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  1. Thanks, I thought it was something like that. Just now I have to keep my computer on for a meeting, will try reinstalling later.
  2. joke/Hmm, can't you test yourself whenever you want?/joke In all honesty though, I can't download the beta, because it says that something is still using LaunchBox, and to either try agia, or download it here, but, is there a way for owners to download without using their eMail? For the sake of time, I'll download it the regular way, but there must be an easier solution.
  3. I believe so, (if you used the local folder paths (../emulators), otherwise that’s a lot more work. Find out, and if you used that syntax, just move the main folder, and all will be good. Oh, yeah... this only works if you have your emulators/games/etc. stored in the main folder. Otherwise, maybe a good YouTube tutorial could set you straight.
  4. If you have it set up like in the YouTube Tutorials, all you’d have to do is move the whole folder over. That’s what I did when my harddrive was corrupting.
  5. I have four 8BitDo controllers. The one I use right now is the SN30 pro+ (my XBOne controllers aren't working right right now). I love it because I can use it with my PC, my Android tablet, and my Switch. It feels pretty nice, and very sturdy. I haven't used the advanced features yet,but haven't had the need for them. If you want separate button mappings for different games, there are some programs that can do that for you. If you want any more info, please let me know; I might even try the extra features if there's demand for it.
  6. Ah. Methinks I understand. Over 10 years, huh? I've been doing it for a bit longer, off and on, but my files always end up on a corrupted drive, or something happens that I haven't foreseen. The games I have right now, I've collected over time, but am sorely missing some of the sites that used to be out there. I also haven't collected that many games for newer systems, or even some older ones that I didn't feel a need to have at the moment (Atari Jaguar; Sega Saturn; Sega Dreamcast; Vectrex; VirtualBoy; etc.) I'm glad you have all of those games, that's a treasure trove the likes of wh
  7. The happy drive? Awww, I wanted to install to that one. But seriously, good advice, I have all my games stored on a 10TB drive, and LB works great there. To those wondering why I need so much space: LaunchBox; Steam; Epic; UPlay; Blizzard; GOG; itch.io; Oculus; etc., and a bunch of mods. I may be going overboard on my game collection. Ah well, that's a job for another day. Wait... did @Joe35car say "THREE" 8 TB Hard drives? Holy Toledo (From one of my favorite games of all time, guess it right, and you get a gold star!), that's WAY more games than I have. Y'know, that actually makes me feel a
  8. I have two X-Arcade joysticks, the EOL Single Player, and the Dual Player. I'm having a small issue with them. They work great in the SNES and NES emulators I use, but in the Sega Genesis emulator, I can't get the controls the way I like them. The way I want my stick to work, is to have the first three upper buttons be X, Y, and, Z; the first three buttons on the second row should be A, B, and, C; The start key should be the player one start, and the mode should be the left pinball key. Repeat the layout for the second stick on the dual stick. I've gotten the setup correct, but that changes th
  9. Hey, I've been using this program for a while, and LOVE the heck out of it. I have had a sort of odd experience, though. The drive I had my setup on was getting corrupted, I moved the setup to a different drive, and now the program just refuses to start. Any ideas will be useful. More info provided as needed. Almost forgot: I created a blank install of the program in the same directory I placed the one that's crashing, and that one works fine. EDIT: I figured out the issue, the executable files were damaged. I overwrote them with good files, and everything works. Now to get on to
  10. Install the games as usual, and then in LaunchBox, go to Options/Legacy/General/Game Details, and make sure Show File Name is checked. That way you'll always know which version a game is. This WILL require the data to be downloaded for the game, but at least it's a start.
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