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  1. It’s at the end of the description text on the download page. Just below the Version 2.0 changes text. It is just attached to the post versus in the download zip files which is a bit confusing. I will add it there as well on next update when back at home PC in few weeks so clearer.
  2. Yep, using the Freezy DMD extension 1.7.3 and SamBuild VPinMame. Basically the setup and links shown here: https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/freezy-dmd-question/#post-115676 The issue I will have occasionally is not so much focus loss on main screen but that the external DMD will not "stick" in front of the backglass on second screen (will get hidden behind) event though all the settings are correct for it to do so. Usually with some fiddling will get it. Never figured a pattern on it to determine if some particular script code that is issue. From setup view, BAM and Future Pinball are far less twitchy I found.
  3. LB can do this. Go to Tools and select Scan for Removed ROMs and select that platform you want to scan. For this to work you need to make sure the path to your games in the Edit Platform, Folders Tab is set to your folder you want to scan/remove. Lastly, under Options need to verify that "Allow deleting of ROM..." is checked or it won't delete them during a scan. Best to uncheck that when done.
  4. Did you open up the CUE files in a text editor to verify they are actually referencing the correct file? If you only had CUE files to start that is not usually a good sign since the CUE and binary images should come as set. You didn't mention which emulator you are using but might verify which ever emulator using supports img format. For example, Retroarch supports only ISO, CUE, BIN and CHD. Does it do this when you use the emulator standalone outside LB? Last thing to try would be for a single BIN or IMG file you can typically launch file directly without the CUE (not ideal but good to test) and see if the IMG file will play.
  5. In BB I do have mouse disabled and I have also disabled the start up screen feature for VP (Pause feature active though). But I haven't had any issues on a two screen desktop setup (backglass on second screen).
  6. Looking at the X-Arcade ctrlr file looks like it is using keyboard inputs. I know some using arcade panel setups in RA had to switch their keyboard input to "RAW" within RA or it was causing odd behavior in LB. In theory, that wouldn't help you since your issue is not getting the pause screen and you are using MAME directly and not RA. LB wants the dinput for pause feature. But might be something to try since easy enough to test (just substitute RAW instead of dinput [or try AUTO], or take out that command and update the MAME.ini file). Other than that not sure, since seems like if a key conflict would be happening with LB and BB. X-Arcade.cfg
  7. Do you have this entry as noted below and relatively new MAME version? Older versions of MAME don't allow the dinput setting. -keyboardprovider dinput
  8. The SNK - Neo Geo CD (NeoCD) RA core supports mutl-bin/cue files and CHD. I tried it with ASO II - The Last Guardians with 24 bin files loading via cue file, and it loaded fine. I use NeoCD core for this platform since I prefer to use CHD format files. The FB Neo core doesn't support CHD files and as you noticed mult-bin files at the moment. It looks like they are working on the cue/bin side, but not likely support with CHD based on thread I saw. A full MAME software list set for NeoCD is ~30 gigs, so one advantage of CHD format compression. Link to core info: https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro
  9. One other thing to try that I noticed on my setup. I don't use BB much for pinball so hadn't notice prior. I was getting script errors ("Index out of Range") on some tables in VP (Fireball, 24, Fish Tales) that would cause VP to halt and BB to hang. It only occurred in BB and only if the back glass settings were set in B2S Server to launch the EXE rather than standard startup and only for some tables. I didn't want to fiddle with my back glass settings though. Upon searching there were some threads on the GamEX site for similar issues when running their front end that noted odd crashes, hangs, and screen issues. The fix was to check the program compatibility setting. So in LB case, go to the BigBox.exe and right click on it for properties. Select the compatibility tab and see if "Compatibility Mode" is checked. If so, uncheck it. I don't recall ever checking this but apparently it was. Once I did that the oddball tables worked with no crashes or hangs in BigBox. If the above doesn't work, then try checking the "Disable B2S" box in Visual Pinball. Since you don't use back glass function, then not a big issue to check it. B2S appears to be the program that isn't playing nicely with BigBox so before I did the above fix, disabling (or turning B2S Server to run in Standard Mode versus EXE Mode) also fixed the sporadic table crashes.
  10. Not sure why they wouldn't launch without seeing snaps of your setup in LB. VPX tables launch fine in my Bigbox setup and also exit out according to whatever command you have in LB (or via Pause menu in LB). I assume you have the following default commands in your setup for the VPX emulator: -minimized -exit -play Other things to try: In BigBox, might go into Options and try turning off the Mouse (shouldn't matter, but something to try). Make sure running VPX 10.6 In VPX try turning toggling Windowed Fullscreen to Exclusive Full Screen (or vice versa). On your question on which theme: in the first video that is Unified Refried theme. On your question on backglass issue: that can get complicated with VPX. First off, I would go to the VPX table sites and download the most recent version of the one of the tables you are having issues with to make sure the script hadn't been modified. Make sure it is the desktop version and not the cabinet version of the table (if given an option). Many of the newer tables are coded to detect if two or more screens are turned on and will turn off the DMD on the primary screen since logic is it is cabinet and will have a separate backglass screen. There were a couple VPX "sets" floating around that had all been modified for dual screen cabinet (but didn't indicate that) so the script code had been manually altered from original to turn off DMD on the main screen along with backgrounds. Makes sense for cabinets but for single screen not so much. If you know your way around the script code in VPX you can alter the code for the DMDs. You can also download the DMD Extensions program which allows you to place a floating DMD wherever want. However, it can be a pain to setup and you have to manually indicate coordinates of DMD. If want a simple "in the upper left corner" setup not too bad otherwise means each table has an entry in the ini file with coordinates that have to determine manually. Most tables should have desktop setup with background and DMD on main screen if not using B2S server (backglass program). So more than likely, my guess is that the table set you have is a cabinet version. In most cases, likely will be easier to download the current table rather than fiddling with the code. This helpful Google Spreadsheet tool lists all VPX tables along with links to table site. Also useful to keep up on updates to tables for bug fixes.
  11. The command works as before on 1.16 so might want to check no spaces/typos in entry: -f -g
  12. You can have custom paths to art and ROM folders in LB> Select the platform and right click on platform name, select Edit. Then change paths of the various media folders you want on the other drive (see screen snap below)
  13. @mohanned85 Assuming you have all the proper bios zip files within the Retroarch\system\fbneo directory: Setup in RA with the fbneo_libretro core with SNK Neo Geo AES platform. Within RA and the fbneo core selected, select Quick Menu, Options Change "Neo-Geo mode" to "Use AES Bios". As example, using King of Fighters 2001 AES ROM (kof2001h.zip) it should then launch the game using the AES platform
  14. haha, well started as "Sundog_AK" for sundog Alaska many moons ago, but some sites didn't like underscores so morphed over time. They are an interesting weather phenomenon but has to be !@#*& cold to see them. Sadly don't live in Alaska anymore and here in southeast Texas anything below freezing is comparable to a zombie apocalypse
  15. Updated media pack with Volume 5 media.
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