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  1. @Jason Carr Beta-3 solved the above issue for me. 👍 Running the Scan for Added ROMs now doesn't pop up the games that were already imported.
  2. I have had this pop up on occasion and in my case always when imported game is an Additional App. It is odd because it seems to only happen with certain games and for no obvious reason (i.e., special character in name vs others that import fine). Deleting and re-adding doesn't fix the problem ones. Until I made my Sony PS1 dual disc games into one file PBP, it popped up there as well on few games (so not emulator/system specific). So two that I know for sure that this still happens are under the Nintendo GameCube system. These two games: Lord of the Rings, The - The Third Age (USA) (Disc 1).gcz Lord of the Rings, The - The Third Age (USA) (Disc 2).gcz Resident Evil - Code Veronica X (USA) (Disc 1).gcz Resident Evil - Code Veronica X (USA) (Disc 2).gcz LB will always try to re-import the 2nd disc again no matter how import even though the settings are fine and adds to the additional app as expected. It is like the Scan for Added Roms feature just doesn't see it. So here is a run through with Resident Evil game above. 1) Deleted game from LB. Here are the two files on drive: 2) Re-added both games with combine checked. All looks good 3) Looks good after import (not two separate files) 4) Double check the additional apps. All added okay. 5) Both look fine and will run as expected. 6) Now run the Scan for Added Roms and it pops up to add it again even though it is in the Additional Apps listing. A manual Edit Application and re-linking files once game added also won't fix. Sometimes I found a slight name change to both files will fix but that doesn't work all the time. In the case of Resident Evil above, I deleted the "dash" in file names and adjusted the Additional Apps and will do the same thing (try to reimport disc 2 after both are added). I remember looking at the XML files once trying to figure out what is different but couldn't see any pattern but nothing jumped out. Anyway, odd to be sure. Edit: tried a couple other things. Tried swapping Disc titles (i.e., Disc 1 is now Disc 2) to see if something peculiar with the file. Will still pick up "Disc 2" even though it is physically the Disc 1 image. Other thing tried is making the names "Disc A" and "Disc B". Same thing, now just keeps trying to re-import Disc B.
  3. You might double check no space between dash or correct entry for NES and associated platform title is the same. The setup is the same for NES as the others: nes -cart You also shouldn't uncheck "use file name only..." or "extract ROM.." for any of them if using the -cart flag in the default parameters. These two screen shots work with NES, Genesis.
  4. I shouldn't post when it is late, particularly for MAME... so ignore what posted earlier. This will work for what you want without setting up another instance of MAME (which works but why have two?). The software list command dump doesn't seem to have the correct flag. "-cart" is the correct one for both advision and genesis. With that flag then you can leave MAME setup to use the full ROM path. SO here is the correct MAME settings in LB for both Sega Genesis and Advision. You need this in the command line parameters for Advision and Genesis, respectively: advision -cart genesis -cart I had used the wrong MAME flag when tried last night thinking it was "cartslot" and "mdslot" (which are what is listed in MAME command -list dump). Anyway, the above should get you going with normal MAME setup. You can use the non-flag version like I originally captured (i.e,. without the -cart) for both but then it has to be with no path or extension, only the ROM name and likely not how you have your original MAME setup to do. The full path with -cart flag is what I was trying to get to yesterday, so what I would suggest. One other thing when messing with software lists is to also consider using a specific INI file if options are different in MAME.ini. In my case for Arcade games, I use save states but prefer not to for most other things. In that case need to either add command switch in LB in same line as the "-cart" (i.e., -noautosave) or add that to a "genesis.ini" and "advision.ini" in INI directory. Just depends on what you want/have in your MAME.ini. Alternatively, you can add "-statename %g/%d_cart" if want the save states by machine and then game. If using a machine specific INI, say for Genesis.ini it would be added in as: autosave 1 statename %g/%d_cart
  5. I would try this: 1) setup another MAME emulator as a test (so don't mess up your working MAME). Call it MAME_MESS or something like that. 2) Associate this MAME version with Entex Adventure Vision. Under default command parameters put "advision" with no quotes. See second screen shot 3) Under the Edit Emulator panel make sure to check the "use file name without file extension or folder path" (it will gag MAME if has file path or "zip" in the name used to launch). See first screen shot 4) What MAME is wanting (and seems to deviate from the normal -cartslot method) is a command like "mame.64.exe advision defender" 5) I tried launching via command line with full path and doesn't work for some odd reason (works with Apple and other computer software lists so not sure why deviates). It needs to just be the simple rom name and not path (see last screen shot).
