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Black Screen When Using Bigbox Through Steamlink

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Hi All,

I would like to know if anyone has had a similar problem to what I have.

When I start Bigbox through Steam BigPicture using a TV with Steamlink, I get a black screen with audio, but when I start an emulator the screen goes back to normal and everything plays as it should be.

If it exit said emulator, the screen goes back to a blackscreen or a frozen image of what I was playing on the emulator, but you can hear the Bigbox audio.

If I start Bigbox through the "launch" button in the regular steam interface, the exact thing happens.

However, if I launch Bigbox in desktop mode by clicking on the actual .exe file (not from Steam in any way), it shows on my TV except the controls do not work because Steam does not recognize BigBox as a game (I guess?).

This is really frustrating, and I have been playing with different display and streaming settings with no success.

Could anybody provide advise? If it is of any help, my main display is 1080p while the TV is 4k, but like I said, Bigbox runs normally when not being launched from Steam.

Thank you in advance.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have none of these issues if I do run BB through Steam on the actual computer. This conflict only happens when running BB through Steam using Steamlink.

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2 minutes ago, AxlPaints said:


Its probably related to startup/shutdown screens and or pause screens, try disabling them.

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