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Launchbox 9.6 Change Log

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Version 9.6 - Released March 26, 2019

- New Premium Feature: A new themes manager is now built-in to Big Box that will let you manage, download, and uninstall both Big Box and Startup themes

- New Premium Feature: Easy screenshot capturing has been added to Big Box for theme developers. Simply pressing the Print Screen key while Big Box is running will capture the screen and save it in the new LaunchBox\Screenshots folder with the current theme and view in the file name.

- Improvement: New Russian translation has been added thanks to @alexposad on the LaunchBox forums

- Improvement: Added three new properties to the Game object in order to better support theme developers: BindableVideoPath, BindableThemeVideoPath, and BindableThemeVideoOrVideoPath. These new properties can be used as a binding in the VideoControl for custom themes.

- Improvement: Integrated the PrioritizedPathSelector control that was previously available as a custom plugin into Big Box, specifically for startup themes. A tutorial is available on the forums here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/49405-creating-a-startup-theme-with-video-support

- Improvement: Fonts can now be integrated much more easily into custom LaunchBox, Big Box, and Startup themes without making users have to install them. A tutorial is available on the forums here: https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/49411-including-custom-fonts-without-custom-dlls/

- Improvement: Game controller performance in Big Box has been improved

- Fixed: In some situations, the new game startup screens were causing game music to play in the background while a game is running

- Fixed: VideoControl videos were not always working properly in game startup custom themes

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