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  1. Mother nature has been throwing winter storm tantrums in my region, causing all sorts of headaches with no time to work requests (plus lack of power). I will try to see what it is still pending on requests over last several weeks and pick away at them as have time. So is still on my radar.
  2. This is @lou silver upload, not mine, so he would be best to answer.
  3. @vgbox You can mass import FPT files into LB but typically easiest is to point to a folder and have it import all *.fpt files. The issue was if you extracted the PD files in mass then there are TONs of FPT files that may or may not have the associated files needed in correct location so will harder time troubleshooting. As to meditation errors, usually means some issue with your settings. Check editor preferences, particularly that "load image into Table Editor" is not checked. Other is to check that high quality textures is checked and Model quality is set to high. Many t
  4. @vgbox Within LB, you only ever import FPT files. Basically, think of them as the "ROM". All the other are support files (scripts, sounds, xml). Second, I would test things outside LB first to make sure it works. If double click on FPT file and launches, then should work fine in LB. Then tackle the LB portion with import of FPT file. My guess, is that if you try and launch FPT file it won't work in above example. Third, you have things setup correctly with right files in place. Unlike other emulators it isn't as easy to get everything done in one big dump. I assume you are usi
  5. @vgbox You are trying to load a zip file. You cannot do that with Future Pinball. You have to either extract to a per table folder (i.e., The Fifth Element folder, and all files inside it) and then point to that FPT file within the folder (my preference) or move all associated files in extracted folder to appropriate Tables (.fpt), Scripts (vbs,fps) , and Library (.fpl) Folders in FP root.
  6. There is a set of marquees here up to 220:: https://www.progettosnaps.net/marquees/
  7. @triggerthehorizonThere is also these hack logos here as well towards bottom (page 42) I don't have that honeycomb background used in those others you attached, so won't be able to help on that style.
  8. @mallaard Steam has Zen Pinball FX3 and occasionally they go on sale by about half price. If not in rush that is cheapest option since your purchases on PS4 don't carry to Steam/PC. Pinball is a bit quirky to install overall and then to get working in LB (and other front ends) versus other emulators. Like mentioned above by Mallaard, there are variety of threads on these programs in forum. The main annoyance is you will not get much support for media direct from the LB database. So high quality media tends to be a bit more time consuming to hunt down versus just letting LB download i
  9. Daphne should work fine with the built in controller exit features within BB/LB if set to Guide button on Xbox One controller. So somewhat odd it isn't working. As alternative, here was an AHK I used prior to that built in feature implementation in LB/BB. You would need to place this in the Running AutoHotkey Script tab for Daphne emulator within LB: ; ================================================================================= ; Daphne ; Must use ALT F4 since Process Close command will not work ; exit with press of XBOX Guide Button ; =============================================
  10. One thing to clarify in the thread linked above is that I only added in the autohotkey script for FX3 because I wanted to use the Escape key to exit when close to keyboard versus it being treated as back in FX3. When using the controller, that AHK does nothing. Launchbox/BB controls exiting FX3 with Controller via Options, Game Controllers, Mappings setup (snip example below). Make sure you setup your BB as well since separate settings from LB. For most emulators that now "just works" without having to include an AHK for controller mapping for exit. The LB/BB controller mapping feature is
  11. @triggerthehorizon Here were two I had from prior.
  12. Here are a few of them Added 1/18/21
  13. Do you have proper command line in Mame within LB? In the case of NES it is: nes -cart
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