  6. @Valkie71 Would double check settings as noted in the two screen snaps since have no issues. Double check pointing to the Steam executable and not the PinballFX3 executable. Also cut/paste in the code under the Default Command Line: -applaunch 442120 -table_
  7. @cleverest Most of the space hogs are movies since ripped all my blu-rays (and a few UHDs) for Plex. My arcade "active" set is on a 5 TB drive that I try to keep pruned so it fits on portable hard drive. I keep a backup of that on the NAS, so not pulling from it for play purposes. A 4 drive NAS is nice setup and with the higher density drives can get a lot on them.
  8. @starfiretbtI made a playlist for arcade games and have it filter for any MAME genre that contains the word "mature" and it will pick them up if you use the MAME importer since the genres are pulled in. You can then select all and hide those games so don't have to delete. In BigBox it will not show a playlist if all the games are hidden. If set a PIN in BB then they cannot unhide and cannot exit (normally). The limitation is that you cannot hide a playlist in LB (was a feature I was hoping would get higher on the poll but didn't make the cut). So the playlist will still show if rooting around in in LB side and obviously the files themselves along with art are still on the drive. So it isn't high security but does keep from stumbling across when in BB. The only other alternative is to duplicate your LB and keep a kid friendly import version and then master.
  9. Its a bug with Zen if you have both Mars and Attack from Mars on FX3. At one of the pinball sites noted to do the following: Duplicate the "mars.pxp" Rename the dupe to "Nars.pxp" Then link to the "Nars" file for the "Mars" table within LB the same way you do for other tables. I have done that and launches the correct one.
  10. @LordmonkusFor the media, so media has the same name as the ROMs rather than arbitrary -01 etc. Edit: Actually..sorry misread the original thread! TheMan8631 was talking about ROMs....ignore everything I said...I was referring to renaming of media to ROMs.
  11. This feature was on the recent feature poll, but sadly it didn't make the cut (last item in the "round 2" list). I have wanted this feature for awhile as well, particularly for MAME. But it is not likely to be priority at this stage until other things are crossed off the higher ranked items in the list.
  12. @cleverestI have an 8 bay Synology with 2-drive parity disks (64TB usable). For large disks, it takes a long time to rebuild (~48 hours for 10TB depending on usage of system concurrently). So at least for RAID 5, large number of bays, if you have another drive crump while the disk is rebuilding, then unhappiness. Rebuilding puts a lot of stress on rest of disks so if something is wonky, likely that will happen then. Unlike UnRaid won't be able to easily recover data off the others if parity disk(s) and another fail. When had a 4-bay ReadyNas only ever used 1 disk parity since sucks up too much space otherwise. Have used WD Red Drives and now using Seagate IronWolf drives since the delta in pricing between two started getting a bit much. Have had some 5 plus year old Reds start throwing errors but never outright failed before replaced them. Never had any issues with Synology but they are fairly "proud" price wise of their systems. It runs 24/7 with Docker apps doing various things along with data serving. Definitely UnRaid gets a bigger bang for buck and flexibility/features whereas you pay for Synology to make more appliance like (plug and go). In the end, don't depend entirely on RAID. Backup key items (Nice CloudSync feature in Synology apps for example). I have never (knock on wood) had a catastrophic drive set failure but Murphy is always waiting to slap us upside the head!
  13. If you want to only have one cover type you have to remove the other versions. So if want only the UK version, remove the US, Japan, etc. There is no way to set a cover as default on per game basis at this point.
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