the one (or the whole folder) over to the other machine, start that LaunchBox (because LB was not running when you copied them ) and be good to go.
  5. Dude!!!! It's designed to import! Not update! Now that I've got that out of my system.... Here's how it's setup... "Copy AND Import" - the Copy roms part: A - It will copy AND overwrite (replace existing) all roms as per your selected criteria. All. No clones. No prototypes. No non-supported games. Or a viable combination there of. B - It does not and will not look to see if an existing rom no longer exists (is obsolete) in the current [updated] set. Theory: Part A - Say a game was updated but the rom's name didn't change. You'd want the original overwritten (replaced) by the new one. Part B - Don't want to delete something that is 'obsolete' per MAME, but the end user wanted to keep. "Copy AND Import" / "Import Only" - the Import part: Importing separately - If the Game Title does not already exist in the platform you're importing to, import it. Importing additional Apps (Clones) - If the clones' parent already exists in the platform you're importing to, AND the clone is not already an additional app to that parent, import it. Your First Situation. Hmmm.... I think "Yes." If the file to copy doesn't exist in the Source folder, it skips it and jumps to the next one "in the list". So if your Source folder is your Update Pack folder, I suppose the Copy process would actually go a lot faster. Nice one! I like it. Hmmm... unless you do the clrmamepro process 1st. 🤔 Second Situation. Unfortunately any subsequent changes you make to your LaunchBox Platform in this manner will not be addressed with a new (eh hem.... update) Import. The process to scan all existing Parents and all existing Additional Apps associated with each Parent to see if a game to be imported is listed as a Parent or an Additional app would, in-the-end, utilize quite a bit of resources and will definitely increase Import time. Ain't happening. Easy fix 'taint so easy. NOW.... if the games in question were not in your update pack Source folder, I t h i n k you'd be OK. One sure way to find out. lol Plan B, edit the hash file before importing and note those files as clones. Example: change this <software name="cpm8607"> to <software name="cpm8607" cloneof="cpm86"> When updating (as much as can be) be sure to update your hash files as well for Importing. (Though "common knowledge", I try not to take things for granted) Yes. Funny thing is I thought I had done this. But I guess if you only have a couple Emulators and the 1st one on the list is "MAME", it would appear that way. lol I've added this to my to do list. As Always, thank you for your love and support. Keep the comments, concerns and suggestions coming.
  6. Ya, error was in the 'bottom' part. Glad you found it. Is save high scores enabled in MAME? Does the game you're testing support saving high scores? Does the game you're testing have a high score file saved? (You need to get on the leader board before a high score file will even be created) When you start the game you've gotten onto the leader board, do your initials show in the games' high scores?
  7. Good point. lol There is only one of these files. (Look for the "s" after "Game")Can you show us what your TextGamesView.xaml file looks like? At least the section that 'looks different'. I assume you're taking about the top part (about the first 10 lines)
  8. @Tripno Short answer, Yes. The LaunchBox UI/program/Front-End does not install anything outside of the folder you installed it to and uses (mostly*) relative paths from where the executable file (LaunchBox.exe) is located. So if you install it in C:\LaunchBox\ and copy that to E:\LaunchBox\, the UI will work just fine. The caveat is in where you install the emulators and roms. If you initially install them in say, C:\Emulators\ and then copy this and C:\LaunchBox\ folders both to E:\, LaunchBox (executed from the E:\ drive) will look for the emulators using the *absolute path.... "C:\Emulators\". The simple fix is to install the Emulators and roms within the LaunchBox folder structure. (i.e. C:\LaunchBox\Emulators\) LaunchBox will then store them as relative paths an all will be good when you copy the LaunchBox folder to somewhere else. "The simple fix" only accounts for part of it though. If the Emulators themselves aren't "portable", well... back to the drawing board. LaunchBox won't fix that. That's a loaded question. Barring the fore mentioned caveats, Yes. Will it run well? That, I cannot answer definitively. When you talk about running off a USB 'stick', you run into concerns of read/write data access speeds and possibly a mess of other things beyond me.
  9. Yes and No. As of Dolphin release 5.0-12038, you are able to load save states from the command line. But the Dolphin Triforce branch needed for MK GP2 cannot. Take a look at the Dolphin wiki for this game and apply the patches listed. I believe those are all that's needed [now]. As in you don't need the save state.
  10. You mentioned creating an AHK script. Not sure if this would work with it starting in full screen, but as a start you may be able to finagle something from it. Sleep, 3000 ;wait 3 seconds (more time?) Send #+{Left} ;Send Win+Shift+Left (or change "Left" to "Right" as necessary) Return
  11. tc4.zip in with your regular MAME rom set. It works but you need the stencil your own playing field and score board on your monitor.
  12. v2.01 released - Improvement: Last used rom Source and Destination parent folder locations are now stored. (Creates a new file in this plugins folder.) - Improvement: Added PgUp, PgDn, Home and End when navigating through console/computer list. - Bug Fixed: "Select a Computer/Console to Import" screen. Fixed error when pressing a key and not inside the files list. - Fixed: Error if xml file contains no game info (i.e. c64_flop_clcracked.xml) - Bug Attended to: (Again.) When executing "Import Only", would sometimes not work the 1st time.
