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Launchbox 9.2 - Weird issue with play version

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This is handy when you have multiple version of same game. I love this touch!

Well I had marked 1 N64 DD game just to play with project 64, rest use retroarch core.  For some reason in thought my nes platform versions wanted to use project 64 as well.  So I removed the project 64 emulator and used bulk wizard to fix.  However I forgot I hidden games without front art covers.  Hence all my versions did not get marked and were missing an emulator.

I just cant figure out how my N64 platform settings carried over to my NES Platform.  Only thing I can think of is a had a nested list called NES Consoles and possibly selected that but only modified for one game.

Edit:  Even after unhiding and using bulk wizard still acts like my different version don't have an emulator. 

I am going to reimport the NES and SNES since that seems to be where the issues are

Edit1:  Reinporting fixed the issues but time consuming so be careful.


Can someone explain the name of the xml for the backup launchbox database?  Have tons in there but not sure what its called?


I have everything back way it was but took longer then i thought it would lol

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