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I’m making snaps for all my hacks and fan mades.  What I’m doing is recording using my Nvidia built in recorder, then editing that 16:9 video down to 4:3 so it fits correctly (unified retried).


There’s got to be a better and faster way to start pumping these out.


just curious what is the best way to make 4:3 snaps?

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Does the built in recorder have options to save as 4:3 instead of 16:9?

If not, You can convert them easily with ffmpeg.

You can create a batch file to convert all the files at one time.  For example I've used this to trim videos down to 40 seconds.

for %%a in ("*.*") do ffmpeg -t 40 -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "done\%%~na.mp4

Save this as a batch file. Place it and ffmpeg.exe in the folder that has all the video files (in this case mp4 files) and run the batch file.  It saves a converted copy to a sub directory "done" using the same file name.


To just set to 4:3, you can use this:

for %%a in ("*.*") do ffmpeg -aspect 4:3 -i "%%a" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "done\%%~na.mp4

It'll keep the same audio and video codecs originally used.

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Ok awesome.  Question about it though.  how does it convert them to 4:3?  Does it take the whole video and kind of scrunch it?  Because that isn't what I want.  I just want the black bars to be trimmed off my 16:9 video.  Many hacks I am making videos for are  NES SNES GEN N64 so I don't want it scrunched.  Just basically what is the best way to make a snap like all the snaps we have from these awesome communities.


The way I am doing it is just too time consuming.  I am recording through GeForce Experience and then putting the video in Adobe Premiere and clipping the black bars off.  Definitely will use your method if it doesn't scrunch it all down and actually just crops the black bars off.

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How? Dunno.  lol.  I've used it for several other types of converting (one video codec to another, change fps, change Mbps... and some others I'm sure) but haven't tried changing 'aspect'.

I'd say take a couple 16:9's and put into a temp folder and see what happens.

If it does merely scrunch, look at the cropdetect and crop parameters (also new to me).



Once the 1st video is figured out, either through -aspect or crop, ffmpeg will fly through the conversions so you won't have to touch Adobe Premiere (which btw is awesome iteself).

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