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  1. @D3adly Yeah, not sure I have seen a Sega Mega game pack beyond the Genesis. Here are two blanks done by others that you can add your own logo:
  2. @Valkyr1983You might look here as well as some of the BB themes which have BG art (even if don't use the theme, can take the BGs): https://forums.launchbox-app.com/files/category/17-platform-backgrounds/
  3. ahh yes, sorry didn't look at the obvious big header at the top of thread.
  4. Google search for fatfursp.pdf and will find it in top results.
  5. @D3adly If looking for platform logos, there are in this thread and original pack by Viking. There are also blank templates available in this thread and in downloads section. If talking actual game logos, need to look in downloads section of forum a few of which below but there are others:
  6. sundogak

    MAME: Moon Cresta

    Depending on what region you imported your MAME fullset it is likely that you have it but under the clone name called "Eagle". So do a search for Eagle in your set and if edit the game will likely see something like this below with the Moon Cresta ROM. That is why LB won't appear to import it (unless you check force duplicate box) because from LB perspective it is already imported. Although not quite sure why LB is selecting Eagle (which is a clone) for North America region (which is what I imported under). You can default the rom/name to Moon Cresta. Unfortunately, the LB DB doesn't have the proper alternate name so there are duplicate entries (i.e., there is Moon Cresta and Eagle) so you will have to rename manually after selecting default ROM you want. Keep in mind that if reimport full set later that will likely revert any changes made.
  7. @xevious1974 LB does work on ScummVM. See these two threads (first thread will allow both standalone and RA launching): Or here for an importer tool. Or 3rd option, what Neil9000 referenced which is the internal LB method above.
  8. If unclear, reference other sources, particularly the publisher's naming standard if have on site. Steam, Moby Games, Wikipedia and Ubisoft all reference Tom Clancy games with full name (and also shown on box). So go with consensus "standard" if in doubt and if those are inconsistent then like said use alt name feature in DB. I don't have a lot of his games, but all are with "Tom Clancy" in them. Thus, full title with author would be primary entry in DB for Tom's games. A suitable alternative name if wanted to aid search can be title without the author name. That doesn't make it random but aids with these types of issues so we all link up to the same one entry in the DB. Otherwise what happens is people put in another entry in DB for games when they already exist (i.e., they look for Ghost Recon, don't find and add it when exists as Tom Clancy...). On the Sid question, to be comprehensive, again use full author title entry (if box has it that way) and alt name with just title (or vice versa if box doesn't have Sid's name). That way people link to same entry. Likely if we are debating it and/or other DBs are inconsistent, then others would go one way or other as well and not ask; hence the value of alternative titles. But I am no grand authority, that is just what I do when adding an entry or what I would check if moderating.
  9. @GooseIt's no different than "Tom Clancy" with his name on various games or sports figures on sports games. If there is any doubt, go with what is on the box along with reality check at MobyGames or Wikipedia (although not definitive sources either) as the primary entry. If really torn or likely to be debatable, then add an alternate name entry versus deleting information unless it is an error/incorrect. Otherwise people start ping ponging the name, like Disney games (i.e., Disney Cinderella or just Cinderella). Edit: Steam notes all the Civ games as Sid Meier's Civilization ## and that is how I have always referenced them as well.
  10. @Swaf There are a bunch of game platform specific hack silver ring logos in the Download section (last screen shot). But if want something generic.....
  11. See this post here which TL;DR is that not doing updates beyond 224 at this point based on changes to MAME in 225: With 225 there is a new option to set flag for disable repeated warnings (although time based). Place this in ui.ini under UI MISC Options: skip_warnings 1
  12. @Bigb_ch Ultimately, you can organize the roms location wise however want, although if get exotic it takes longer to import. You can use the import function or drag and drop a folder or ROMs into LB to start the import process. But if working on a system level folder and then folders underneath that then you just import (or drag and drop into LB window the folder) the top level folder and start import process. However, a platform also can take from folders that are not co-located together at the top level. Although, in that case you have to import each (hence the time comment). For example, for Apple II platform I have some games pulling from an Apple II rom folder, and another that pulls selected games from the MAME software clean cracked set in completely different folder structure outside the Apple II top level platform. I have found that, drag and dropping the folder (or selected ROMs) into LB is typically easiest/quickest in cases where folders you want together in one platform are scattered outside the main platform structure. Not at this point unless someone makes a plugin for it. The LB DB is pretty comprehensive at this point. So I would make sure that the games are linked name wise if missing media.
