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  1. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @dragon57 you are awesome, thank you for making it!
  2. Looks like a cool plugin. Really like the ability to see the available media in picture form since makes very easy to pick what want and weed out errors.
  3. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Thanks to all that are creating these rings. If anyone has time, the following auto generated AO.Bigbox.Plugin playlist types would be useful to have a ring made. Currently, I am using the "playlist" ring but something specific would be great. Frequent Random Recent Everything (EDIT: I found them in existing pack. For some reason not picking up in my theme. Must be naming issue). Rhythm (I don't see these in the recent Arcade MAME playlist rings but maybe I missed it) If only I could master GIMP and/or Photoshop! Thanks.
  4. sundogak

    Atari 5200 and RetroArch 1.74

    @latin625 I had some screenshots of working 5200 install on another thread. Might check and see if anything jumps out on your setup.
  5. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @fyrenthenimar They are in the Game Console zip pack (2.2 version). (edit: noticed later you asked for Odyssey 2, that is in there as well)
  6. sundogak

    Automatically Unzip 7Zip Files Before Playing?

    I assume you are using the 4DO core, right? If so, that core works with zip, 7z and CHD compressed formats. I just tried a 7z Battle Chess ROM set and it works okay. Inside the zip/7z files should be a cue and bin filed that is named correctly (i.e., your cue file references exact title of the BIN file. CUE you can open with text editor). You might try unzipping a file into a folder and trying to load the cue file uncompressed. Unless there is some issue with the 7z file or it was compressed with a bunch of subfolders inside. Other than that, if you said the zip files are working then you could use a batch file to convert the 7z to zip, but again, shouldn't be the case since should work with 7z as well.
  7. sundogak

    Convert PS1 to EBOOT & Retain Game Title?

    Glad you landed on something that is working for your setup. Whenever possible, I try to use that format for CD games if the emulator will support. ePSX (standalone) is one of few found that will not play CHDs. The one advantage to CHD is it is a reversible compression process so can always go back to BIN/ISO if needed. One thing ran into recently is that the CHD.exe was updated to "V5" a couple MAME versions back and anything compressed in newer version has some differences. Most cores seem fine, but I found the Sega Dreamcast cores had issues. The Retroarch Reicast core gags on the V5 CHD compressed files although works fine on older compressed versions (which drove me crazy wondering why wasn't working on some and not others). Redream core works fine either way and Demul standalone works. I did see that there they have patches in works to update Reicast so they are at least working it.
  8. sundogak

    Convert PS1 to EBOOT & Retain Game Title?

    Weird, it scans in my CHD files but skips the PBP files with Retroarch scan even though they use the same naming convention and the Beetle PSX HW core runs PBP format. I don't scan things into Retroarch since LB does what need it to do so never noticed. Maybe some sort of import bug since I can see it stop at the PBP files for awhile then move onto CHD files.
  9. sundogak

    CD Games Compression - Storage [Best way]?

    I wouldn't say better just what I used at the time but both will give same results. The Dolphin one is more convenient to use if already have imported the ISO/GCMs. But either tool will work and compress to GCZ or un-compress back to ISO (or GCM which is just ISO with different extension). GCZ files for both tools compress to same level (at least based on a quick test of two games I did). You can multi-select in Dolphin and compress so that would easiest if already have Dolphin up and running. Oh this was a good link I found that helped me along the way with all the format craziness.
  10. sundogak

    Convert PS1 to EBOOT & Retain Game Title?

    Well, ultimately when compressed mine that is why I went the CHD route since I missed you could do any batch method with PSX2PSP. Other than my multi-discs which I did convert to PBP, all rest I bulk converted to CHD with batch script. However, the CHD route doesn't work with the ePSX standalone emulator, only the Retroarch core.
  11. sundogak

