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    Apple Emulation

    Last I tried (over a year ago), Apple IIGS had controller deadzone issues with the curser automatically moving in games like Gauntlet for example. Have those issues been fixed yet?
  2. Some of those platforms can't be emulated (yet): PS4, Jaguar CD. Why even include them? Also some of them might be duplicates (Flash (Flashpoint).xml; Flash.xml; Flashpoint Infinity FE.xml) Anyway, impressive list.
  3. Suspend/Resume is a game changer. It's what makes the Switch so convenient. I can just start it and play 5 min on the bus and then put it back in my bag when I need to get out. If I had to boot --> load the game --> load the save, the Steam Deck would lose a whole lot of its appeal.
  4. Hey everyone, I have a weird and very specific problem that I can't seem to fix. I wanted to use real N64 Controllers with a real Rumble Pak in Retroarch Mupen Plus Next Core. I bought this n64 to usb adapter twice, so I can connect 4 n64 controllers: https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/dual_n64_to_usb_adapter/index.php I tested everything with the raphnet configuration software and rumble does indeed work fine. The first problem I encountered is that these are DInput controllers and Retroarch does not support rumble with Dinput. So what I did was downloading the XOutput software (https://github.com/csutorasa/XOutput) which turns the DInput into XInput controllers. I tested everything and again rumble works fine. Now when I go ingame (Super Smash Bros, for example) rumble works on all controllers except for the controller that Retroarch maps as Player 1. There is still a tiny amount of rumble, but not at all like on the other controllers. When I map the non working controller to a different port (player 2, 3, 4), rumble works perfectly. So it's not the controller that is broken or the rumble Pak or one of the adapters. It seems to be a software issue. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?
  5. I have the exact same issue. I was able to import the game manually, but whenever I try to update metadata and media I get an error. if I got into edit and then try to download media, Launchbox crashes.
  6. I know it's not recommended, but it actually works really well in my opinion. I don't want a lot of software to maintain, so I love Retroarch's all in one approach. Once it is set up, it works really well, I think. This very specific problem sucks of course. It was by pure chance that I figured it out. It's an easy fix however: Everytime you update mame, just delete the folder mentioned above.
  7. Thank you, sorry for that! I was able to fix the issue in the meantime. What I did was delete the folder "... \RetroArch\saves\MAME". It contained an eeprom file for xmen which was there from when I played the rom with an older version of mame (core and roms). Glad I was able to figure that out, haha.
  8. Hey everyone, I usually play games with Mame in Retroarch, but I've run into a strange problem. When Launching X-Men, the rom starts, but the black screen says "13B Bad" and the game won't actually start. When using the standalone emulator, I don't get the 13B Bad error and the game loads just fine. Also when using Retroarch with a different Version than EBA (e.g. ADA), the game loads fine. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I recently updated to mame 0.235. Core, Roms and CHDs have the same version, so it's not that. I also have the Retroarch System Folder set up perfectly.
  9. I used to only keep the CHDs for working games, but now I just keep a complete set of everything, Roms, CHDs and Software List Roms all in their correct folders, so Mame can Launch anything I throw at it. The only thing I don't keep is Software List CHDs, because a complete set is almost 3 TB and contains a lot of systems I already have, such as PS1.
  10. Just try them out and see what they do, I guess. Do you have a question about a specific option / setting?
  11. It seems you have the redump set. As far as I know, they won't work with mame. You need the chd files.
  12. Mame can emulate Apple IIGS, but I've had problems with inputs devices.
  13. Will definitely check this out. There are .bat scripts around that can copy the games for you. This is how I've been dealing with this, but the ones I found seem to be outdated. This plugin also seems to be much more convenient, so thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  14. Just get the eXoWin3x collection and save yourself al lot of trouble. You're welcome
  15. while we're at it, what are the mame bios devices for? Do I need to copy them into my mame rom folder as well or are they included in the rom set?
  16. Hey, thanks for that. Yeah I know not to import them into Launchbox. But I thought maybe the mame emulator would get confused if I used a Split rom set with a Merged chd set.
  17. Hey everyone, jus a quick question which I couldn't find an answer to: From what I've read, "split" Rom sets are preferable to "merged" rom sets. However, when it comes to CHDs, I am only ever able to find merged CHD sets, not split CHD sets. So the question is: Can / should I combine a split mame rom set with a merged CHD set or should I go for a merged rom set to go with the merged CHD set?
