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    Apple Emulation

    For Apple IIGS found MAME works for most things so it is my primary in LB. I have KEGS and GSPort setup outside LB but don't really use them. The link above goes to a IIGS writeup, which there are some updates to but for most part will get you going if doing MAME. For Apple IIE there are several write ups in the forums. I primarily use MAME if autoboot type game making it more amenable to LB frontend type setup. If multi-disk and/or using hard drive images tend to stay with Applewin outside LB in that I find easier to navigate, switch disks, etc. The one thing that makes Applewin easy is being able to drag a disk image onto the emulator and it loads image and launches (again outside LB). So ultimately, use both and depends on what doing. If have a full MAME software list set can use the disk images inside the MAME zips (unzipped) in Applewin excluding the WOZ format which is not supported (so have to use MAME in that case). Both the MAME and Applewin emulators seem to have active development for the Apple emulation which is a plus. Like Headrush69 mentioned, it is a bit of preference on what want to do. MAME does have the better shaders than Applewin which are pretty basic. Here is setup for Applewin in LB (assuming disk 1 will have system to boot): -fs-height=1080 -noreg -no-printscreen-dlg -r 32 -d1 For both systems (like most computer emulation) you are ultimately dealing same aspects of the original systems so will run into games that don't auto boot (so need a system disk), non-consistent keyboard/joystick setups, and on multi-disk games having to swap disks at some point. Having some experience with the original systems helps in those cases. If start off with a few games and get them running, that is easiest.
  2. Yes, I have 12.1 and works. No, if have Steam install then has to point to Steam folder.
  3. You got Daphne working so that is better than most people on first crack at it.👍 Daphne isn't the simplest of emulators to get rolling. Also the Tools, Audit Platform feature is good when you are importing stuff to verify if LB "linked" the entry to it's database. Sometimes even with a title it can get confused. So if you are having issues with scraping verify that it is linked with a LB ID:
  4. A bit more detail on what is not working will help folks guide you. LB doesn't mess with any of your emulator directories so it cannot destroy anything there. But if you want to revert to a prior working version this will get you started. Revert the LB Version LB keeps copies of older versions of the install files in the folder ..\\Launchbox\Updates\ You should be able to revert to version you had that worked for you prior by clicking on the EXE installer you want to go back to Revert the LB Settings to Earlier Working Version The other portion is that LB keeps a copy of your XML files (the actually settings, and database for LB) in the folder ..\\Launchbox\Backups You will find zip files with dates of the backups. Typically LB will do one on startup and one on shutdown automatically. To restore the XML files to older version you can do one of two ways. Within LB you can go Tools, Restore Data Backup. You can then select the backup file based on date to the last working version you wanted. The second way if for some reason you cannot open LB is open the zip manually with date you want to restore back to and copy the files in the zip to the folder ...\Launchbox\Data Reverting to an earlier XML date will lose any changes you made after the date. Lastly, you can turn off auto updates by going to Tools, Options, General, Updates and unchecking update on startup.
  5. @HomerJ You need to update the titles to actual title and not the frame file name. LB DB can only match if title is correct. You can either edit them at the last import panel or go back and update each after added and rescrape media.
  6. If you enter in a cabinet code into FX3 it will allow direct table launch without going to UI. Code is free but has to be requested from Zen. Thread below on direct table setup.
  7. There are a couple pause themes which shows control images per platform and some templates for modification. You can customize those images and at least for the theme I have they they go in the ..\Launchbox\Images\Game Controls folder. The issue is this isn't automatic. If you wanted one per game you would have to modify each image manually in a graphics program. I had hacked together a pause theme version which shows the MAME controller panel like below but those were already done by others and you need one image per game named the same as the game title or ROM. For anything other than MAME, it would be a lot of work to do per game custom images (unless do selectively) versus just bringing up the Pause Menu and the manual.
