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  1. Check your antivirus software. Likely it quarantined the big box.dll as a false positive which has been issue since the switch to the new Net.core I know it does it on Norton. So reinstall the program and whitelist that dll when it flags it.
  2. TPAFreeCamMod is checking the executable to verify proper version since it works by altering code in real time once TPA is launched. So if you have a hacked executable (Regardless of version) it isn’t going to work with the Mod since it won’t see the code it is looking for. So will not be able to use it as launcher. There is another launcher beyond the CamMod out there, but haven’t used it to know if would be similar issue.
  3. Try a reinstall. Copies of the installers are in the ..\Launchbox\Updates folder. Check you antivirus log. Particularly if using a beta version, make sure checking your antivirus is not nuking parts of LB install. For some antivirus programs (like Norton which I use) it will flag and remove parts of the LB install and it won't work unless whitelisted/restored.
  4. 1) Backup XMLS are not stored in the original directory but are zipped up and stored in ...\Launchbox\Backups LB makes backups and launch and exit and stores them there as well as if you do a manual database backup via menu in LB. 2) You should check after fully closing LB/BB before searching, they can get cached so may not see if have LB open. It basically "has" to be there if it is showing in LB upon relaunch since that is what LB uses to show data. 3) shouldn't. Not sure why they would be deleted on a reboot since shouldn't be anything to remove an XML. I would check to see if your backups folder has copy upon shutdown of the current version you added or see if those date stamps/versions are also seeing issues. Then upon exiting LB, if the XMLs appear updated (date/time stamp). If reboot is nuking them then something outside LB that is causing that. You might try installing a dummy LB into another folder and see if seeing the same issues there or some corrupted install/directory in Windows.
  5. I assume you are talking about the TPAFreeCamMod. If you are using that then the setup is pointing to that EXE in LB as shown below with the -table command line and making sure the without file extension file name is checked. Then in the Settings.ini of the TPAFreeCamod you point to the TPA executable. If don't want the camera part and just launcher, then you can also turn that off in the INI file. The current version of TPA is 1.71.28, the MOD isn't updating anything. That is on TPA side if sees older version. Even if it is updating, the EXE is still the same and the TPAFreeCamMod settings.ini can be pointed anywhere there is a valid EXE file. If something is breaking a hacked table set then cannot help there.
  6. No, not easily/consistently if you are talking the actual LB pause menu overlay.
  7. @legolas119At least as of 11.5 Beta 4 it is updated to 224. Sadly there is no easy way to tell without diving into the XML file (see below how to do that) since there is no version indicator or date when updated. Typically, it is updated relatively quickly after release from MAME side (i.e., within a few days to week). It has been mentioned in some other threads that would be useful to have this indicated but as of current version not a feature. You can always go to the Help Menu and do a "Force Update" of the database which includes the MAME.XML file that is used for import to make sure you have the most current before you do an import. With only minor additions in each version it isn't a big issue if you have a 224 set and run an import and LB is still at 223, as an example. You just won't get those few games that are "new" (or if they renamed a ROM from old set to new). You can always drag/drop the rom if you have something you know you want immediately added pending update of the XML. My method is I just update my MAME set and rerun the full importer a week or so later since like said, it doesn't cause any issues if LB is a version lagging at that point and in most cases by that time is updated. If you really want to know if updated, you can look at the MAME.XML in the ...Launchbox\Metadata folder. Then do a search for the one of the new games that are listed in the MAME "Whats New" text file under "working" (the non-software listings). For example, the 224 added Sector Zone clones are in the XML file I have as well as the Zookeeper bootleg. As you look at that new listing though and assuming say you don't import any casino games, there are only a handful of games that would pop up as new that are non-software sets.
  8. @Plastron Thanks for uploading those. That filled a lot a gaps I had in video side of things for the 8-bit platform.
  9. Clear the LB ID entry by clicking the "X" then paste in the Alternate name listed in the DB (i.e., Nintendo Tetris if want the North America region Tetris (Bulletproof) for Asia). It should bring up the correct one you want to map. Normally it should show both entries in the drop down block to pick which you want. So not sure what the issue is there in DB. Both primary names are listed as Tetris and the regions don't appear to be mapped for some of the alt names. When I tried fixing the alt name regions I get a DB error so not sure if DB is entry is messed up or just something on my end. Also, once the ID is matched, you can over write the name to whatever and LB will still keep the ID match as long as don't clear the "X" or you don't do a fully metadata update replacing existing or it will zap anything you customized.
  10. @DrybonzOdd. Even launching from RPCS3 directly outside of LB, if you have the exit thread checked then if you exit game it will close GUI. Is GUI remaining when launched outside LB? Also might check you don't have a custom config for games setup versus global and that those settings are not being applied. Easiest way is in RPCS3 is to rightclick on game in listing and will show if custom config present. When launching from LB (or really even directly) it will launch the RPCS3 game listing GUI and it will be under the full screen of the game. For LB, under the Startup Screen tab in LB, if I have "Hide All Windows not in Exclusive Fullscreen" and "Aggressive Startup Hiding" checked it will hide that underlying GUI that pops up momentarily so only the LB startup screen is shown (other than if needs PPU compiling). But even if I don't have either checked, the RPCS3 GUI will only pop up momentarily until the game goes into full screen mode and in which case the GUI is placed in background.
  11. Nope, not once running it goes to full screen. If RPC3 needs to compile PPU modules you will see that pop up but eventually goes full screen back to game. Check settings here in RPC3 (particularly the first 3) and check the GUI tab that all welcome screens checked off:
  12. I have never used the launcher so not sure how it is set up but the non-launcher way is: 1) setup emulator like normal 2) point the launch file to the EBOOT.BIN file for each game. One below is example for Demon Souls. I don't have that many games for PS3 so less of issue working them manually.
  13. Go to Tools, Options, General, Updates and uncheck the boxes you don't want for auto updating.
  14. prosystem_libretro.dll @nollerd2This is the latest core I had for 7800.
  15. If you are just talking about wanting the controller to exit, then go to Tools, Options, Game Controllers, and Mappings. Select Button 11 (which is Guide Button for Xbox One) to Exit Game. LB will do the rest and don't need to bother with AHK from controller perspective.
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