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I have dabbled in emulators and roms and such. Was thinking about making a LB/BB into a server chassis and run the HDMI cable to the TV about ~34ft away. My only concern would be the controllers. Sure I would remote desktop in to the pc to edit and add things. But wasn't sure how to get the controllers all the way over since I'm not sure wireless would even work with some walls in between.


Anyone else tried this or you guys just put the PC next your TV or in a cabinet?  If I did build a cabinet I would aim for a pedestal since It saves room and cost.




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I just picked up a nvidia shield and use it for this actually.  it gives 2 options:

1. can run LB/emulators on the shield itself, which (due to hardware) is limited to around ps1 generation.

2. can run LB/emulators on your PC, which is network connected.  The shield can stream bigbox (via gamestream) from your PC.  The controller input is through your shield, and register as xinput on bigbox.  I've noticed no latency so far, but have had limited testing.  I do this option as it is my work PC, and i have PC games on it as well for mouse-and-keyboard.

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