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I installed the Launchbox - No Intro by Colpipes1978.  Works good, however I noticed it was missing some roms I like.  Poleposition I & II and Spyhunter.

It's setup through Launchbox, RL and Retroarch.  The only way pole position and spyhunter would play is if I used the MAME 184 emulator, though all his roms go through retroarch.

How can I configure these extra roms I got to run under retroarch?  This will allow me to use the bezels, and have the same controller setup, etc..

Right now I have those 3 roms in RL using the MAME 184 emulator instead of the retroarch.  If I try using the retroarch it gives me an error.

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Which core in RA are you using for MAME? Use the settings in LB and RA as a guide and make sure RL is using RA as the emulator and that the correct core is set. Make sure LB is set to use RL as the emulator. Just putting your roms in the same folder as the other roms should work as long as you scanned again and added them to LB

Right click on Pole Position in LB, click on edit and go to the emulation tab. Is RL your emulator?

Run RLUI, click on your arcade/mame system on the left and then the games tab at the top. Click on the blue circle with the arrow To "audit all the games on this system".

Scroll down. Do you see "polposa1" in the list? And "found" to the right is "Yes"?

In your roms folder is this a zip file?

Lastly, make sure the version of your RS core is the same as your roms. For roms that old, the version shouldn't matter, but best to check. When I launch with RA mamelibretro .197 or later, PP runs just fine. Keep in mind though, this is listed as a rom that is not perfect. Bad rom dump or chd. Never had a problem with it, though. I seem to remember spyhunter didnt work until very recently, but I would have to verify that. It used to need a different core. In any case, the steering wheel, gas pedal, shifter and guns, etc, make it almost impossible to play without special controls 

You can right click on the game in LB, select "launch with" then "retroarch", then "mamelibretro"  this should launch RA in a new window and run the game as a test.



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