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  1. I would first make sure all works with MAME standalone. Easiest way to troubleshoot is outside of LB since they you can see any errors thrown by MAME. Open DOS command window in the MAME directory and run command similar to this (substitute your game path). The "cdimono1" command is correct, so if you tried it and not working then something likely with MAME set. CDIMONO2 is non-working emulation. mame64.exe cdimono1 -cdrom "G:\Emulators\Philips CD-i\roms\Alien Gate (CD-i).chd" Also see this thread:
  2. I bought FX3 a few months ago and got cabinet code. You just send a screen shot of monitor in any configuration. They don’t care as long as not commercial setting. It doesn’t have to be cabinet or rotated display. I use in desktop configuration with 2nd monitor as BG.
  3. I use Steam as well for FX3. I also use the same emulator command string across all tables and have never had any issues launching directly to any table (have all but latest pack) within LB.
  4. The image feature via the LB DB is a big time saving advantage for people setting up a system. EMUMovies doesn't have much on Pinball side. I screenshot the backglass and tables for all ~730 Future Pinball tables (free to donate to LB!) because it is such a mishmash of media out there (and I wanted a BG image on my second monitor). As JaysArcade mentioned, some super custom/original tables (but we are not talking copying the tables themselves) or some unique designs (have seen some for FX3 BG) might trigger weirdness. But if stick to the "basics": clear logo, table screenshot (full and/or desktop), backglass screenshot from the table, and adverts/flyers (that don't apply to originals) these are hardly unique images. We also have chunks of pinball media in Download section. If someone was going to get tweaked out, I would have suspected the full on zip files would be the trigger. On the setup side (desktop, not cabinet), except for The Pinball Arcade where you have to use a free third-party launcher for direct table launching, the others you can all launch directly in LB via command line now. Although it is a bit of web hunt to get the commands setup (i.e., drop downs sort of like what was done for RA cores might be useful for the commands). To me the challenge with pinball is mostly in the DB side/edit field menu. You can have a huge number of tables that are similar but "different" and DB fields not quite how pinball does things. To me it is similar to "region" media or MAME clone media. Not having the major pinball platforms and just "Pinball" in the DB also creates collisions of similar tables from name perspective media wise. For example, Back to the Future table: Back to the Future (Data East 1990) - Future Pinball, replication of real table Back to the Future - The Pinball (Original 2013) - Future Pinball - Original table, much different than DE version. Back to the Future (FX3 2017) - Pinball FX3 - Doesn't look anything like the others (typically customized "backglass" since no native one in this game as example). FX2 version that is basically similar design wise although see different docklets and backglass "recreations" between the two. Back to the Future (Data East 1990) - Visual Pinball, replication similar to FP. That doesn't get into the "Ultimate" versions and mods particularly with VP and FP. Some of that can be resolved through the "additional app" feature but from media side would still need to tag them or you would get media that doesn't match your version/platform. Rant /off! Appreciate you taking time to look at the pinball side of things.
  5. Running LB 9.9 and CEMU 1.15.8. The new Pause feature as well as the existing AHK exit scripts I had work. I use ESC and XBOX One Guide Button for exit prior. $Esc:: Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} ;for exit with one press of XBOX Guide Button $vk07:: Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} Also the controller automation works as well. I have settings both in LB as well as BB using Back button as HOLD and the "X" button as exit with "Y" as Pause. So not sure on what the issue would be other than to check CEMU version and double checking buttons mapped in controller automation.
  6. The emulator cores are selected as shown below in the edit emulator box. Select the core column and will allow to toggle to appropriate core. Make sure your platform titles match in the associated platform column and what you named in LB listing.
  7. PSX2 only supports above formats. If having DLL/driver issues then try downloading development version (backup original first) since the "stable release" v 1.4 is almost three years old and a lot of fixes have been made. https://buildbot.orphis.net/pcsx2/index.php?m=fulllist
  8. Yep, primary reason use the Free CameraMod is because of the table launching ability via command line which then is easy to integrate into LB. I keep the camera mod portion turned off via the settings.ini file. The Backglass feature is also nice if you have multi monitors. A setup guide is here. I have RL as well, but this allowed to kill two birds with one stone, no RL for it to launch and added BG feature.
