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  1. @vaderagTwo missing cooperative logos added in the 1.2 Additions zip file. As to the color on the arcade logos, those were the colors used in the original sets done by Dragon57 which is actually almost canary yellow below the screen overlay. Actual poo color would be quite a bit darker /s. Colors have to be pronounced or the screen alters them. So could do red or something like below. Arcade one is the bigger pain template wise so might be a bit before any color change for other 24 ones.
  2. sundogak

    Black screen when exiting Dolphinlaying Wii in Big Box

    Assume you are not using a Retroarch Dolphin core but Dolphin directly. Would check you have the "-b" option in command line parameters which will close Dolphin when exiting a game. The other would be to check the Autohotkey Script tab and make sure you don't have something in there that is causing a conflict.
  3. sundogak

    Is there a way to get box art without using LB?

    EmuMovies and Hyperspin sites have various artwork packs with media, typically by the type (e.g., Atari 2600 2D Covers). Some packs are better/more complete than others and some will require membership (i.e., to download via FTP from EMUMovies). Using packs however requires you to have artwork names that match the naming convention of your ROMs so you will have to take that into consideration.
  4. sundogak

    Unified Refried 2.0

    Ahh, makes sense. I didn't think to look for PC name. Easy enough fix. I have gone back and forth on how to name modern Windows games grouping so can see how that one is problematic. Thanks again.
  5. sundogak

    Unified Refried 2.0

    @RetroHumanoidThanks for the reply. Let me do some troubleshooting. I can say with 100% surety that I didn't have any old refried files/folders for V1 when did V2. But could be an errant plugin as an issue (outside of Refried theme). So will play with that. On the PSP, understand what saying since did see the dual named borders as well. I will give whirl with clean install now that I know my PlayStation titles in LB are all consistent and see what happens. On another note, in the Queso addon under "_Computers" image folder I don't see any custom images for "Windows" anymore like in older plugin. There are the MS-DOS, and Windows 3.1x folders. Is that by design? Cheers.
  6. sundogak

    Unified Refried 2.0

    @RetroHumanoidAlso seeing some inconsistencies in the Queso Fresco Addon with Sony PlayStation Portable. In addon the image directory is referenced as Sony PSP but in main theme it Sony PlayStation Portable. So doesn't pull up the addon border (pulls the vanilla version). When went through and renamed all to Sony PlayStation Portable in the folders and XAML file references worked fine. Lastly, the Sony PlayStation (PS1 to PS4) name references have mixture of lower and uppercase in the "S" (PS4 and PS3 are upper, and others lower). I didn't think it would matter but my PS3 name in LB was lowercase and wouldn't pull the addon border until renamed to match the theme name which was with upper case "S". The PS3 addon border came up okay then after that. Although oddly, didn't seem to be issue with PS2 and PS1, I went and renamed all PS references with uppercase (i.e., Sony PlayStation) so everything was same. Could just be me but maybe something to look at on next revision pass. Thanks again for the work. Edit: I also see that the theme is generating empty directories in the Themes folder. They are empty except for a "plugin" directory which has no files. I had completely started from scratch with V2 so these folders were not there prior. They seem to generate by platform when launching BB and scrolling /selecting a platform.
  7. sundogak

    Unified Refried 2.0

    @RetroHumanoid Awesome theme and a massive amount of detail/work, particularly with the new update working with the revised theme system so soon out of the gate. I noticed as I was cruising around all the files after install that the Queso Fresco Addon for Microsoft Windows 3.1.X image directory has a typo in folder name (Microsot). See below screenshot: I don't have any games (yet) in this category so cannot say it impacted my setup. The XAML file references appear to be correct titles.
  8. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @Gamer There is the Assassins Creed one shown above so assume that works. The Resident Evil was done prior in this thread by another but attached below.
  9. sundogak

    Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set

    @weller96c here are a few of the classic logos you wanted. On the SHMUPs, there is a Dreamcast logo on prior page although uses Shoot-em Ups in title. Some others around mid point of thread. Logos with SHMUPS will likely be a bit. @cleverest these two were already done by Dragon57 for you on Page 31. Here is the two others you wanted. Marvel GraphicAudio DC GraphicAudio
  10. sundogak


    Its a bug with this tool. As you noticed, anything with a "dash" or "colon" and other special characters it will not pick up. It will also not pickup MAME type naming format where the name of the game is different than the media (i.e., if media is named after ROM which is typical for MAME). So if you have a standard set of media, MAME is pretty much non-usable for this tool. About the only thing I use for now is the ability to check games which have manuals. For whatever reason that is not in the built in audit tool.
  11. sundogak

    Daphne in Launchbox

    Try making sure all references use lair2 . Make a dupe of framefile and call it lair2.txt and make sure all references in batch including name of batch file is lair2. The Launchbox Daphne log shows it’s trying to find the video files not in Lair2 directory but dl2-framefile directory which doesn’t exist. The original batch file won’t work because the %1 means it is looking for lair2 throughout.
  12. sundogak

    How long is the Dolphin Bar usb cable?

    You can add an extension. I did when connected to big screen TV and it was about another 4 or 5 feet long extension. It is a normal USB 2.0 connector. At least the Mayflash, it did have a "two button" and "one button" version but the "one button" was prior to 2015ish so not likely to encounter now. The difference was that the second button allows to turn off the bar IR.
  13. sundogak

    Database changes not saved

    I had some DB issues earlier where the LB DB kept reverting to an older version every time I exited and came back to LB. See this thread below but in my case clearing out Windows TMP/TEMP files and clearing the LB Cache seemed to address.
  14. sundogak

    How long is the Dolphin Bar usb cable?

    Mine is ~4.5 feet long. So not very long unless your hub is close to your monitor. Not sure on your question of "best to use". I use the Mayflash and it seems to work okay but then I haven't used a whole lot http://www.mayflash.com/Products/NINTENDOWiiU/W010.html
  15. sundogak

    Daphne in Launchbox

    DL2 works so likely an issue with the framefile. Daphne is a pain with names and the first line inside the framefile text file must match the path to where VLDP files are located (it can be relative so may see things like a period or double period). Look at the Daphne_Log.txt file in the Daphne directory. It will usually give you a good idea of the issue since most times it will show something indicating that it cannot find a ROM and/or VLDP directory. I have attached a file I generated when ran and if look at Line 27 will see where finds ROM, then parses VLDP files via the framefile which it gives path, and off it goes. Most times if problem with framefile then you will see it gag there with an error that cannot find the VLDP files or will see a wonky path noted in the ROMs. Also, the "command line" line near top of the Daphne_Log.txt file shows you what is being used to try and launch the game. You said you have couple that work so would run those, exit, then make copy of the log and rerun again with Lair 2. You can then see what is different. You can do tests outside LB but trying that command line in a CMD window. Again, more than likely the first line of the framefile is potentially wrong so would look at the Lair 2 framefile first line and compare to what you have with the framefile that is working. The name of the framefile also looks suspicious (mine is lair2.txt for example). Although doesn't have to be same name, it does have to match throughout the references in your command line, etc. Also see this thread where had similar questions. daphne_log.txt