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  1. Whatever you have listed in the additional apps tab (within Edit Game) will then be tied to the main game (if right click will be in pop window). You can make one in the list the default with the Make Default button. However, one thing to note is that on the Arcade/Mame side if you use the import Mame Full Set feature again it will reset your defaults. Not an issue with the other platforms.
  2. sundogak

    Populate Missing Artwork

    Click on the platform you want (say Atari 2600), then go to the Tools menu. Then look for the Audit selection under Import, and it will bring up grid with information that you can use to determine missing media. Can also export (by copy all in screen) to Excel. Off screen are the columns for media and if they are present.
  3. Although not LB, there are programs (free) like Calibre that provide graphic bookshelf formats via webserver with book covers and point click download/read of all major ebook formats. The main utility has scrapers to download book covers, isbn, book data, etc for ebooks so might be idea for those that are coders to see how it uses the various APIs. I saw some plugins for loan-out libraries but haven't tried that. Interface isn't quite as elegant as LB but I typically only use as "home library" which browse with iPad, download, and read on portable device rather than via web server viewer. One advantage of it over say a LB model is that can browse to it from any device on internal network without having to install anything on client side.
  4. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Thanks for the new additions! Very helpful.
  5. sundogak

    EmuMovies Video Snaps

    Internet Archive has some DS video snaps; however, it didn't look that much different (to me) than the EMU as far as types (~1,000) but then I am only looking at US roms since that is almost all of mine (few EU/JP thrown in). So might be the difference in success, in that EMU FTP is mostly US videos.
  6. sundogak

    EmuMovies Video Snaps

    Go to the HQ folder, has a about 600. The HD folder just above this one has about 500. Wiiware videos are in separate folder. PSP is the most incomplete, but had about 300 out of the 400 games. DS had all but 6 games I had (~800).
  7. sundogak

    EmuMovies Video Snaps

    EMU Movies has video snaps for DS (+1600), Wii (+600), and PSP (+800). You can used FTP/Sync App (if EMU member) or can download direct within LB if have license. Internet Archive also had DS vids as another option.
  8. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    Thanks for the generating these logos, very helpful for those of us that are Gimp/PS challenged. With the recent playlist auto generator, I see the following genres that I don't see a logo for in existing sets. Sorry if missed in thread: Genres (in LB DB) Compilation Visual Novel Regions World Asia (to catch China, Australia, Korea etc.) South America (to catch Brazil, etc.) Play Modes 2-Player Simultaneous 2-Player Alternating
  9. sundogak

    Unified Redux

    Understood, on the why and the fix. I had already started duplicating and/or renaming to address. If auto-generated used same naming convention (since almost identical in most cases) or the graphics files were duplicated with console and arcade names then would save folks from redoing since in most cases genre's like "sci-fi" are not any different between arcade vs console. Just trying to show off all the awesome work the graphics folks have done. 😎 Just wanted to make sure there wasn't going to be an update that addressed before I mucked about. Thanks for all the work on this theme and LB, as well as continuing to add cool features. Always amazes me the various parts and pieces that come together to make good front end.
  10. sundogak

    Unified Redux

    Another glitch I noticed. I thought it was just with the arcade/mame platform but it also happens with the consoles. If you do not have any playlists under the platform you get Snap #1 which is missing background, etc. (I refreshed images didn't make difference). After I added playlists in platform (no changes otherwise other than refresh images) then everything works as intended: I also noticed this behavior (looks like Snap #1 at game level) in the Arcade/Mame platform even though I have playlists.
  11. sundogak

