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  1. Daphne should work fine with the built in controller exit features within BB/LB if set to Guide button on Xbox One controller. So somewhat odd it isn't working. As alternative, here was an AHK I used prior to that built in feature implementation in LB/BB. You would need to place this in the Running AutoHotkey Script tab for Daphne emulator within LB: ; ================================================================================= ; Daphne ; Must use ALT F4 since Process Close command will not work ; exit with press of XBOX Guide Button ; ================================================================================= $vk07:: Send !{f4} return Sometimes I have seen issues where things are not working on AHK side within LB/BB if Daphne loses focus. Particularly if the vertical resolution isn't set close to the actual monitor height or a close multiplier of it resulting in the windows moving around when Daphne changes resolution during launch. Might check your batch file used to call Daphne in that case if above AHK still isn't working.
  2. One thing to clarify in the thread linked above is that I only added in the autohotkey script for FX3 because I wanted to use the Escape key to exit when close to keyboard versus it being treated as back in FX3. When using the controller, that AHK does nothing. Launchbox/BB controls exiting FX3 with Controller via Options, Game Controllers, Mappings setup (snip example below). Make sure you setup your BB as well since separate settings from LB. For most emulators that now "just works" without having to include an AHK for controller mapping for exit. The LB/BB controller mapping feature is relatively recent, so if looking at older threads there were more AHK hoops to jump through to do what LB does internally now. If having issues with the AHK I would remove it if just want to use controller for that purpose. If losing focus then likely something else is amiss.
  3. @triggerthehorizon Here were two I had from prior.
  4. Here are a few of them Added 1/18/21
  5. Do you have proper command line in Mame within LB? In the case of NES it is: nes -cart
  6. That is a recent SlamT1LT table and it needs BAM to run since it uses routines that are not in the normal FP.
  7. Once BAM is installed you only ever launch from the FPLoader and not from the original FP.exe. Even the FPT extensions should then list FPloader as the "APP" to open with per Windows: Also note, that contrary to all the "install" guides you can setup all tables in their own folders. This goes a long way to keeping the chaos of files to minimum and updating tables is easier. FP will look for scripts, sounds, and other requirements in the location where the FPT is launched first, then go to the library folders is not present. Only BAM CFGs (which are named after the table) have to stay in the BAM CFG folder. On media, pinball is simply a headache on that front and probably took me longer to setup pinball then all other platforms combined (media wise). LB DB is not setup well for pinball in that it lumps everything into "pinball" versus by emulator type (FP, VP, Pinball FX). So it is not useful for anything pinball related in my view (could be with some category changes, but doesn't seem to be priority). Plus, there are zillions of versions of tables by different authors and updates. So you pretty much have to hunt media down or get packs from various sources such as one in this thread or in places like PinballX/GameX site (some media behind paywall). The key is to pick a naming convention for your tables and media and stick to it. LB will pick up the name of any media that is named the same as the "ROM" or in this case, the FPT table name. Most pinball media you will find in packs outside LB site tends to be in the form of Attack from Mars (Bally 1995) or slight variations. Thus, you can then take your media and dump it into the Launchbox images folder (or video) and it will match in LB. LB will ignore anything in parenthesis as far as matching media and "roms". That can be a problem occasion with above naming in that if same identical name of table then have to fiddle with format to get LB to not pick up wrong media match. Also, the LB naming of image types doesn't quite match for pinball so you have to decide where you want things. Entirely up to you. In my setups for VP, FP, TPA, and FX3, I setup media similarly so that for FP it is ...\LaunchBox\Images\Future Pinball\ Screenshot - Game Title: Backglass screenshot Screenshot - Gameplay: Desktop view of table Clear Logo: Logo for table Screenshot - Game Select: Full table view screenshot Etc... Ultimately, less import in LB which category you chose but that consistent. You can then set priorities in LB to display what you want in whatever order. Hence, why try to keep full screenshot table images separate from desktop since they can toggle priority of which I want to display. You do have to be a bit careful with LB in that it annoyingly will rename your media with the "-01" endings and change name if you edit table in LB after you dump the media in the folders. Then it is just a matter of either finding packs and/or doing your own screenshots. BAM has screenshot utility that ultimately I used to snap all my backglass and table images. There are some AHK scripts to do it "automatically" but found it was more trouble than worth than to open...snap...drag file into LB folder (this was before OBS feature). The problem you get into with many packs is that they are not named the same as your tables so you can either rename, or as I found quick to just screenshot what you got. If you have Pinball FX3, then media pack for all images is done along with videos (can also see as example of how media works since applicable to FP as well). But with FP and VP you will have to spend time to aggregate and/or rename what you find on web or brute force it by doing your own media.
