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BigBox sound and rom loading issues

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When I use launchbox, everything seems to be working fine. I can load roms, play them fine, exit out of them using a mouse, select another game from the different platforms and everything works fine.  When I try to use Big Box, everything is fine when I load a game and play it. I have a hotkey setup that when I press Select and Start together, it will exit a game and return to Bigbox. When it returns, no sound will play on Bigbox or any of the roms that I try to play.

Also, when I load Genesis roms on Fusion using Launchbox, everything works fine, but when I try on Bigbox, I get a black screen with a window to open roms manually using a mouse. Even if I use the mouse to load a rom manually it won't work.  

Any help would be appreciated.

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Weird.  You might check in the BB options under the Controller and Controller Automation that there are no conflicting buttons (i.e., two commands assigned to the same button).  If you exit out of the games within BB using just the keyboard does this happen?   You might also go into Options and Mouse and disable the mouse as test (it just disables in BB, not the emulator).  Sounds like there is some conflict somewhere. 

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