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Games Drop to Game Over Semi-Randomly


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This might belong in Noobs.  I just finished a 4 player cabinet.  I went with Big Box, and looks great with very little hackery.

However, when playing Tecmo Bowl with the kids, the game would randomly drop to Big Box’s Game Over screen.  The weird thing is that Tecmo Bowl sounds continued in the background.  I would have to exit out a screen,  reselect Tecmo Bowl, and it would work.  There was a bit of key mashing, so I didn’t have luck reproducing.  Although I did get it to do it if I held down P1 B1+B2 for a few seconds.  Those are just default Mame maps, CTRL and ALT.  Although, exiting BB and rebooting, I can’t get it to do it again.

Just tonight, I had the same thing happen when 4 people were playing Sunset Riders.  I quit out to default Mame no BB and it worked.

Is there a hot key or automation I’m tripping on?  Thanks for any ideas.





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I haven’t really set up any automation so not sure.  My best guess at this point is there was an Ipac shift happening.  I’ve deleted all those mappings.  Apparently, those came by default on ipac.  We will see if it continues.  I will go back through BB and LB automation to make sure there aren’t any weird defaults.  For example, I had a button mapped to X that was causing BB to exit.

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