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Category/Playlist toggle in platform view


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So after playing around with the platform category view and playlists i had some hope that what I want might be already doable. Basically I want to use the platform view but while in a platform be able to toggle from all games to the playlists/categories/genre's. So when clicking into a system all games are shown, if i toggle, only playlists/categories for that system shown to narrow choice if desired, toggling again would show the standard platform view of that system again. Seems like this might already be possible and I am missing it somehow. Anyone know how to do this?

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I guess that's where i am stuck... plat/cat view doesn't behave how i want. Was hoping a mechanism was already in place to look at cats or playlists inside a platform without having to use the entire drill down style of the plat/cat view. I see there are hotkeys to change between plat view and plat/cat view but not really a toggle and it also boots you back to the top level which also isn't the behavior I was looking for. Not sure if i described what I am looking for correctly, If you have used hyperspin it would be similar to hitting the "G"(default setting) key in a platform to pull up the genre's to limit which games to look through.

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