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  1. haha, well started as "Sundog_AK" for sundog Alaska many moons ago, but some sites didn't like underscores so morphed over time. They are an interesting weather phenomenon but has to be !@#*& cold to see them. Sadly don't live in Alaska anymore and here in southeast Texas anything below freezing is comparable to a zombie apocalypse
  2. Updated media pack with Volume 5 media.
  3. For the recreations, they will almost always have logos made for Visual Pinball or Future Pinball. Here are the logos I have:At some point I will update the master pack are for FX3 here: You can find backglass graphics here: https://github.com/TheTrainGoes/Pinball-FX3-Backglass/tree/master/Backglass
  4. For stand alone MAME setup, here is emulator setup I have for Bally Astrocade: astrocde -cart
  5. The newest core changed things around. 1) It now looks for roms in the RA System directory within the "neocd" folder whereas prior the roms were just under the System directory. They now must be in: \Retroarch\System\neocd 2) If you have neogeo.zip and neocdz.zip in your \Retroarch\System directory those have the at least one each of the needed roms that you can move in the neocd directory. If you had a working version prior, then likely have those zip files. Just open and extract the needed 000-lo.lo and neocd.bin files into the neocd directory. Those two should get you running again and are within a recent MAME rom set. See here: https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro for more info as well as rom hashes needed. Confusingly, the other ROMs listed can be from older sets but the above two will work: https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro/issues/6
  6. Just add -c "Path to config" to command line parameters. Path is relative to RA directory. For example, I have a specific config file loading the Atari800 core and it looks like: -c "config\Atari800_XL\Atari800.cfg"
  7. Likely because you have set region priorities (under Options, Legacy, General) so if LB sees the region you have set it will download that version as priority. So that plus whatever is set in your Region setting (likely Japan) and only downloaded Japan art (for that art where there is multiple images tagged with regions). You can test by changing your Region in game edit window to "North America" or to "Europe" and will download that front art. Also, those were listed as "Fanart" so they won't show up unless your box front priorities setting has included Fanart-Box-Front. That setting is also in Options, Legacy, Images.
  8. Very helpful with the new feature since can work more "live" outside the audit page. One item on the audit ability side would be "Manuals". I use a user plugin which generates text file for gaps but easier if it was in the audit panel. Understand that isn't likely high on the "list"
  9. Have you checked your MAME.INI setting to make sure it is set to full screen? Set the window switch to zero.
  10. sundogak

    Mame confusion

    On #1 Merged places children, parents, clones, various regions and needed ROM files into one zip file for each game. A merged set is ~64 GB (roms only, no CHDs). Split set takes middle approach with the parent containing needed files to run and the other versions (clones, etc) as separate archives. Those children archives only contain the "different" files versus the parent (i.e., common files remain with the parent). A split set is ~66 GB. So a split set will have a separate archive for each game but saves space by not duplicating a bunch of common files. Un-merged makes all versions of the game as standalone with all needed components in each archive for each parent and clone. An unmerged set is ~119 GB , lots of duplication. In theory, a merged zip file can be moved around and not have to worry about if it will have all the needed files from the parent. So if doing pruning from main set (say to move from a NAS a few games to your cabinet setup) that can be an advantage. But in my opinion, the size of drives these days makes that less of an issue. With an unmerged set you still pay a penalty somewhere to maintain 2 times the size of a split or merged set. Mame and LB are smart enough to not care which is used as long as the tool used did what it was supposed to when generating each set. Some other (or older) front ends had hard time with merged sets. So if looking at older info, they may say use Split or unmerged. Personally, I use a split set since balances all things (size, able to visually see each clone as separate archive). But that is just preference. For LB you should be seeing the same clones regardless unless the merged set isn't correct or there was an import issue (i.e., didn't use Fullset import feature). On #7, those arcade systems were major hardware groupings that some prefer to keep as separate platforms. In some cases, it was due to different emulators beyond MAME, or that MAME couldn't originally emulate the system across all games (i.e., Taito X). Or the case of SNK Neo Geo MVS where that system was both an arcade and home system at various points. Some of those reasons have evolved I suspect with more robust front ends like LB and playlists added as feature (not the case originally) but some still prefer they are separate platforms. Similar on the PC side. ScummVM is a platform in DB, but really it is an emulator of DOS/Windows games, so you will see the games listed in the DOS/Windows entries as well as in ScummVM platforms. Admittedly, I use ScummVM as a platform in my setup since have different art. So ultimately boils down to preference and if prefer to use playlists then can ignore the subsystems and just use the main parent (i.e., Arcade) and ignore the others.
  11. sundogak

    Doom: 208 games?

    They are custom WADs, user created levels/modifications. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doom_WAD
  12. There was another thread, although more related to controller and may be unrelated to this issue. Have you tried changing the RA Input to "Raw"
  13. Yep, same here using 215. I typically had it set for Phasor if using Mame, but it will only output left speaker if using Mockingboard. Tried same dsk file with AppleWin and works fine. So looks like a glitch.
  14. sundogak

    retroarch help

    For the Atari 5200, check your retroarch-core-options.cfg file and look for this setting to make sure it says "5200" . atari800_system = "5200" Also check you have the required 5200.rom. Lastly, if the above are right, then load the core and while running hit F1. Should come up with a window like this and check System Settings are properly set to 5200. For the Jaguar, not sure on that. I never have seen that boot screen. Do you have the "Bios" option set to "on" in the RA settings? Might toggle if that is the case. Just a guess though. For the 7800, looks to me like maybe not correct firmware. When you go to the Core Information setting in RA, do you show the 7800.BIOS (U).rom as present? Again a guess since haven't seen that unless it is a corrupted ROM.
  15. Take a look at these threads: This was specific to MAME (not Retroarch):
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