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I'm quite new to this, but I've been able to get Launchbox running OK using Retroarch for most of the emulators I've set up so far. But, if I try and change the default emulator afgter setting a system up, the games won't start just by selecting them like normal. They are configured to be the default emulator and will run using that emulator if I choose "Launch with..." and then select the emulator, but won't start by double clicking (or via Big Box (Again, they will using "Launch with..."


For example, I set up the original Gameboy to use Retroarch, but looking at the options in Launchbox, it's not a system that' uses Retroarch, so I've set up VisualBoy Advance, which is supported, but I can only get that to work via "Launch with...." even though it's set as the default emulator.


I've got the same issue with N64 too as I decided to use Project 64 rather than Retroarch.

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This is a common issue and I have been on Jason for a while to change this and it will be done eventually but for now that "Default Emulator" box is for import only.

If you want to change your emulator for all your games in a platform you need to select your platform, then select all the games in the platform by pressing Control + A on the keyboard. Now with all the games selected press Control + E, this will start the bulk edit wizard. In the first dropdown menu select what you want to change which in this case is the emulator, then a 2nd dropdown menu will appear, select the emulator you want to change to. Now finish out the wizard and your games will be using the new emulator.

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