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  1. You can’t. They are fixed and there is no option to hide or add. I think it was 10.5 where quite a few more columns were added. The priorities option does dictate what shows up in the column header, but you cannot do anything to the layout itself.
  2. The typical options will be drop down feature as well (although can type in anything you want in field). Are you saying it isn't working in LB by saving in the Play Mode field, or just not showing whatever you put there in the theme?
  3. Echo above. Start small, download a few tables of interest to you directly from the pinball sites, preferably ones that are recently updated. I would also stick with VPX table versions initially versus VP9 and older until you get working VPX setup. Once you get a few tables working you can "add on" features as you feel comfortable and get more tables. Downloading mega packs and expecting them to work is recipe for frustration. You have everything from single screen desktop setups to full on cabinets with all the bells and whistles. In my travels, I found this guide by Major Frenchy and although it appears a bit overwhelming at first if you skip the "B2S backglass" and "DOF" sections (cabinet setups) it has some useful information. Some links may be outdated but the info itself is still relevant. Simplistically, 1) install VPX all in one installer linked above 2) install VPinMAME 3) Get current set of VPinMAME ROMs. The spreadsheet I linked above actually has links to tables, and their corresponding ROMs (not in all cases) so again, download a table, and a ROM and see how things go. If the addiction kicks in, then you go to the flashy, cool stuff of all the bells and whistles which is really the sky's the limit. A lot of creative people have made additional features like that enhance the whole experience (PUP Packs, Cabinets, multiple screens). But you have to have the main setup working first. visual-pinball-complete-guide.pdf
  4. It is a limitation of the LB DB and what LB application synchronize. You can assign the number of players manually and will show in your theme. But if you update from the LB DB and the number of players is more than 1 in the DB it will just indicate multiplayer in locally in LB. So no fix other than manual and then making sure not to update from DB for that field (it will over write it back to single/multiplayer). On the age issue, I assume you are talking about the rating such as Everyone, Teen, etc. Those import fine locally to LB so you should see whatever is in the LB DB if you update the game (assuming you tell LB to over write the metadata).
  5. It uploads your ratings and pools with others for total "community" score. It doesn't alter the score you assign locally, just the community aggregate.
  6. Interestingly, I tried a completely vanilla install of LB 11 Release using all LB defaults to my C: Drive SSD (User directory), no media, or platforms installed. It is throwing similar errors about paths that were on my G Drive. I am on Windows 10 Pro 2004 edition (which has been a headache for other things). This debug log is from simple open, and then close of LB (no edits, actions, etc) Debug 2020-07-06 12-22-56 PM.log
  7. @Jason Carr LB and all media/games are on a local "G Drive". So don't see any permission /path issues, particularly for media since that is being pulled direct from "G:\Launchbox\Images\ level of folder. I rolled back to 10.5 and those errors show but it never crashed on any prior LB versions and nothing has changed as far as setup or drive location. Will work with 10.5 for awhile and see if something I am no aware of altered locally. Oddly, it didn't have any issues up through 11 beta 5 and I was doing quite a bit of edit changes that would have likely triggered. So not sure it is related to the path issues in the log as far as the crashing.
  8. On the 11 release I have been seeing LB hanging on closing out an edit game window. I have been doing a lot of platform edits on Visual Pinball over the beta cycle and no issues but on the release 11 version happened within about hour of use. For release 11, maybe happens 1 out of every 30 times I do an edit but I haven't quite seen a pattern yet to say what triggers one edit to crash and another that is fine. Most of the edits have been simple game details adds and game images (manually, not via LB DB). But it is always on the close of the edit window it will hang and have to use Task Manager to kill LB process. I didn't have the logging feature on when it was crashing initially, but today I did turn on just in case. The crash log is attached when it hung up again. CRASHED _Debug 2020-07-05 12-51-49 PM.log Looking at it with uneducated eye, it appears LB is having issue with permission and path particularly related to the music playlist based on the errors in the log. It didn't seem to crash at that point for each edit immediately (i.e., error was thrown and kept on trucking). Oddly, of all the platforms I have, VP is one where there is zero music files or anything related to it in the platform. I checked the path for VP and music in particular and it is set to default empty folder that LB generated initially. I haven't moved anything as far as paths so not sure anything changed there. Anyway, not sure if the log will help but will see if can figure any pattern on when happens. Thanks.
  9. Glad you got it sorted. I guess I missed the question since you referenced ROM import and your screenshot shows that as well. You still could have skipped the ROM.ZIP step though. If using framefile and batch file combo you just import into LB the framefile as a "ROM" (or Batch file if hard coding them) by telling it at the import point to look for TXT file (or BAT). You don't have to go back in that case and redo all the launch paths. So all my framefiles are in one directory. I pointed LB to import those as the ROM import, you then do the DB matching like you noted above, etc and done. No going back to alter the launch path/commands. On the DB side, ultimately, unless someone has input an alternative name in the LB DB then there is no way for LB to know what to link to without manual search (as you found). After the MAME Full Set Importer feature was added in LB, there was some users adding in alternative names to MAME/Arcade games. Thus, LB was better able to link to the actual game title. But even that isn't full proof in that MAME can change ROM names on occasion.
