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  1. Maybe not exactly tracking on issue, but when you are in window where you use "Ctrl-A" to select all you can use CTRL mouse click to to toggle unselect and/or SHIFT mouse click to select all between highlighted selection to mouse click selection. Still some work but don't have to do it at the end right before import.
  2. If the files you downloaded are named accurately then you can do a couple things. First is anything you copy to ..\\Launchbox\Images\<Platform NAME>\<Image Type> or if videos via the \\Launchbox\Videos\ then LB's fuzzy naming will pickup anything in those folders. Make sure refresh your view via F5 by selecting the games so it looks for the new media. LB will match anything in the title or the name of the ROM if media is named similarly. So for example, you have downloaded a bunch of game snap videos for SNES. Then you would place those videos you already downloaded into
  3. @Unrealcpu If the Setup.Exe files are all in folders with title of the game, then the easiest would be to run the import wizard within LB. Then do import of files and select "Setup.EXE" (or whatever is the common file you have in the folder setup). Then when you come to this option select option to use the folder name rather than the "Setup.EXE" for doing media searches and naming. Then it should pick up the media based on folder title versus whatever file you imported. The dummy text file method (or batch file) is useful if for some reason you don't have consistent folder names. Whatever
  4. Agreed. The next best solution is mapping a consistent drive across installs. For those few setups that are not relative path then doesn't break them. Annoyingly, pinball emulation (FP/VP) is still the primary holdout that loves to stick stuff in Windows registry.
  5. @PurpleTentacle Not to my knowledge. It isn’t something supported in upstream emulator. So would be something the RA core developer would have to add.
  6. @vegas4917Here are two, wasn't sure if wanted collection on it or not.
  7. This is image from their PDF cover at the developer's web site. Uploaded to DB.
  8. A cfg file should be in the folder Atari800 and in your case Atari5200. In LB you point via command line path to the cfg in 5200 folder. The emulator default folder is Atari800 so that is then your 8-bit cfg location. You should not have any cfg for the emulator in the root like you indicated. @Pineappleking Edit the file that is here (see snap) is a completely separate CFG file (don't mix it up with the others), that points to the BIOS/ROMs for the Atari800 emulator. So don't move/delete/copy to other CFGs. The CFGs I am referring to above are within the ..\RetroArch\config path. If
  9. That screen shot doesn't really help much since all washed out and cannot see what is to the left of the Wii portion although suspect it is the Nintendo oval. So suggest using print screen or the built in Windows utility Snipping Tool (just type in Windows search box) vs a camera shot. Ideally, provide the actual PNG you want by going to the theme folder under images and and attach here. The Wii logo I used is the "official" Wii SVG file, so if the theme is using something different you will need to provide the PNG. The Wii Ware one looks to be standard so that is below.
  10. Here is a stab at it, but if looking for something in particular easier if have example like Retro808 mentioned above.
  11. You have to setup two RA CFG files and folders. One that was setup for the 5200 and one for the 8-bit. Then in your LB install you point to the specific CFG file within the "Extra Command Line Parameters" field like below: -c "config\Atari800_XL\atari800_libretro.cfg" When you point to a different folder then that folder contains the unique CFG and options and you don't overwrite them. So in my case above I setup the "normal" install folder with a 5200 option set. Then the second instance points to a separate folder for the 8-bit CFG. If you set RA up to save *.OPT files uniqu
  12. @moudrost here are steps I just used recently: Backup up LB XML files via Tools...Create Data Backup. Backups are stored in ..\Launchbox\Backups by date in zip. The install batch file will overwrite existing "ScummVM" XML file within ..\Launchbox\Data folder\ScummVM Your backup in Step 1 will keep a copy of your old version The install batch will merge media into any existing ScummVM folders within Images, Manuals, and Music. If you have setup a non-eXo version at some point you may want to consider renaming your old folders and/or backing up.
  13. If you do a MAME import and check the box to import clones then searching will bring up anything in the main name field as well as the Alternative Names section. See example below since with clone import: If you don't import clones then nothing gets filled in for the clone alternative name and thus nothing for search to pickup.
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