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  1. Help screen has command keys: Option is F4.
  2. @Truest1 They changed the format of the bezels/artwork back in 0.225 (so not the latest release issue). That is warning only so the bezel will still work. You would have to update the lay file to eliminate the warning. https://github.com/thebezelproject/BezelProject-Windows/issues/29
  3. I was speaking only the 800 games not 5200.
  4. The Atari of the time only used a joystick with one button. Asteroids only used one. https://www.atarimania.com/8bit/files/Asteroids_manual.pdf
  5. check your Tools, Options, Game Controllers, Mapping and then looking at the Exit Game setting.
  6. There is a help system in Altirra. It shows you the default commands (Start for example is F2). Help also shows how to setup controllers. Inputs are setup here and there are presets for XBOX controllers
  7. in your .atari800.cfg file namely this settings adjust video sizing within the file (or access via F1 in game, adjust , and save settings): VIDEOMODE_WINDOW_WIDTH=336 VIDEOMODE_WINDOW_HEIGHT=240 VIDEOMODE_FULLSCREEN_WIDTH=1920 VIDEOMODE_FULLSCREEN_HEIGHT=1080 VIDEOMODE_WINDOWED=0 VIDEOMODE_HORIZONTAL_AREA=TV VIDEOMODE_VERTICAL_AREA=TV VIDEOMODE_HORIZONTAL_SHIFT=0 VIDEOMODE_VERTICAL_SHIFT=0 VIDEOMODE_STRETCH=FULL VIDEOMODE_FIT=BOTH VIDEOMODE_IMAGE_ASPECT=REAL VIDEOMODE_ROTATE90=0 VIDEOMODE_HOST_ASPECT_RATIO=64:27 VIDEOMODE_80_COLUMN=1 or you can use command line entries as documented in the DOC folder in the USAGE.txt file. For example fullscreen command is: Best to stick to one way or the other (CFG file or command lines) just to avoid confusion. As far as controllers, yes it will work with controllers out of box; however, only as far as what the game supports for a "real" Atari 800. I don't be believe Atari 800 (the emulator) has input mapping to controller natively (it didn't use to which is why my default is Altirra). Thus, you will have to hit F4 on some games to start (Asteroids as example) or use an external mapping program to map a keyboard to controller button. Altirra has a mapping interface within the emulator that you can tell it to map the Atari 800 START button to a controller button.
  8. It’s the text file with all the emulator settings. It will be in same directory as the emulator executable. It should auto create to default as you said you had working outside LB.
  9. Hard to say without screen shots of your emulator settings in LB. There are a couple threads already on setup but here are the settings below that work assuming your .atari800.cfg file is working/setup outside LB. With the CFG you don't have to deal with any command line parameters in LB.
  10. Yes, LB works with Altirra or in your case the Atari 800 Emulator. The emulator you are running isn't Altirra, it is just running the Altirra OS. There is a separate Altirra Emulator here. LB is agnostic on emulators so if it can run via command line then will run in LB.
  11. F11 toggles the fullscreen for that emulator (assuming you didn't change defaults). ESC is defaulted to exit the program so that is normal behaviour. You can see this and/or change it in your default.cfg file for the program.
  12. The VB logo is from here with exception of Japan ones which I added lower text.
  13. It had 12 games and only released in Japan so suspect most people not really aware of the system. Here you go:
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