  18. Well, I'm really frustrated with this, so I decided to order this adapter and see if it behaves differently: https://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/snes2usb_2player_adapter_v2/index.php
  19. Hey, so after some trial and error, I found out what the problem is and it has to do with the Mayflash adapter afterall, kind of. Turns out the Mayflash adapters are viewed by Windows as XBOX 360 controllers and that interfered with my real wireless Xbox one controllers So I thought I'd just use the handy device reorder app (https://github.com/briankendall/devreorder) to change the order Retroarch will see the controllers. That way, whenever I plug in the SNES controllers, Retroarch will load these first instead of the Xbox one controllers. Devicereorder works fine , too. When I launch Retroarch with the new order, the Mayflash adapter is loaded before the Xbox One controller. So far so good. However, it still does not work, because, even though the Mayflash adapter is engaged as Port 1, whenever the Xbox controller is switched on, IT will control Port 1. For some reason, Retroarch thinks that the XBOX One controller is the Mayflash adapter. In User Controlls in Port 1 it says "Mayflash ...", but it is controlled by the Xbox wireless controller, even though the wireless controller is loaded in Port 3 I tried hiding the Xbox Controllers altogether in devicereorder, but it doesn't work, because Retroarch thinks that MAyflash is Xbox. That means, even though Retroarch does not even load the xbox wireless controller, it still controls User Port 1 which the Mayflash adapter is assigned to. There is no simple solution to this problem that I found, because even if I start Retroarch and then disconnect the Xbox One controller, Retroarch will not give back controls to the gamepads actually connected to the Mayflash adapter. The only sort-of-workaround I found is disconnecting all controllers, starting Retroarch with mouse and keyboard and then once Retroarch is launched, plug in the mayflash adapters.
  20. EDIT: Updated title of thread. Better description of the problem in second post. Original post: Hey everyone, I know I should as this over at libretro, but I kind of hate the way their forum is structured, so I'm hoping that someone here can help me out. I've run into a weird bug today and it happened to me three times, so something must be wrong. So, for some reason, sometimes, in circumstances unknown to me, my controllers stop working in RetroArch. Retroarch still recognizes the controllers and maps them to users 1, 2, 3 and so on, but when I press buttons on the controllers, nothing happens, not in games, not in the Retroarch menu. Nothing fixes it. I've tried resetting retroarch cofig file, deleting the autoconfig folder, unplugging my usb controllers. Nothing works. The controllers still work in windows device calibration, Launchbox and other emulators, such as SNES9x. But they won't work in Retroarch. The only "fix" is restarting windows. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this? This NEVER happened to me over the last 2 years and today it happened 3 times. The only thing that changed is that I recently added a mayflash SNES to USB controller adapter to connect 2 original SNES controllers to USB, but I don't think these are the problem, since all controllers work fine until they don't, and once this error happens, no controller works, not the Snes controllers, not the XBOS One controllers. Only keyboard and mouse continue working.
  21. I found a solution. Using this usb over ethernet extender, I was able to cover of 30m via ethernet cable without introducing noticeable latency: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/U2EX50/dp/B01EV33R8S/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I guess it's time to buy some retro controllers now, haha.
  22. Yes that's what I'm doing right now as well. I don't mind a short delay when Launching. I've also tried Compact Gui for PS3 and WiiU games, but the effect was much smaller than I expected. A lot of games were just 100 or 200 mb smaller after compression, but there are certain games that lose several GBs also.
  23. Hello everyone, I have a huge first world problem. Let me describe my setup to you first: My PC is located in my office, but I want to play games and watch movies on my TV in the living room. That's why I put long cables from my office to my living room, namely a 30 m HDMI cable and a 20m active USB cable with 3 repeaters. At the end of the USB cable in my living room there is a USB Hub on which I connect my XBOX One dongle for the controllers and some other devices. So fart so good. This setup has served me well over the last 2 years. There are zero problems with it. This is the USB cable I bought: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/gp/product/B01BLPSWTI/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 A few days ago when I was at my parents house I found my old SNES controllers in the attic and I wanted to connect those to the USB Hub in my living room somehow, so I could play SNES games on emulators using my original controllers, I'm sure you can relate. After some searching online, I found this adapter: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B08PYZSJ5F/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Now here's my problem: Once I connect the ANES Adapter to my USB Hub in my living room, my PC won't recognize it. Why not? Well, turns out the three active repeaters on my USB cable are viewed as USB-Hubs by windows and you can only connect 5 USB hubs in a row until a device must be plugged in. The SNES adapter is also a USB Hub and it seems to be the 6th hub in the cascade. I'm not quite sure why, because the way I see it, it should be the 5th Hub (but I'm sure I'm wrong somehow). Just in order to visualize my understanding of the setup for you guys: PC (Host Controller + Root Hub) --> USB repeater on the cable (Hub 1) --> SB repeater on the cable (Hub 2) --> SB repeater on the cable (Hub 3) --> USB Hub in the living room (Hub 4) --> SNES-Adapter (Hub 5) --> SNES Controller However, my device manager tells a different story: PC (Host Controller + Root Hub) --> Generic USB-Hub (Hub 1 = ??? does the first connection of a USB device also count as a hub??? ) --> Generic USB-Hub (Hub 2 = repeater 1) -->Generic USB-Hub (Hub 3 = repeater 2) --> Generic USB-Hub (Hub 4 = repeater 3) --> Generic USB-Hub (Hub 5 = living room) --> Generic USB-Hub (Hub 6 = SNES-Adapter --> not recognized). Can anyone offer a solution to my problem? May what I need is a SNES adapter which does not count as a USB hub? Can I change something about my USB-Setup? I already measured if it's possible to use a 15m cable instead (that one has on 2 repeaters), but it doesn't quite reach my living room, it's about 2 m too short =/
  24. You need the vice 128 core. However, I don't know if you'll be better off with it. I think the standalone emulator actually autoloads more games with less tweaking than retroarch. But definitely try it and see if you can get it to work the way you want.
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