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  1. Hello everyone, I've posted this thread in the troubleshoot subforum, but unfortunately, nobody replied, yet: I wanted to bring this issue up here, since it concerns my experiences with severe lag / slowdown when using COLORFUL in BigBox. @viking, do you have any idea what could be causing this behavior?
  2. Hello everyone, I've been struggling with something for quite some time now. I experience stutter / lag in COLORFUL BigBox Theme. I've uploaded 2 videos on YouTube showing what I mean. The first one shows BigBox with Critical Zone theme running smoothly, the second one shows the COLORFUL theme lagging when scrolling through platform categories. The same lag occurs when scrolling through platforms as well. I've already posted about this issue a while back in @viking's COLORFUL theme thread, but a solution couldn't be found. I'm hoping that the videos I've linked make my problem clear
  3. Thank you! Super excited for this! 😃
  4. What romsets and emulators do you use for computer systems, such as Apple II and AppleIIGS?
  5. OK, got it. Seems like HQ is 640x480. All is well then. Thank you! 😃
  6. Got it, thanks. Is there any info on the differences between SQ and HQ videos? All the videosnaps that my Launchbox downloaded from emumovies are 640x480. That doesn't seem like HQ to me...
  7. I have a lifetime membership. How can I access the FTP server?
  8. The video engine is already set to VLC. Are there any settings in VLC which I can tweak? My CPU is Intel Core i7-8700K, 4400 MHz My GPU is MSI GTX 1080 Gaming X I also tried turning all the animations in BigBox off, which didn't help
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by my config being old. Launchbox is up to date. I have 1080p 60hz screen. All the files are stored on a fast SSD drive. So it's not slow. As I said I tried both HD and 4k files. Both are laggy with colorful, but work fine with oder themes. I also tested non colorful videos with the colorful theme, and colorful is still laggy. This indicates once more that the issue is not with the videos.
  10. Hey there, thanks for answering. The Theme is up to date. Animations are at their standard values (I haven't changed the default settings). I've tried both 4K and HD videos. Both are very laggy. I don't think it's the videos. The problem only occurs when I activate COLORFUL theme. If I use just the Colorful videos with a different theme, it runs butter smooth.
  11. Importing 9.000 games all at once may take a few hours for sure. 8 hours seem a bit long to me, but I've never imported this many games for a system with as much metadata and media as the SNES, so it may just be that it really takes this long. I have a no intro 1G1R SNES set. I believe it has just short of 2.000 roms. Importing that and downloading all the media on the LB database as well as emumovies took a very long time for me as well. I'm not sure exactly how long, but I think around 2 hours? I'm really not sure anymore. It's been a while since I have updated the set.
  12. Well, just use any mame version below .221 and it should work.
  13. Haha, yes I found out about that by pure accident. Wanted to show these games to a friend and that's when I found out it didn't work anymore.
  14. Zelda is currently unplayable. It launches, but as soon as you select a level, it slows down extremely and eventually crashes. This happens with recent mame core versions, I think .222. If you use an older version of mame (I tried .215) it works. See also here: https://mametesters.org/view.php?id=7716
  15. I've now tried using a fresh install of Launchbox. Same error. Procedure was 1. install Launchbox --> open Launchbox --> close Launchbox 2. Install Flashpoint with your updated installer (adult games included) 3. Open Launchbox to check if everything was imported correctly --> everything worked fine 4. Reinstall Flashpoint using your updated installer (adult games excluded) 5. Open Launchbox -->error What's strage here is that this time, I've named the Launchbox folder "LaunchBoxTest", but the error message reads "LaunchBox\Data".
  16. Great to hear from you! I've just tried with the new version, but I still get the same errors: I will try using a virgin version of launchbox next.
  17. Hey man, I know it's been long. But I just tried your program again to give you more feedback on the corrupted files that occur when updating the xml files. So what I have done is: 1. import Flashpoint with your program, with no adult games --> works perfectly 2. Open your program again and this time include the adult games. Settings look as follows: 3. The error messages I receive look like the example below. What's weird is the path shown here. It says "\Data\Platform_Name", but shouldn't it say "\Data\platform\plantform_Name"? The xml file at that path obvio
  18. Hmm, I just checked my initial post and didn't find too many misspellings. I misspelled "extension" wrong. Sorry about that. I'm not an English native speaker. Also whenever I type in here, the German spell checking is applied, which means everything is underlined red which is really distracting and can lead to some errors being overlooked. But why would you think I am the same person as the user above? They clearly have a setup that they want to share, which is something I am very interested in, because I DON'T have a working setup. I suggest that instead of making pointless accusa
  19. I would very much like to review your setup =). I've been struggling with computer systems for some time now. In fact I've recently opened a thread here asking for people's opinions, so this would be really helpful for me. I CAN get most of them running, but there are still some unanswered questions for me.
  20. Hey everyone, Over the last years I've been trying to include computer systems into my LaunchBox setup. I resorted to Mame Software List roms, but there are a few issues with them. So I'd like to know what rom sets and emulators you guys use for the best experience. To my knowledge, there are 2 curated sets for computer systems: Mame software list and TOSEC. Mame has the following pros: - roms are separated by medium (flop, cart, rom, cdrm, ...). This makes it easy to assign different command lines in order to launch different file formats. For example, I can add "Apple II
  21. I've tried with admin rights, but it still didn't work. The bat file is placed in the root and the short cut is named correctly. Unless the output folder is being created somewhere else and I just don't find it, it didn't work for me. I'll try your new metod later, though =). Thank you for that!
  22. Hey man, thanks for all the effort. I just tried the N-Gage_Shortcut_Creator, however it does not output the "Game Shortcuts" folder for me. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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