  9. @drewjbxFor TPA, you don't have to use RL. Here is how have setup in LB with TPA purchased from Steam, but shouldn't make any difference as long as TPA is up and working outside LB since using TPAFreeCamMod.exe. The TPAFreeCamMod.exe needs to have the proper path in its Settings.ini file to the PinballArcade11.exe location. 1) Make sure you have the TPAFreeCamMod.exe and use that as your emulator application path. You can name the "emulator" whatever you want. You need to make sure to check the "Use file name only without extension or folder path...." Also note the -table command in command-line 2) Then setup "dummy" roms which are just plain text files with the name that TPA uses for launching: This is example of "rom" folder which plain text files. Note the name is key since that is what is used to pass to command line to launch table. The benefit here is that once have named can import into LB like any other roms and "in mass" through import tool. Will have to fiddle with the names to fix in the title once imported. Full list of game names Freecam needs (got this list from one of the pinball sites):
  10. @drewjbx See this link to working emulators and/or notes on issues. I assume you are talking about the PPSSPP standalone rather than Retroarch. That is known issue with standalone. If you use the RA core for PPSSPP seems to work fine.
  11. @BABLikely because old MAME version. Try info in this link by removing the -keboardprovider line:
  12. @robmichyou can always set the Default.CFG in the MAME CFG folder as read only after you setup the way wanted. It will not overwrite then. Haven't heard that doesn't work (although "hacky"). There are various threads discussing this with one recent here :
  13. Likely a platform naming issue (sometimes confusion on "Arcade" and "MAME"). Easy way to check is take one of your playlists, say 2-player, edit the playlist. Go to last tab. Do you see "MAME(Platform)" or "Arcade (Platform)"? Then click on the Auto-Populate tab and see what the Platform field is comparing to in the Value field (typically either MAME or Arcade). Basically, the two should match. So for example is above is MAME and your playlist below says "Arcade" try changing to MAME and see if works. If does, then can fix in mass on next step. If it is MAME like mine above then you then at this step you need to use MAME rather than Arcade as your platform. Basically what you pick here should match your name for your platform used for arcade games (not to be confused with category arcade): Also make sure when importing you point to the correct ROM directory for MAME. I assume you "Arcade" list shows the games, just not the subset categories. If above isn't fix then screenshots of these screens two will be helpful.
  14. Other than in MAME since uses the MAME DAT information, LB doesn't have any idea that a ROM is "beta". It will import whatever you tell it. Easiest is to go into your ROM directory and search by "(beta)" and remove from ROM directory (just move to another for storage). Or if you don't have that many, during import on the last step of import, LB allows you to remove the entries you don't want. Last approach is to get a ROM Manager and get them renamed correctly and then remove the files don't want manually as noted in step 1.
  15. A couple things to check. Does your MAME.ini file point to the proper CFG file and is that CFG file located in your CTLR directory? In my case the file is called "xbox2player.cfg" and in the CTLR directory (assuming you have stuck with defaults paths). Maybe an issue with the USB device IDs. I don't see a mapdevice entry in your CFG file. See MAME docs here. Example from my CFG for a 2 player xbox one setup: <input> <mapdevice device="XInput Player 1" controller="JOYCODE_1" /> <mapdevice device="XInput Player 2" controller="JOYCODE_2" /> Lastly, some still have issues even when everything seems to be setup as supposed to where basically the USB device IDs don't stick and the settings revert back. So the last option is to get all setup way you want within MAME. Then exit MAME. Go to the MAME\CFG folder and look for DEFAULT.CFG and set as read only. What is supposed to happen is your custom CFG in the CTRL directory is meant to overwrite the DEFAULT each time but for some (and did happen on my original setup as well) it doesn't seem to work the way expected consistently. Setting as read only doesn't hurt anything other than hassle of having to remove read only if need to make changes. I would try this last however, since somewhat hacky (but never had any issues when I had this way).
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