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Map cabinet button as space bar in Bigbox?


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As my last attempt to map a joystick button in Bigbox turned out to be a huge headache, I thought I'd ask the experts before trying that again.  I have a Street Fighter Edition Arcade1Up cabinet that I modded and put a PC into.  I loaded GoG Galaxy on the PC and have it up and running on BigBox.  My goal is to play Dragon's Lair Trilogy on it which is already installed and starts up just fine.  Where I'm running into a problem is that I can't map the "sword" button to my Arcade1Up joysticks.  The joystick itself works within Dragon's Lair and I can select/move in all 4 directions, but none of the 6 buttons I have are mapped as sword.  If I were to use a keyboard, the sword button is the space bar key.  Is there a way to map one of my arcade cabinets buttons as the space bar in BigBox?  I've been through the options and know where the select, back, play, etc., buttons are, but I don't know where I can assign button 5 (for example) on my cabinet as a keyboard space bar.   20190824_184510.thumb.jpg.917231791ae864b88e9e20cbc21c0f34.jpg

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