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BigBox Demo Model

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Dear Launbox team,

I would like to make my displeasure broad here with this thread.
It is about your payment model.

I am basically an interested customer. But I am interested in your product BigBox. Since I'm not too satisfied with Steam Big Picture, I'm currently looking for alternatives. 

I've known the Launchbox product for years and I don't think the desktop app is bad at all. But more than testing hasn't gotten around yet.

Now I would like to have a look at BigBox. But I'm not willing to invest so much money to find out afterwards that the product doesn't meet my expectations.

Can you please tell me why there is no demo available for BigBox?

If, for example, the Regular License would cost 10$, I would have thought about it. But 20$ is just too much for a test!
If Bigbox satisfies me, which I assume it will, I'm willing to pay $50 for the Forever Update License. 

But not without doing a test before !

I just don't understand your policy in this case and would ask you to really think about it!
I strongly suspect that I'm certainly not the only potential interested person you've deterred so much.

Please please overdent this model. It also makes me feel like you're not convinced by your product.

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There is no demo version because the program is DMR free and there would be no way to enforce the demo period on it. The annual license is $20 which can later be upgraded to lifetime for only $30 and this is only to continue to receive updates. Your $20 license will give you access to BB indefinitely you will just have to not update the program any more if you let the license lapse. The best I can tell you is that if you are unsatisfied with the product you can request a refund. I seriously doubt the business model is going to change so either you have to be willing to pay the $20 if not then unfortunately you won't get a chance to try the software.

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