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Nostalgia |4:3| alternative Set


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Nostalgia |4:3| alternative Set

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I created this videos for myself simply because I wanted only games that are in my collection to be included in the Platform Theme Videos. However, now that I finished them I thought maybe someone else would like them too!
Please don't expect additional videos in the future because these are all the platforms that I have in my Collection and I don't plan to add any more.

This video set is also available in 16:9 ratio here

Also check out the original Nostalgia Set here by @viking
and the Nostalgia additions Set here by @dragon57


// VIDEO //

  • Arcade =  2 videos
  • Handhelds =  6 videos
  • Consoles =  14 videos
  • Computers =  4 videos


  • 4:3 format
  • HD resolution: 1440×1080
  • MP4 format - H264 Codec - AAC audio - 30fps


You can watch the YouTube playlist for all 26 videos here in 4:3 format.
Or check out each Platform Theme Video below:


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Arcade Retro Playlist:



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Nintendo Game Boy:

Nintendo Game Boy Color:

Nintendo Game Boy Advance:

Nintendo DS:

Sega Game Gear:

Sony PSP:



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Nintendo Entertainment System:

Super Nintendo US:

Super Nintendo EUR:

Nintendo 64:

Nintendo GameCube:

Sega Master System:

Sega Genesis:

Sega Mega Drive EUR:

Sega Saturn:

Sega Dreamcast:

TurboGrafx 16:

SNK Neo Geo AES:

Sony Playstation:

Sony Playstation 2:



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Sharp X68000:





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