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ExoDos games not launching in full screen

Steven Gust

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After the initial install (where I designate F - full-screen), my subsequent launch of the game launches the game in a windows box with the command windows box on top of it. In addition, after the initialization screen (which doesn't appear to be properly formatting), the game is hidden behind the Launchbox application. So I need to click on the dosbox icon on the bottom of my screen and then switch it to full screen. Any ideas of what I have done wrong? I have ran a debugging log but I must admit that it is Greek to me. 

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You can reduce the time the start up screen in being displayed to a lower value instead of disabling it altogether. It seems like the problem occurs when dosbox launches while the start up screen is still running. Basically you want the start up screen so short that it's closed before dosbox launches.

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