  8. BAM is well worth the trouble to get working. For any new tables it is must have since includes updates/features new table developers are using (particularly SlamT1LTs tables). If have a new setup of FP then the easiest to get going is to use the all in one installer of BAM and FP located here There is a highly detailed install thread here which can make it appear initially overwhelming but I still found BAM/FP easier to get going then VP. For LB, then you setup Future Pinball as emulator but your point it to the BAM exe as shown below. BAM uses same command parameters as FP only install: /open %romfile% /play /exit You would need to be more specific on "BAM features do not work" but would go to the above links first to double check and make sure you actually loading the BAM exe versus the FP one.
  9. Overall FP and Pinball FX3 do not play well with the LB menu. When did testing on this awhile ago this what found which is basically if you are only using FP and not BAM then you can get the pause/menu feature to work (at least with the older versions of LB, haven't tried since then) but need to make sure turn on Forceful Pause Screen Activation under the pause tab for the FP emulator in LB. It will not work at all with BAM. Summary below: Future Pinball - No BAM. No AHK Compiled EXE Loaders. Pause Works. Forceful must be turned on. Forceful turned off doesn't bring up menu. Used this in default command line parameters to avoid using a loader: /open %romfile% /play /exit Future Pinball - No BAM. With AHK Loader. Pause Broken. Doesn't bring up screen or pause game. I was using a modified version of the loader below when tested yesterday when thought it was broken without BAM. LB used to not be able to launch directly so folks may have the loader still if haven't modified setups. Future Pinball - With BAM (uses FPLoader.exe) Pause Broken. Doesn't bring up screen or pause game. I also found that any AHK script in LB wouldn't work once started using FPLoader. Future Pinball - With BAM and using AHK Loader. Pause Broken.
  10. Assume this is what you are looking for:
  11. Here are my working settings. Might check like DOS76 mentioned to verify you have the proper entries in the emulator setup since Demul has specific requirements/entries:
  12. Not sure what looking for with your description. There are already these:
  13. @fyrenthenimarEnd of year took me away for a bit. Here are the collection ones: I wasn't quite sure what you meant on the Playchoice and VS System (since there are existing logos in this thread) but assume something like this?
  14. Here are two with and without collection text.
  15. @triggerthehorizon Not quite the exact same as originals by Viking. But best can do with the dual color/center light dodge which I cannot quite match and font is "close" as well.
  16. You can force load BIN files via LB it is just through the RA frontend that you won't see non-WS extensions. Just drag and drop the BIN file in LB and then associate with the WonderSwan platform and have Retroarch setup as the emulator. LB will launch as a command line and it will load a BIN file even though the core via the RA front end will not see it since looking for different extensions. You can also load the MAME zip files the same way but you would need to make sure to check the extract rom box. Then LB will extract first and send to RA as BIN. If this causes issues with your other RA setups then either setup another RA emulator instance or use the first method by extracting first and setting to point BIN versus ZIP. Otherwise, no, you cannot force the core in the RA content loader view to see anything that is not a core valid extension. However, via command line (i.e., LB method above), RA will try and load whatever you tell it to since the content view restricting extensions is not applicable. Of course you have to be sure the file you are trying to send is valid or obviously won't work regardless.
