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Alienware x51 for an upright arcade build?


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I did score an alienware x51 for free; it is still functional in the original case. The CPU is an i5 2400 with 8 GB of RAM and a GTX 650Ti

I was thinking to either use it as is, or remove the motherboard from the case, and use it for an upright arcade build. Would that be useful at all with LB/BB and retroarch (planning to use it for games up to PS2 probably), or it is just too old to be useful?

I am in the process of cleaning it, since it was in storage for few years; and considering that those machines are quite old, I was not even sure if it would be useful, compared to a newer i5 from few years ago and a GTX1030 probably; but I thought that since it is free, why not :)


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I have to install windows on it, then LB and all the cores from RA; it will take me a while :)

Does anyone have a similar machine, and can give me an idea about what is actually good for, as far as emulation?  I may end up getting a 970 or 980 if I find it for cheap, but most of the emulators use the CPU, and being a pretty old one; I want to be sure that at least it can run my arcade cabinet for most of the games at 60 FPS.

The only other machine I have, to compare is an old Lenovo x131e laptop with an i3 3227u and integrated intel; which I assume it is way below the Alienware X51. My only other machine is a modern gaming laptop, so I can't really make a comparison.

In the worst case I donate it to the hardware recycle company in the area; those machines don't even sell on ebay, so it would not even be worth the hassle :P

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