    Rom set upgrade procedure with full mame set feature

    No, you are not alone in the above limitations. I did the same thing on a test install with various re-importing cycles and found the same thing. I actually dithered on if should go back to a backup and not use the feature. Basically, as you observed, for all practical purposes one cannot make any additions or changes or they will be overwritten (including game deletions). I tried a custom field (so could put a flag in or additional info) and those also get reverted to blank upon a re-import. It does remember the check box fields such as favorite and hidden as long as you don't delete the game in between import cycles. Additionally, if you click on a game and get the metadata from the LB Database, that data will be overwritten with the MAME developed meta data upon subsequent import. You also have to watch that don't update with the LB DB Genre and Play Mode fields since don't follow the "MAME way" of things. Of course, easy to re-import to fix in that case. I did find that if you import a group type, say the "Casino" group and then delete all but a few and do NOT select the "Casino" group on future imports it doesn't touch the the existing Casino games or add in the other ones. Seems logical but was trying to not have to sift through things to re-delete again. However, of all the issues the biggest one for me is that if you do delete games within an import group it will re-add them again since no permanent flag assigned so will pop in again. I tried adding the "to be deleted" roms to a playlist thinking maybe it might keep the playlist intact but it removes playlist entries if you delete a game. Again make sense, but was trying to figure a way of nuking the games had no interest in easily after each update without having to go one by one. The only way I came up with was the playlist route again where I spent time to move ones didn't want to the list and then hiding. They will remain hidden and within that playlist on subsequent imports as long as don't delete the game. The only problem with that is there is no feature to hide a playlist from Bigbox, so I had this "zzzz-Lame Game-zzz" list in my setup. I figure I could brute force it by copying the playlist xml file after moving games to playlist but just before deleting and then replacing that playlist on a re-import cycle but that is a bit of a fiddly process and will likely break with a MAME ROM name change. I like the genre and play mode Mame metadata but the game info leaves a lot to be desired and in many cases the LB DB has better info. I just don't like the format of some of the data they use like, "XYZ. released 3 different machines in our database under this trade name..." So right now, like you found, if you want to do any customizing of the info the re-import is really not an option. A "lock" field box would like resolve the problem but not sure if that is even on development horizon.
  12. sundogak

    Convert PS1 to EBOOT & Retain Game Title?

    There is the create folder option that allows using the game title that might work. You could then use the import feature within LB to use folder title for import rather than the ROM title. Not ideal but one way but would be quickest without having to go to second step with a file renaming tool.
  13. sundogak

    CD Games Compression - Storage [Best way]?

    Looks like you can batch convert with PSX2PSP, see When went back and looked at the PSX2PSP folder there is a "batch mode" script that somehow I managed to miss that obvious link! Although seems issue is that uses the Sony game number and not the title.
  14. sundogak

    MAME - Xbox Controller Config (ctrlr file)

    One other thing to try and meant to mention in earlier response is to go to the ..\MAME\CFG\ directory and rename/delete the "default.cfg" and try again. In theory it regens the default file automatically but something to verify. Also check in same directory that the game you are testing doesn't have any unwanted controller mappings in it. Beyond that not sure why wouldn't be taking the CTRLR file (whatever you decide on using) as primary other than trying a vanilla install of MAME in test directory somewhere and working backwards.
  15. sundogak

    MAME - Xbox Controller Config (ctrlr file)

    @Buddy Dacote I tried that "kinks" ctrlr file you referenced in the link (I hadn't realized could remap multiple ways in one file by machine type so that was cool). I use a XBOX One wireless as well so our setups are similar. It seems to remap with keyboard and joystick as expected (see screen snap of 1944 CP1 controller maps vs Neogeo game where can see the buttons are remapped based on machine type) when tab in using the "kinks" ctrlr file. So you might double check a couple areas to verify pulling in correct file. It sounds like you placed the downloaded cfg file into the ..\mame\ctrlr directory so that is first item. Then in your mame.ini file check that the file name is the same but don't include the CFG extension in name. I had an existing cfg I had made called "xbox2player" so I just renamed the downloaded one to what I had for testing. As long as the mame.ini reference and cfg file match it should be golden. I don't necessarily like all the mappings of buttons with XBOX controller but may borrow some of them items they I had in their file. I had a much more simpler one (just two player only) \ which like Neil9000 and Lordmonkus stated above, typically works for bulk of the games. Either way, you will want to get the ctrlr mapping issue figured out so whatever mapping choose is fixed so MAME doesn't have issues of resetting controller maps if forget to turn on controller before launch MAME. Edit: As I was messing around noted (at least) the following problems with the "kinks" file. 1) Don't map the right stick at all, so problem with games like Robotron where just run around but cannot shoot...death results quickly! 2) there are extra spaces in the select and coin commands which seemed to cause funky results when starting games (stopped when deleted them). The Neogeo machine also had some extra spaces in the button commands. 3) they used a "remap" set of commands to map the UI arrow keys to the number pad in start of file. Don't see why since arrow keys not used anywhere else, plus they use the incorrect command for number pad key binding so number pad up/down don't work anyway because have extra "_" in them. 4) pedal/paddles don't look quite right but didn't try them. 5) the player 1 keyboard bindings were removed so would have issues if using for say Apple II emulator game with keyboard (i.e, Castle Wolfenstein).