    Unified Redux

    I updated to the latest version 1.6 and noticed some naming issues in the Theme graphics files (e.g., logo, background, pointers) relative to the what the auto-generated playlist naming convention (at least for consoles). For example, auto-generated playlist for SNES and NES makes a "Fighting" playlist per the standard in LB DB. However, the theme uses "Fighting Games". It looks like all the "Games" named files are not consistent with the playlists generated (again for consoles) since they do not use the "games" wording. Others like "Beat 'em Up" vs Beat em Up, Flying vs Flight Simulator, Action & Adventure vs Adventure (and Action which are separate in Auto Generated). It cascades to all the theme parts (borders, background, and logos) and thus the platform specific graphics are not being picked up in many cases for genres. I started renaming to fix (or could rename the playlist) but there are quite a few changes that others will run into as well and people will bump into again if regen with auto generated names.
  12. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    You can put them in several places depending on what you want to do. If you want for all themes can put the Category groupings and Playlists in LaunchBox\Images\Platform Categories LaunchBox\Images\Playlists Alternatively, I put them in the specific theme directory so I can change to another theme and the specific art and movies are setup for that theme without having to fiddle around changing things. Eats up some drive space but to me it is easier to keep track of where things are located or make the art specific to the them without impacting others. So for example, for the Unified Redux theme if going the "per theme" route then they are located as such (you may have to add the folders): Videos are the same organization within the Video folder.
  13. sundogak

    Daphne Install

    Your paths are not correct somewhere because it cannot find the laser disc files per this line in your log: Framefile parse succeeded. Video/Audio directory is: R:/Arcade/Emulators/Daphne/framefile/ace/../vldp/ace/ Could not open file : R:/Arcade/Emulators/Daphne/framefile/ace/../vldp/ace/ace.m2v Need to check your first line in the frame file you are referencing and it should point to your laser disc files directory. Basically, the way you have now it is looking for the m2v files in your Daphne/framefile/ace directory. So you can either move the files to where referenced or fix your framefile (first line only). In my case below, this is a working setup where it finds the VLDP files in a folder called "lair" and I have them in my ROMS folder. Yours can be different but you have to make sure your framefile text files have proper reference (i.e., first line points to M2V folder). Framefile parse succeeded. Video/Audio directory is: G:/Emulators/Daphne/roms/vldp/lair/./ YUV overlay is done in software (ie unaccelerated). Booting ROM ...
  14. sundogak

    Deleted platform that keeps coming back.

    I had a similar issue with Future Pinball right after I updated to version 9.1 and was driving me crazy because I would lose all changes made and it would revert to an XML file (even if deleted backups). I noticed it after making a lot of changes to Future Pinball database (adding text, images, etc) and the next day it had reverted to an earlier version. I even tried deleting all items within that platform completely (have offline backup). Still didn't work in that the XML file would pop back. I eventually realized it was taking a version about 3 days back. It was really odd because I could see the xml file regenerated while I had Explorer open each time I reopened LB. The XML file always had the date stamp and size (and if looked at directly could see changes made not included) of the older version no matter how worked the changes. I had deleted the XML, CACHE files, and all XML Data backups but still didn't work. Eventually, I tried clearing out my TMP and TEMP files from Windows since it was obviously copying it from someplace since deleted all the other locations it might pull. That seemed to work since could see changes were now being saved in the XML file and a couple restarts didn't trigger the older replacement behavior. Although doesn't make sense in that I didn't see anything obvious files in the TEMP folder. It is definitely some weird cache/temp file deal since the other platforms worked fine but just that one platform which I happened to be doing a lot of work on around the 9.1 upgrade timeline. Suspect was corrupted somehow and LB got stuck but not sure what caused it. So might give the TEMP file purge a try and see if that solves.
  15. sundogak

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Thanks for all the work on this theme. In the Arcade specific theme I notice that all work as expected except the "Pinball Arcade" playlist. If LB auto generates the playlist it uses the Unique Name as Pinball Arcade and Nested Name of Pinball Arcade (which doesn't match the others). If use this, then theme uses the default art (not Arcade default). If rename playlist to something like "Arcade Pinball" which matches the other arcade playlist naming conventions it will pickup the arcade default theme cabinet art but still not the specific one for Pinball Arcade. I noticed in the Images folder of the Arcade theme it uses the name "Arcade Pinball". I tried renaming my playlist a variety of different ways to match as well as the pinball arcade theme art but it never picks up the specific version. Not super critical but likely a naming issue somewhere.