  10. see this post: You cannot call the ROM zip files directly in Launchbox (or any front end) if using the Daphne emulator. In order for Daphne to launch a game it needs to know the framefile and the video disc (VLDP) location as well as other launch options. If all is setup correctly with name and path, Daphne will pull the correct ROM name. The above thread gives example of how Dragon's Lair is setup. There are a variety of ways to go about issuing the command line which is why it can be confusing. But in the end Daphne needs a specific set of commands either through a batch file or some other method and people just go about it slightly differently. Additionally, your paths and naming have to be consistent with your Framefiles, rom names, and VLDP or things won't launch. There is also this longer thread as well: Lastly, you can setup Daphne as its own Platform separate from "Arcade" but you still to set it for scraping from "Arcade" for the LB database since ultimately it is an arcade game.
  11. An excellent resource, for links to various tables across the big pinball sites is this Google sheet linked below. I encountered this when some of my set had been modified like you noted (DMD moved, BG removed) and got tired of fixing them. So I reverted to the original table and in some cases the benefit was the was newer version with bug fixes/graphics enhancements. The spreadsheet also has links to backglass images for a two monitor setup, media packs, and other needed parts and pieces for the tables. The spreadsheet can take a bit of time initially to load and can appear "frozen" when first move around but once caches it works well. They do good job of keeping it updated with new table versions for Visual Pinball, so allows you to do a quick scan of newer tables (in green) to see if any interest you. There is also a VPX only tab which I found useful since that is what I focus on in my setup. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18edFWq2--Yw8iRX_ou3cGeQ3pAJ6zM0kWHYFWZW1fWg/edit#gid=1238562238
  12. Just check the "allow duplicates" during import.
  13. Here is an edge case but has a negative outcome (media is deleted without warning) -Beta 4. I actually encountered it on Beta 3 as well, but at the time thought it was "user error" on my end. 1) Open up the file folder to a media location for game platform, say Clear Logo or Screenshot-Game Title. 2) Open up LB Edit Game window for a game. 3) Copy paste/drag a new image file associated with that game (and which is properly named for that game for LB to incorporate) into appropriate LB Image folder. When you close the edit window LB will delete the image from the folder. The easiest way to test is to CTRL X the image onto desktop from a LB image folder. Then open Edit Game , then CTRL V back into image folder while Edit Game is open still. When close Edit Game it will delete from whatever folder the media was added. 4) It only does it for new media that would be normally associated with the game (i.e., would pick it up through F5) and only if you happen to be on that game at the time you move the image file into the folder. When tested, there were no duplicate images for game so not issue of LB cleaning up a duplicate. 5) If you don't have the edit window open and drag the media into the folder, no issues. After a F5 refresh, LB normally incorporates as expected. I tried it both with image that LB named and with ROM name and it deletes it each time if image media is newly associated. Unfortunately, it is a permanent delete and doesn't go to recycle. 6) I also tried #3 above on a test video and it will also delete the videos as well. Not a typical set of events most would get into, but was definitely a "I know I moved it there where did it go?" things.
  14. A minor glitch that was in earlier Betas and also on Beta 4 (meant to get in earlier). In additional applications window if you make an edit to the Name in Edit Application and close the Edit Application window the Name field in the Additional Apps window is not updated. If you reopen the Edit Application window it will show the change in Application Name field it just doesn't reflect in the Name field. If you completely close out of the entire Edit window and reopen it, the change will show in the Name Field and Application Name as was changed (i.e., change sticks, just not reflecting immediately in Name field). 2. Noted on Beta 2 and behavior on Beta 4. In the edit window launch tab where path to rom/file is located, the prior behavior was if you hit "Browse" button for an existing ROM, it started inside the folder where the ROM is located for selection (or used to be if ROM name changed but folder path was the same). Now it starts in whatever the last path was used immediately prior to hitting browse button (i.e., if edited another game/platform it starts there). So in the example below which is valid path for "Star Wars" the browse button starts in the "Sultan" rom path since it was the last path I manually browsed to prior rather than the Star Wars directory.
  15. On Beta 2: A couple of minor observations on the edit window revamp: 1) noticed in edit window media tab you can no longer drag and drop media into the add media window as in prior versions. Not sure if that is expected behavior with new interface. It also doesn't "blow up" the window like prior if click on media images that are larger resolution. 2) in the edit window launch tab where path to rom/file is located, the prior behavior was if you hit "Browse" button for an existing ROM, it started inside the folder where the ROM is located for selection (or used to be if ROM name changed but folder path was the same). Now it starts in whatever the last path was used immediately prior to hitting browse button (i.e., if edited another game/platform it starts there). 3) Edit window seems to lag a bit when making apply changes or exiting out of edit window. Not a huge deal (a couple seconds maybe), just observation versus older window. Played with the OBS a bit and got it working with test video linking back to game in LB. Never used OBS prior, so a bit of learning curve for me.
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