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Launchbox Exit game key change (Esc key)


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Sorry if this is covered already but all the similar topics i found related to controller hotkeys

I want to change the keyboard key used to exit games (Esc by default) as on a few occasions now I have accidentally closed a game when i thought i was escaping something from another monitor. (Maybe change it to shift-Esc)

Ive looked through the options but i can only see options that involve a controller?

Is there something im missing or is this some kind of hard-coded function i cant change?



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4 hours ago, Retro808 said:

There is not a setting in Launchbox to change this. You will likely need to create an Auto Hot Key script to change which keystrokes you have to hit to send "Esc" to exit the emulator. 

Aww thats a shame. Future implementation perhaps?


Thanks for the reply though. Guess ill just have to be careful as im simply the worst at scripting

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