  17. sundogak

    sym links

    This tool mentioned here to move the cache files via sym links works well so would think you could use for what you wan to do
  18. Like JoeViking245 said, it is not truly portable. But my original setup was on an external drive and you can make it "mostly" portable with a few extra steps on new CPU (CPU #2). All the needed install files are placed in the directory, so that can be copied to new location. Just make sure you keep the same path mappings. So for example, my external/NAS drive was always called "G". That takes care of not having to mess with table paths, etc. Make backup of the registry keys at [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Future Pinball] and all sub keys on working setup. Again, you drive mappings have to be consistent here or will cause issues. Open up the registry backup file in text editor to view it and make sure all keys are under Future Pinball location only. Install via the BAM/FP installer on new CPU #2 Merge your registry settings on CPU #2 with the backed up version from CPU#1. Again, only the FP keys or will likely fry your Windows setup on CPU #2. Visual Pinball is similar although a bit more complicated because VP has more than one registry file you have to copy over and also have to watch for installer overwriting key ini files in install directory : [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Visual Pinball] [Software\Freeware] << this is VPinMAME key set [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\UltraDMD] << if you have used UltraDMD If you use DOFLINX or B2S there are also keys for that as well.I
  19. For the 1819+ or 1621+ (models that use DSM 6), it only allows EXT4 or Btrfs as file system for internal drives. I recommend Btrfs over EXT4 if for nothing else, the fast copy/cloning of folders ability over EXT4. I have that setup on my 1817+ and 1819+ and works well. SMB encryption is off by default unless checked under File Services, Advanced settings. Also the Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR) over RAID 5 provides some additional future flexibility but with the same features as RAID 5. Particularly for the larger 6 and 8-bay models. Your decision on file system and RAID type is pretty much fixed once setup up in Storage Manager unless you backup and nuke the storage pool for the whole NAS. That takes substantial amount of time with large drive setups.
  20. Currently for the IIGS there is no transwarp option slot although that card option is available for the the Apple IIe series (-slot# twarp). There is a note in the MAMEDEV wiki that they are planning on adding ZipGS acceleration in 0.227 (which is delayed until December). You can change the CPU speed via -speed flag multiplier but that makes everything fast. Somewhat depends on what you are actually trying to do.
  21. If you have a MAME set you already have full set of Naomi and Naomi 2 games. This site has useful tool to allow you to search and list roms in the bios set. Click on Additional Filters and then search by bios/set (in this case NAOMI2). Then you can export the file list under Options. An example of the output is attached for Naomi 2 and Naomi 2 GD with no clones. If want clones then go to the site and uncheck as output option. You can set up a batch file to copy zip files based on the names below or manually copy. Anything listed with a "GDS" in name is a Naomi 2 GD system (CD ROM data along with ROM) so they will have corresponding CHD file along with the ROM zip. Name: Description for NAOMI 2 Set no clones as of 0.226: beachspi "Beach Spikers (GDS-0014)" clubkcyc "Club Kart for Cycraft (Rev A) (GDS-0029A)" clubkprz "Club Kart Prize (Export, Japan, Rev A)" clubkpzb "Club Kart Prize Version B (Export, Japan)" clubk2k3 "Club Kart: European Session (2003, Rev A)" clubkrt "Club Kart: European Session (Rev D)" initdexp "Initial D Arcade Stage (Export, Rev A) (GDS-0025A)" initd "Initial D Arcade Stage (Japan, Rev B) (GDS-0020B)" initdv2j "Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 2 (Japan, Rev B) (GDS-0026B)" initdv3e "Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 (Export) (GDS-0033)" initdv3j "Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 (Japan, Rev C) (GDS-0032C)" inidv3cy "Initial D Arcade Stage Ver. 3 Cycraft Edition (Export, Rev B) (GDS-0039B)" soulsurf "Soul Surfer (Rev A)" kingrt66 "The King of Route 66 (Rev A)" vf4cart "Virtua Fighter 4 (World)" vf4evo "Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (Version B) (Japan) (GDS-0024C)" vf4evoct "Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (World)" vf4tuned "Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned (Ver. B) (GDS-0036F)" vf4 "Virtua Fighter 4 Version C (GDS-0012C)" vstrik3 "Virtua Striker 3 (GDS-0006)" vstrik3c "Virtua Striker 3 (World, Rev B)" wldrider "Wild Riders" Example of Naomi 2 GD folder with CHDs
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