  8. sundogak

    eXoDOS v5

    I don't typically use eXoDOS within BB but I tried a few I had installed and most work fine. However, Alien Trilogy did startup behind the main BB window and I couldn't get it back without an alt-tab but then the window size was all messed up. Not sure if it did that before since hadn't tried it. But with all the scripts used in eXoDOS along with resolution changes, it doesn't surprise me it is losing focus in BB.
  9. Not sure when updated the XML so just dumped current version from my setup and uploaded as zip to Download list. I also thought I saw something that the XML files changed somewhere along 11 versions so probably good to upload one with 12.1 version.
  10. @JoeViking245Great explanation! I don't typically do bezel setups on software lists and few I do are at the Machine level (i.e., Atari 2600 bezel, so a2600.zip works fine). But gave it a whirl to see. If I launch a CMD window within the MAME directory and launch these as you noted in your post they all work as expected with override (renamed a random artwork zip to "tank.zip"). mame pegasus tank -override_artwork 1942 mame pegasus tank -override_artwork tank First one launches the 1942 arcade bezel and second did whatever I renamed to "tank.zip". Unfortunately, MAME doesn't look beyond the Machine name for artwork without forcing with override. Side Note (related but off topic of bezels):
  11. Just use the filter option, the funnel icon to the right of the Search box. Or if want it to be a permanent list then use the Playlist feature. Right click on left pane where platforms are listed and select Add, then New Playlist and you can make a playlist with various conditions. For example the playlist below sorts all games in entire collection that have Donkey Kong in title of game. A relatively new feature with the "funnel" sort option is that once you select what you want, you can save that sort query to a playlist and LB figures out what to put in the Auto-Populate settings.
  12. You cannot daisy chain same name field conditions (basically an "AND" query). But you can accomplish what you want by doing as below with the "Has None of the Values" and separating the platforms you do not want by semicolon. Example below excludes Apple II, MAME, and MS-DOS games.
  13. If for regular MAME, you would name the artwork/bezel zip the same as the machine/romset name. So in the case of Aamber Pegasus that would be pegasus.zip Aamber Pegasus - MAME machine (arcadeitalia.net)
  14. There isn't any official logo of Swanstation since a RA core hack of Duckstation (which has a RA core as well). But here you go.
  15. The download section has various packs here is one for example:
  16. I typically err always on side of "leave it" unless it is wrongly placed (i.e., not a clear logo at all), junk quality, wrong regional logo (which is fixed by tagging correctly), or a dupe of existing (taking the better of the two). But just because it doesn't match the box art doesn't mean it isn't valid either for the reasons you gave. I have seen logos used for adverts/flyers that are not the same but it is still made by publisher. The DB for good and bad is somewhat up to general consensus rather than hard fast rules so somewhat up to the moderator view (s). But anytime I see something deleted it really needs to have a good reason. I have seen people delete stuff that should have stayed put or if a "tie" (or just their personal opinion) it is easier to keep in DB and allow user to determine if want it or not. My 2 cents FWIW.
