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lou silver

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"Touhou? What the heck is that? " Then I played....

     Thank you ZUN for this Masterpiece of 27 titles ???

Don't let the cutesy girls fool you,

  this is Bullet hell Schmuppery at it's finest !

        Art vids xml  included

Big box intro vids:

Not one but two platforms!

Touhou 1-5

Touhou Project






   Check out these other Touhou inspired sets also

Project Blank

Seihou Project

More to come!

Banner Clear Logo Device Fanart (included in the set)

1379419340_TouhouProject1-5b.thumb.jpg.54df9f5dab69264cd11283fa2271f23c.jpgTouhou-Project-Logo.thumb.png.5519d47926f24182e9b2bc79851a602e.pngflandre-scarlet-touhou-project-40668-1920x1200.thumb.jpg.0a3b86a553a6911b6b13c9089cabc12e.jpg517971643_TouhouProjectb.thumb.jpg.7bbf36e3eff762b284f103c40729bcdc.jpg156249959967643952.thumb.png.cc1e077659a4fb9ab705e865b7e61266.png1692274024_TouhouProjectd.thumb.jpg.05b2488fb52f0788271dcdd17075dd2e.jpg1380461424_TouhouProjectf.thumb.jpg.32df950dfe9f62060f57d7fc03455a79.jpg1372600958_TouhouAnimeb.thumb.jpg.44ee35e8f122f8a0501868f5c0786d65.jpg319170618_TouhouAnime.thumb.jpg.a57c544bad8722993e1bba2005c27add.jpgFor 1-5 I use anex86 (included)

you will have to go to Tools/Manage Emulators

add anex86

point it to the executable in


The other games (Touhou Project) have their own executables

you might need to edit each game and point it to the proper exe

sorry if this is the case

1016681257_th1-5ins0.thumb.png.b898a0fb825497e926fa314745243b77.png1860330718_th1-5ins1.thumb.png.c3c0ebef649665465e5d73b406686616.png2123341956_th1-5ins2.thumb.png.5f3eb9c175bf9d600448c923717f9990.png893640104_th1-5ins3.thumb.png.e22c7d5d9442dab556e8d9118fe42f3d.pngin hdd1 click the ... button and browse to your hdi file located in

Launchbox/Games/Touhou Project 1-5

(if anyone knows how to automate this message me and I'll update the post)


Touhou Project 1-5 f.jpg

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