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  1. Seems weird that one at time works and not in mass since in theory not really anything different mechanically between the two. But glad you got the one at time method going.
  2. Although seems odd that there would be that many, might try this: Take a couple of zip files you know are not importing and drag drop then into the platform window (or through normal import) but when you get to this last dialog box, make sure to check the "force importing duplicate" games. It might be the zip file names are confusing and/or considered to be a duplicate (i.e., if one is USA version, and another Europe, it will only import one, not both if don't force). Other than that would need to see a screen snap of the zip file names that are not importing. But would try this first and see what happens.
  3. Did you do a refresh of the images in BB via the Options? Anytime making changes to images and such need to do that. Where are you placing the clear logo's and banners? They either go here into the specific theme folder: or if want to apply to all themes (organized by playlist, platform, etc) Doesn't explain the playlist issue. You can try manually deleting the older/unwanted playlists from here (make backup outside of the LB path just in case): and any name in here: Way back I had an issue where older data kept getting restored even when I deleted from backup directory and main directory (it would regen the older XML file magically, very odd since could see it copying back). It was an odd thing that could never replicate for bug purposes but a few others have had. In my case clearing the backup folder, and the main folder of the unwanted XML, and then deleting the Windows TEMP folder files seemed to stop it. Anyway, things to try.
  4. There is also this option discussed in this thread
  5. Would adding the script (non-compiled) to the Emulator AHK Script window work?
  6. Sadly it was manual on 99% of the Future Pinball, Pinball Arcade, and Pinball FX3. Look in the Game Media section of Downloads for some packs (Future Pinball, Visual Pinball specifically). Don't recall if there were Pinball Arcade packs. The LB DB isn't setup 100% for Pinball tables to be easily added since it clumps them all into "Pinball" rather than by emulator. So it holds me back in adding what I have to DB. Plus then you get into the myriad of versions even within each platform, especially for Future Pinball and Visual Pinball. I only have recently added Pinball Arcade and only have a few games so it wasn't too difficult to add the art. A couple of places to look (example Docklets for Pinball Arcade): https://emumovies.com/files/file/3083-pinball-arcade-docklet-wheels-pack/ https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/19831-pinball-arcade-docklet-missing-wheels/ Things like the logos you can usually steal from other pinball packs in many cases if cannot find a specific Pinball Arcade pack (i.e., in LB Downloads section).
  7. @Agrajag I have MAME working but use Retroarch core that emulates Colecovision as my primary method (uses the BlueMSX core). May be an alternative if you have RA in your setup. However, you would need to have the appropriate ROMs in the \Retroarch\system\Machines\ directory to work with the core. RA keeps the ROMs here. The folder names and paths need to be as noted in screenshot: COL - Colecovision: coleco.rom with CRC 3AA93EF3 << this is the same as the MAME rom "313 10031-4005 73108a.u2" spycat referenced just renamed (same CRC). Although cannot attach the ROM, the config.ini in the above listing is attached. CRC with some Googlefoo will get you there on the ROM for MAME and/or Retroarch. config.ini COL - ColecoVision with Opcode Memory Extension: The Retroarch ROM with Opcode is actually the same CRC as above and also named coleco.rom in the folder. So just duplicated but in separate folder for RA. The config file is slightly different and also attached (will need to rename back to config.ini). config_OPCODE.ini
  8. see the wiki for the -e and -b switches which are snipped below: https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Help:Contents#Command_Line_Options -h, --help Show this help message -d, --debugger Opens the debugger -l, --logger Opens the logger -e, --exec=<str> Loads a specific game file (ELF, DOL, GCM, ISO, WBFS, CISO, GCZ, WAD) -b, --batch Exit Dolphin with emulator -c, --confirm Set "Confirm on Stop". -v, --video_backend=<str> Specifies a video backend to use, D3D or OGL. -a, --audio_emulation=<str> Specified the type of audio to use, HLE or LLE. -m, --movie=<str> Plays a movie file -u, --user=<str> Specifies a path to the user directory -C, --config=<System>.<Section>.<Key>=<Value> Set a configuration option.
  9. @taz2350 You need to go into Retroarch and download the cores from within the emulator, that isn't done by LB which is why they are all listed as missing. I use RA for most things and here is example of working setup (notice the status). See snap of RA where you download via their updater system. @CDBlue You do not need to check the "Extract ROM archives before running" in LB for almost all RA cores. RA will work natively with 7Z and ZIP format.
  10. @Belgarath Oops, I stand corrected. https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/images/87087 I guess when I looked way back when adding didn't notice since hadn't imported them with search turned on. I remember seeing a thread at one point on adding some fields as well. The problem I see is that with them all jammed into the Pinball platform and not by say Future Pinball, Virtual Pinball, etc. along with no version field or indicator of "recreation" or "original" (for FP) it will get confusing on which table is which art wise. It took me a long time to cleanup my Pinball section and add art, naming, etc, so will have to take a look and see what can add media wise at least for the more popular tables.
  11. @Strblast Not sure if still having issue but in case someone comes across the thread with same question. Here is a screenshot below. Need to check the highlighted box. Pinball Arcade only wants the short table name to start and not full path as long as CamMod settings.ini file has the correct path to the Pinball Arcade DX11 executable. Then I just have a dummy text file with the appropriate table name reference in the title of the text file (see highlight for Star Trek example)
  12. @vaderag EmuMovies does have some media, so likely that is where it is pulling from if query from LB. But Pinball (sadly) is not in the DB beyond those few that are part of MAME. You can validate by noting in the edit window and pinball games will not show there is a Launchbox DB ID to the far right of the name. There are some packs of media in the download section of the forum (logos for FP for example) so might also check that section out. But otherwise a lot of hunting and/or generating of own media on the pinball front.
  13. With the recent updates in MAME with TV Plug and Play Games, here are a few logos that may have be of use to others:
  14. @fyrenthenimar Dragon57 did the X and X2 blanks already. See here on page 31 of this thread for those two: Here are the two others you wanted for TaitoType X+ and Exboard in similar style to what was done previously:
  15. I am not clear why you are trying to re-download the files if you have the VLDPs and ROMs from PD as you mention in your post. Ultimately, don't need the loader once have the files (framefile, vldp, rom, and batch to call daphne.exe) since can launch with batch command which is also what LB needs anyway. If have the VLDP and ROMs than likely a framefile and path issue which can be fixed with no downloads (would need more info to help, like screen snaps of directory structure you have, particularly the VLDP locations). If you don't have the VLDP files, then like Asparky said, the torrent feature in the Daphne loader no longer works so you have to acquire via other means.
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