  17. If it is working for you now I would likely lean towards not messing with anything you have. Just be aware that if the MAME set at some point changes/renames the Sega Model 3 roms and Supermodel isn't updated yet the game may break (easy fix just restore the older version). But if you look in the Games.XML file you will see entry like which gives you zip name of clone (getbassdx.zip) and parent (bassdx.zip) it wants to see (assuming you have split or non-merged MAME set): <game name="getbassdx" parent="bassdx"> <identity> <title>Get Bass: Sega Bass Fishing</title> <version>Japan, Deluxe</version> <manufacturer>Sega</manufacturer> <year>1997</year> </identity> <hardware> <platform>Sega Model 3</platform> <stepping>1.0</stepping> <pci_bridge>MPC106</pci_bridge> <inputs> <input type="common" /> <input type="fishing" /> </inputs> </hardware> <roms> <region name="crom" stride="8" chunk_size="2" byte_swap="true"> <file offset="0" name="epr-20837.20" crc32="0x66FC2084" /> <file offset="2" name="epr-20836.19" crc32="0xF8E8EF57" /> <file offset="4" name="epr-20835.18" crc32="0xF8F19BB2" /> <file offset="6" name="epr-20834.17" crc32="0x17F466A6" /> </region> </roms> </game> Supermodel is hardcoded to look for these rom names and CRCs of files within the zip. The developer of Supermodel does update the emulator to manage newer ROM sets but if you are one that updates your MAME set on each monthly cycle then potential for Supermodel to lag until it is updated. I think when I set up originally, I didn't find a DAT so just did it the brute force approach. I looked at the XML, copied the MAME zip to separate folder, tested each game to see if it would launch in Supermodel and if didn't opened up Games.XML look at what CRCs it wanted. Most time is tended to be a version older MAME set wise where Supermodel hadn't yet been updated. I am sure there is more elegant approach but there isn't that many Sega Model 3 games to deal with in end. Basically, if your games all work now, you don't tend to mess with your MAME rom set often, then wouldn't worry too much about it as long as you may a mental note of "why is this not working when it did before!" to first look and see if a Sega Mode 3 rom was updated somewhere along line.
  18. Your comment about "dir.txt": that is a simple readme file that says put XYZ in that folder. But it has no function in MAME nor Supermodel and neither look to that file for anything. So modifying the text file does nothing. I found it best to not try to use a common MAME and Sega Model 3 rom folder if using SuperModel. The Supermodel emulator needs specific rom sets identified in the Games.xml file (inside the CONFIG folder) which can lag the MAME rom sets depending on how frequently you update MAME rom set and what version of Supermodel you have. For Supermodel the main files need to be in this path/configuration (Roms can be wherever) ..\Sega Model 3\ << your Supermodel.exe and its install files here in root of this folder ..\CONFIG\ << has your Supermodel.ini and your Games.XML Your Supermodel.ini should have an entry called GAMEXMLFile=Config/Games.xml if you use the standard setup. ..\NVRAM << nvram files for Supermodel ..\Saves << save folder ..\ROMS << you can name this whatever, and it can be located somewhere else (like a common rom folder with MAME if choose to go that way). As JoeViking245 said, you are pointing to the full path to the ROM when doing via command or within LB so Supermodel doesn't care. Like JoeViking245 said, if you got the above and pointed LB emulator to the EXE and have the path to the roms there isn't much else setting wise (within LB). To be able to tell anything further, we would to see some screenshots of an example game and your emulator setup screen to see what is going on.
  19. Here are my settings, there isn't anything particularly unique on Supermodel. The majority of settings should come from your Supermodel.ini in the Config folder. So as long as your Supermodel folder is setup to normal/default this should work below: Might double check your platform matches name in Associated Platform Then it just points to the ROM/Zip file (this is The Lost World).
  20. Echo this. I have a couple of other software packages for videos and was banging head on trying to get it to work for simple theme since it was not very intuitive (to me). Someone mentioned PowerPoint but couldn't find any examples. So I went about trying to replicate one of the Nintendo Unified Themes to see how close could get. If not expecting super fancy controls, then works well. I have attached the PPT to give you an idea of how to work the animations for a test along with video it outputs (hadn't quite got the video slide in from left working like RH's). Edit: This link to Youtube Video also helped me with this. Test Theme Creation_works right.mp4 Test Theme Creation_works right.pptx
  21. No issues here with that game on 11.18 beta 3. Did you verify in LB that that game is not using some special custom command-line under Edit Game, Launching/Emulation. Also would double check Emulator setting is set to your normal working setup for that game and the Platform for the game is set correct as well. Last thing would try would be to delete that game from LB and do a drag drop to reimport just that game. Other than that, doesn't make sense if everything else working as well as said it works outside in MAME so no ROM issue.
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