  13. No more. No less. No Emulator. No batch file. Though will need to be done manually for each game, but you'd have to do that anyway (and more) with a batch file.
  14. I like clicking. And besides, I was pretty dang excited just to figure out where your hash files are! lol Actually, when I 1st started the project, I did have it "remember" the hash folder and source folder locations. But later learned that it puts a 'marker' file in the ../Users/../../temp folder and didn't want to be 'invasive' like that. It now 'searches' for the hash folder using [more of] the LaunchBox API awesomeness. Here's my thought... I'll have the plugin create an xml (or txt or something like that) to store the rom softlist [Source] folder. And attempt the same for the destination folder. Saving "last used folder" isn't going to work, but grabbing the folder above that should. So for Source, if the last system imported came from d:\roms\MAME current Software List ROMs (split)\a2600\ I can grab... D:\roms\MAME current Software List ROMs (split)\ And for Destination, F:\Emulators\MAME\software\a2600\ I'd grab F:\Emulators\MAME\software\ As you can see, my rom locations are [probably] atypical. But you get the point. And probably TMI, but I need to think out loud so I can improve your quality of life. Hopefully that all makes sense. Though my box does have some peep holes in it, it's still sometimes difficult to see outside of it. So let me know if I'm missing something. Awesome request, and a feature that's long overdue! Thank you! Added to my list.
  15. ../Dolphin/User/Config/Dolphin.ini Scroll down to [Display] and try the opposite setting ("True" or "False") that's listed under "RenderToMain". [Display] FullscreenResolution = Auto Fullscreen = True RenderToMain = False Just a[nother Joe] thought.
  16. You're on the right track with Dolphin. When you started it stand alone, you moved the window to the display you wanted it on, and it 'remembered' it. I recall that's what I had to do in LaunchBox. Start your Dolphin game through LB and moves it window as before. You may need to take it out of full screen (Alt+Enter I think), move it, go back to full screen, then exit the game as normal back to LB. Though I wanted it to be on the primary screen, so as I think about it, I might be 'speaking out of turn'.😊
  17. JoeViking245

    IPAC2 mapping

    In almost every case, the default IPac2 configuration will work the best. It's a lot easier to set it up in the emulators for the different systems (SNES, N64 etc.) with the button layout you want. This way you won't need to load and reload different IPAC configurations. So, for example, if you want to have the player 1 buttons be something like: the top row is buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, and the bottom row is 5, 6, 7, 8. You can set up the emulator (Retroarch?) that way. From what I've read, you're probably best off keeping it in keyboard mode. The only reason your would want to change it is, if you you have a game that requires you to use Dinput or Xinput.
  18. Basically, the error message is saying "Dude! there ain't no games listed in this file!" [for now] When that Error window pops up, click "Close" and don't click on, or arrow up/down to "c64_flop_clcracked.xml" again. I would not have expected MAME to include an empty softlist file in the hash folder. <?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE softwarelist SYSTEM "softwarelist.dtd"> <!-- license:CC0 --> <softwarelist name="c64_flop_clcracked" description="Commodore 64 cleanly cracked disks"> </softwarelist> So I'm assuming they plan to add [something??] to it in the future. Thanks for letting me know. I will add "if there ain't no games in the hash file, don't freak out. Just politely let the user know." in the next release.
  19. Absolutely! Just create an 'Emulator' that points to the executable of your DVD player of choice. Then a 'Platform' something like Watch DVD. Place in that Platform a dummy file ("game") that you then select (which "uses" the DVD player emulator) that will open your DVD player.
  20. I've had that happen when I change/update something in VPX or on a new table. Not sure specifically what fixed it, but clicking on the table to 'activate' it, alt-tab to see the DMD, click the table [again]... several more alt-tabs' and clicks, some 'choice words' said [that are not appropriate for a public forum]... exit the table, restart it, wash, rinse, repeat maybe a couple times.... and holy smack!!! It's working just fine. I think it's a matter of [re]teaching VPX that "Yo! this is the window that's supposed to be active! Fix it." And it does. Same thing [sometimes] with Dolphin.
  21. When this happened, was there some other device of-sorts [that was not your controller] being reported as 1joy? If not, and assuming you're only using one controller, I wonder if you could, at the beginning of your called scripts add something like what they have in the Joystick Test Script (referenced in your link). JoystickNumber = 0 if JoystickNumber <= 0 { Loop 16 ; Query each joystick number to find out which ones exist. { GetKeyState, JoyName, %A_Index%JoyName if JoyName <> { JoystickNumber = %A_Index% break } } if JoystickNumber <= 0 { ;MsgBox The system does not appear to have any joysticks. ExitApp } } Probably only Loop 4 (max). Then in the rest of your regular code below this...... all references to 1joy (or as of your new found discovery... 2joy), change to %JoystickNumber%joy Again, this'd only work if you're using 1 controller AND if something else isn't stealing away the name "1joy". Just a (untested) thought.
  22. If version 0.202 has the games you want and since you have it and the CHDs, may as well stick with it. I'm sure there's been a bit of changes in the last year and a half since 202, but you'd need to read through all the "what's new" to see exactly what. If you are hard set on changing, may as well get the most recent, version 0.221. Or wait a week [or 3] for version 0.222.
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