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How do I load multiple versions of a game?

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I didn't see a topic asking this and I'm having trouble. I have a couple of roms that or labeled as 2.0 or something similar as well as the 1.0 version. When I went to add a new game a long list of other games came up but launchbox only loaded the new game I put in my folder. How do I add the v2 games without it possibly doubling my library? Will checking the add duplicate games just add the v2 games when I search for new roms?

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Install the games as usual, and then in LaunchBox, go to Options/Legacy/General/Game Details, and make sure Show File Name is checked. That way you'll always know which version a game is. This WILL require the data to be downloaded for the game, but at least it's a start.

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Fixed Procedure.

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