  13. @Valkyr1983 Right click on the platform name (or playlist) and you will see images box on right. There you can set the default image for that platform/playlist. If you have no game specific fanart then it falls back to the default you pick here. You can also do the same for Carts, Boxes, etc. In the downloads section of the forum some folks have made default boxes for various platforms which is handy.
  14. I have used MPC-BE for awhile but didn't know it had that capability buried in the options. It avoids the browser (mostly paid for) plugin hassles for higher resolution versions. Thanks for that tip.
  15. I have never had issues in that the GUI always stays behind all LB windows so really haven't run into the need for option yet. But for those that are see this thread https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/pull/6407 TL:DR is no real option to hide the GUI that works in front end environment currently even though there is a no-gui flag. Apparently the no-gui flag prior to a fix in Aug 2019 was really a "headless" function used for debugging. It wouldn't work at all from a frontend perspective. There was a fix made that added a headless flag and he coded in another no-gui option using the same flag as prior: --no-gui However, it still has issues per the author as noted below. Towards the end of the thread some fellow LB'ers were noting some issues still with some AHK hacks as workarounds. The issue was closed, so not sure high on priority list of author.
  16. I have been getting an "error occurred", same as screen shot above but only when trying to change/update the region of the game title in the DB. This has happened in the past but just ignored it thinking it was a glitch on my end. But has happened routinely enough that thinking not. For example this game is known as Fighting Roller in Japan and Roller Aces in North America. If try to update the alternate name (as well as add new one) with Fighting Roller and Japan combo it doesn't work and gives error: https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/36195 It only seems to do this when modifying the region codes and only if they are existing entry (i.e., if I add a new game, all works fine). Anyone else hit this? I tried on Chrome and Firefox so not a browser issue.
  17. @jtravapd On the pinball front, you find little to no significant media that will match easily in LB database. The DB has Pinball all lumped into one category. So easier to look at the downloads section in the forum for packs that folks have made for VP, FP, and FX3. I always import pinball platforms separately since for most part I do not run media at same time (just import). I pulled two packs together for FX3 which is complete up until the new Williams set upcoming. See links below. Video snaps Other media pack. Others have files in the download section as well if those don't fit with your setup.
  18. There isn't much to work with since no official logos so going to be basic:
  19. Don't see this announced anywhere on their official forums, but here are two to add to the two already completed:
  20. @legolas119 If the ROMs don't work after checking them then it is problem with your setup of Altirra because it checks the checksum of the file to look up in the DB. Plus if you are not able to run XEX and ATRs then indicates an issue with your setup, not the games. A straight reinstall with options recommended should work with all those formats with little to no modifications.
  21. @legolas119You have to add the mapping and/or edit the existing ones. Then select the target in option box. Start and select will be there under target drop down.
  22. @legolas119 It is a two step process. You choose whatever it says to use either in Altirra as recommended (less accurate) or in the second tool I linked (the Atari Rom Checker) which is more accurate. Once you have that step done then you can select whichever it says to. The second program will then add header to rom. I personally rename the file with "CAR extension" to keep straight which I have completed. They are not all the same so no "best". The ROM checker compares file to a set of checksums for known roms and gives you the information. Also be careful that anything with CAS extension is a cassette and that has nothing to do with any of this. The headers only apply to BIN/ROMs since the were taken from cartridges in most cases. XEX are executables and again have nothing to do with the headers for carts. If you try to have the rom checker analyze an XEX or CAS file it will not work and definitely do not want to use the ROM header tool on any CAS or XEX files or it will mess them up so they won't run.
  23. sundogak

    CD-i emulation

    @MuddyWaters79 Glad you got it working. Sometimes just going from scratch works best. Not sure why that video (which haven't looked at) is saying to unzip a bios/rom unless it was referring to a Retroarch MAME setup which is different animal. For MAME standalone, it looks for things inside the zip files if it is a ROM/BIOS. CHDs it assumes are standalone. Software list CHDs, like CDI are are bit different but as you found as long as MAME can find the CHD path and the ROM path then will launch.
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