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  1. @Gamer Two were already in the pack made by Viking which is attached in the zip files at beginning of the thread. Here are the other two:
  2. @Bunglezbawb Here are rest. That Global VR logo isn't the greatest quality, but it will have to do until someone has time to retrace it. For Silver Lindbergh, that was never released best I can tell, so no official logo. Redid the yellow one to match others.
  3. Mame site has a lot of information https://docs.mamedev.org/index.html For most part, they will refer to the overlay feature as “artwork” , so use that in search.. Mr Do`s site has information on artwork as well as art lay files https://mrdo.mameworld.info/mame_artwork_faq.php Other information can be found in searching here as well (example Lordmonkus has good thread on HLSL shader settings).
  4. I don't have good logos for these so unless you can provide and/or find logo PNGs for them cannot do much for these 5: Sega Lindbergh Red Sega Lindbergh Silver Sega Lindbergh Red EX Sega ALL.Net MULTI Ver.2 Global VR Rest are below. These were done by others in this thread, although not directly what you want but may be alternatives and/or placeholders for the other Lindbergh's or ES3s.
  5. @GiSWiG Docs for two of MAME cores (2003 and 2010) are buried here: https://docs.libretro.com/ Go to "For Users" and then "Arcade Emulation" and it will have drop down links to the 2003 and 2010 cores. I have yet to find a similar guide on the most current core. I have messed with it and got RA MAME working (relatively easy if just arcade games), but still use standalone MAME as primary, particularly for former MESS related systems and when using overlays.
  6. Image pack media here in first thread. Second thread links to the video snaps for all current tables in FX3. Edit: just noticed you said portrait, so assuming you mean full table overhead view. The videos noted below were landscape view/desktop so not likely what you wanted. Here is link to playfield videos: https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/pinball-fx-playfield-videos-audios-flyover-91-tables/ I do have a bunch as well, but not complete up to the newest Williams packs. https://www.gameex.info also has some in their FTP site (/-PinballX-/Media/Pinball FX3/Table Videos), but you have to be paid member to access FTP location.
  7. A somewhat obscure Apple II game that loaded in DB but cannot find a logo for it. This was as large image could find from the box cover. Appreciate any help to prep a proper logo, since my feeble attempts at BG removal didn't look acceptable to load in DB. Thank you.
  8. I assume you are using MAME standalone. Might try going into the Mame Nvram and Sta (save states) folders and removing the file associated with the rom name (or renaming/moving). You may have none or combination of those files depending on your setup but found those can be good places to start if weird things going on. If that doesn't work then may look at the CFG folder and INI folder to see if anything got saved specific to that game name (assuming other files run fine) and temporarily rename to see if fixes issue. If RA core then there could be some other areas to look.
  9. Did you tell LB to not use quotes and not use extensions for the emulator? Might look at your daphne_log.txt in the Daphne folder and see what errors it is indicating as well.
  10. View manuals option shows up if there is a manual available. It works with both versions of this theme:
  11. See here for the subsystem flags beyond NeoGeo CD https://github.com/libretro/FBNeo/blob/master/src/burner/libretro/README.md As noted above, for neocd this is the RA entry assuming you don't use the folder naming option and core setting option: --subsystem neocd I have been using both but now use NeoCD core only when moved over to CHD formatted files. NeoCD can open CHD whereas fbneo core cannot (was worked on but not complete).
  12. @james4434 You might also try AutoHotkey to either call antimicro or depending on how your pad works, may be able to do the commands needed directly in AHK. The additional app feature noted by C-beats works great, but the major issue is that it has to be entered for each game/table, and not per emulator (sadly...I hope it gets added somewhere down the road). There are some tools in the download section to copy the additional app commands from one game to all games in system as well as can do manually but it is a pain if you got more than a few items to add (~96 tables in FX3 in my setup). You can also use the AHK feature built into LB ("Running Autohotkey Script), but again sadly FX3 and Future Pinball have issues with AHK run from within LB. Any scripts within the tab will not run the code. But there is way around this by using AHK outside of LB. So I use an AHK script converted to an EXE (comes with the AHK install tools) to launch the appropriate table from Steam as well as set up my XBOX One Guide button so it will exit FX3 when pressed. I also set it to use ALT Esc to exit FX3 from my keyboard I so don't have to go through the three menus in FX3. Here is example of my setup for the emulator in LB calling the AHK EXE script as the "emulator": Here is the script it is calling. You would need to modify what applies to your controller and then use the AHK tool to convert to standalone AHK. You could also call antimicro similarly (so then just get rid of all the text after #IfWinActive). ;AHK.EXE SCRIPT - Pinball FX3 ;Use ALT ESC from keyboard to exit FX3. Also use XBOX Guide Button to exit #SingleInstance, Force Run, "c:\program files (x86)\steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 442120 -class -table_"%1%" #IfWinActive ahk_exe Pinball FX3.exe SendMode, Input $!Esc:: Process, Close, Pinball FX3.exe ExitApp return $vk07:: Process, Close, Pinball FX3.exe ExitApp return Note that I did this before the Game Controller Mappings in LB were improved over last 6 months as well as the Pause feature addition. For example, a normal FX3 setup will now exit with my controller key combos in LB but unfortunately the Pause Menu still will not trigger. But in my case, it really dispenses with the Guide exit need I had prior. For the moment, I have just left as I have since it is working.
  13. sundogak

    ps3 exit

    @C-Beats Sent info.
  14. @oblivioncth As you noted later in your comment above, you tell LB to use the folder names for naming versus the "rom" name. With that feature, it imports and scrapes correctly for most of the games. There were a few that I had to manually adjust but for most part LB is pretty good about fuzzy matching.
  15. @oblivioncthOne other option is to move to pointer text files named so ScummVM knows what game to launch. This allows you to dispense with any launcher type setups since you are directly using ScummVM (or Retroarch version) executable. The painful part is initially getting those files generated (to which the above tool helped me do initially) for the specific games you have and placed directly inside the game folders. The thread I linked below shows how to do it (3rd message from end) along with a zip file (at end of thread) of the games I had with text pointer files that will work with standalone ScummVM or RA. Once you get everything working then changes to versions don't impact your install either from LB side or ScummVM. If new games become compatible with ScummVM, you just make text pointers like the others and add accordingly to their game folder. The main reason I went to the bother initially was have the LB pause screen feature (for manuals) which works fine once you are back to using the executable without BAT files. Anyway, an option, not as easy as a couple clicks with the tool but does have advantage of doing once and done.
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